The Manchester area has nurtured thousands of musical acts, ranging in styles as diverse as Freddie and The Dreamers and Oasis.

Although many have been adopted on a national scale, others have managed to stir only local interest before their eventual demise. Despite their lack of national commercial success, they were part of the tremendous Manchester area music scene that played such a major part in our lives.

Proudly based in the sixties, these pages salute the groups, disc jockeys and clubs in the Manchester area that gave us all such a great time!


Pete Oliver

Although this video has been in place for some time it is only fitting for it to remain a little longer.

A wonderful record of his superb vocals, drumming and showmanship.  Pete is a truly Manchester (ok Salford) icon!

So many fond memories of Sweet Chariot and THAT voice!  Bloody great!

And check out:

Pete Oliver and his choirgirls (Claire Cocker and Samantha Oliver) at North Pier

Let the Healing begin

When I'm a kid


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Manchester  Cabaret on

From the Manchesterbeat office
CLICK HERE for old items archive

Just too good not to include.  Those of us who played in groups would remember the occasional quiet nights.  My worst? FINALLY ... top of the bill at New Century Hall but the quiet Saturday between Christmas and New Year - plus thick fog - meant the place was half empty.  Mind you, hard not to be top of the bill when the only group on.

I digress.  Have a look at the group. Merseyside based, bass player appears left handed.  Not great quality but certainly identifiable.  Goes to show we can all have quiet nights!


The vinyl revolution returns to Manchester!

Junction 9 of the M60 – next to the Trafford Centre.

With vinyl records on a comeback, music fans, in the North West, are in for a treat at the beginning of February when the UK’s biggest Record Fair organiser returns to the area.

Take a massive sports hall, fill it full of buyers and sellers of records, cds and memorabilia and you have the VIP RECORD FAIR.

Visitors will be able to browse through the biggest selection of rare and deleted vinyl, laid out on over fifty tables. In addition, CDs, books, and memorabilia will be on sale!

At the VIP RECORD FAIR, all genres are on sale from prog to Presley, punk to Pink Floyd and soul to the Sex Pistols - the whole spectrum of rock, pop and dance music.

To look at as much retail music you would have to travel thousands of miles around the world. On this unique occasion music fans only have to travel to this one, easy-to-find venue. Furthermore, the show boasts Internet prices without postal hassles and gives buyers a rare chance to meet expert sellers face to face.

Based in Davyhulme, the George Carnall Leisure Centre is a perfect location for the VIP Record Fair visitor.  Situated next to the motorway system (junction 9 of the M60), it’s easy to get through from the North West and beyond. The fair takes place in a large, bright hall with easy access for buyer and seller alike. FREE PARKING for all visitors and an all day Record Fair café!

VIP Events began Record Fairs in the early 1980s and were solely responsible for promoting regular events such as the mind blowing Electric Ballroom in Camden and the TUC Hall off Tottenham Court Road, in London.

The 1990s saw VIP develop major shows at the NEC, SECC and WEMBLEY – the latter seen by many music fans/collectors as the best fair of it’s type.

Back to the late 1980s, VIP was the first organiser to remove ‘Record Fairs’ from it’s title (!) and add ‘Music Fairs’. A bold move but one which reflected the divergence of music formats arriving for sale. This year the MD, Rob Lythall, reverted back to VIP Record Fairs!! Again, a bold move but one which truly reflects the resurgence of vinyl records now on sale at the VIP Fairs around the UK. 


Admission – £3.00 Doors open 10am.


It is with great sadness we have learnt of the passing of Pete Oliver. A man who has had such a great impact on so many people - he will be sorely missed. 

This is evidenced by over 40 emails in just a few hours advising of the sad news.


Just added a new section under FEATURES - the package tour.  Many of us would have been drawn to the local Odeon to experience 6 or more acts, thrown on stage in a 90 minute show, twice nightly. Sadly I missed out on the fabulous tour show with Otis, saw Stevie Wonder at the Palace and even two tours with Gene Pitney.  A bit later I caught Sparks, Hot Chocolate and Pilot on a bleak theatre stage in Liverpool and George McRae with Linda Carr and the Love Squad (there's a story there) in Chester.

I do have some stuff, scattered around the site, which I will add to the pages but would love you to add your memories. Just go there to add your memories.


What?  I missed Christmas? A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.  Thanks for all those Christmas messages - much appreciated.  Especially the one from DD who called me "effing useless" for not replying immediately to his email request over run up to Christmas. What a plonker.

Just added a new MY STORY from Ted Johnston. Great story - especially how the group almost became "The Little Sisters of the Poor" - read it to find out why.


Tony Prince has just complete the latest episode of his excellent History of DJ.

Catch it (and other episodes) on


Any interest?

Hi, I am a Radio student from the University of Salford. I am currently reseaching for radio show we are doing on the topic 60's. 

I came across your website and left a post on the guest board but there as been no replies. I was jsut woundering if I could contact you directly, so you could point me in the right direction for some possible contributors for our show. Even  if you knew of anyone who could help or that would be intrested in being interviewed it would be a great help. 

If interested, please email and I will arrange it

If you have any old gear to donate to kids, have a butchers at:



The Isle of Man Post Office are partnering together with Robin Gibb’s widow Dwina Gibb and Warner/Reprise Records to release a unique limited edition collection which combines the CD of Robin’s final solo album, 50 St Catherine's Drive, together with an Isle of Man Post Office limited edition DVD and a full set of Robin Gibb stamps with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Dwina Gibb.

28/9/14 Also new to the site The Hurt  and The Webb - thanks to Ted Baxendale.

5/8/14 Just added Lee Fletcher and The Wanderers - thanks Barrie.  Plus many great article updates from John H. Warburg.


Sorry I am a bit slow in answering stuff but moving house.  Depending on who you ask its either second worst thing after a death in the family or second most stressful this after retrenchment/retirement.

I just reckon its a pain in t'bum.  Back soon!

PS all "stuff" generated from the site is added promptly(ish).

Off to see Hermans Hermits in our little town again in 4 weeks - pleased about that - a very polished show and still quite "Manchester".


Graham then ... and now

Graham’s fun-filled fundraiser for Rosemere Cancer Charity.
An evening of live entertainment, music and hotpot supper.

A St Annes great-grand-father has organised a fun night to thank those who treated him for cancer.

Graham Smith is holding the fund-raiser on July 4 at Garstang’s Wyrebank Banqueting Suite in aid of the Rosemere Cancer Foundation to support its work at the Rosemere Cancer Centre, in Preston.

In 2012, Graham, a widower and great-grand-father of two, was diagnosed with and underwent treatment for prostate cancer. He is now in remission.

Graham had a successful professional singing career in his younger years, fronting the band Sum People, supporting numerous bands of the day. He will be on stage with fellow musician David Littlewood – the pair regularly perform songs from the 60s through to the 90s in clubs and pubs across the North West.

Also joining Graham will be Daniella Gallagher, a stunning mezzo-soprano singer whose versatile voice lends itself to many styles from Jazz and Blues to Musical Theatre and chart music to powerful rock and roll. Daniella has sung at numerous venues around the world and most recently was lead production singer for Celebrity Cruises.

Wyrebank in Garstang is delighted to be hosting this evening of fun, entertainment and nostalgia and look forward to welcoming Graham, David, Daniella and everybody who would like to support this fabulous event!

Tickets are £12.50 which includes the evening’s entertainment plus a heart-warming hot-pot supper, followed by a slice of 1960’s favourite ‘Black Forest Gateau’.

Please come along. For tickets telephone Wyrebank on 01995 605455 or book online at Eventbright

For more information visit


It takes a lot to get me excited (at my age) but just got my tickets for Hermans Hermits at the local club.  Tickets 1 and 2, same as last time. Right at the front.

For me, its great to see the band touring so much and staying very true to their style.  Its a polished show and almost everything songwise is in the act - so many hits.  No backing tracks, just them - I like that.

As a lad I was into soul and have stayed very much interested in ska since the late 60s but I still love HH and their music - they remind me so much of a time when local guys could form a group and hopefully get records out and be a star.  And if they didn't - no worries, fish and chips on the way home and a few bob in their pocket.

Wish you could join me!  But if you can't, catch them some other time.



It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Brian Marks - a Mancunian of considerable talent and a great contributor to the site.

Over the years I been lucky enough to have Brian's support and encouragement and his humour and patience with me will be greatly missed.  He picked up all my typos and made sure layout was standardised for easier reading.

On the music scene, he encompassed all genres, from Heavy (with the Grit Band) to Classical - with all the stops in between.

Vocalist, flautist, guitarist, composer, poet, artist, gardener, friend and dad. Bye Brian - it goes without saying you will be greatly missed.



New biography on John Mayall due on September 1st.

John Mayall, who was born Macclesfield and he lived Cheadle Hulme (at one point in a tree house built in his parents garden),  is an icon in the world of blues music and the Godfather of British blues.

A pioneering musician, blues promoter and talent scout for over 50 years, his uncanny knack of picking young, talented musicians and then nurturing them in his bands is the stuff of legend. Under his guidance as leader and sometimes father figure, his groups developed into a blues school of learning par excellence. Many young members became huge stars later on, among them brilliant musicians such as Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Jack Bruce, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Mick Taylor and drummer Jon Hinesman. In Mayall's bands, an incredible 130 musicians have done their apprenticeship and earned their spurs. Top bands like Cream, Fleetwood Mac or Colosseum would never have existed without his inspiration and guidance. 

Now aged 80 and showing no signs of slowing down, John Mayall has an amazing back catalogue totalling some 86 albums, and has played over 5000 live concerts all over the world. He is still rated as one of the most influential and respected figures in the international blues and rock scene. 

This is the first detailed biography of Mayall, illuminating not only his life and career, but also providing deeper, more detailed insights into the development of his many fellow musicians. It follows the young Mayall from the early days of jamming in his tree house as a teenager to the vast tours he undertakes today. Even die-hard blues fans will find a lot of undiscovered anecdotes and stories here, as the book covers all phases of the Mayalls career and not just the 1960s.

Book available at AMAZON


Great pic of some real Manchester beat legends.  Don't really need to say who they are but to assist  - Pete MacLaine, Derek Quinn, Karl Green, Eric Haydock and Graham Lee.

(thanks to Pete and Graham for adding this to the site).

Have Herman's hermits in my small town again in August - tickets ordered already, front seats as always. Great Manchester legends - well worth seeing, go and catch them locally!

2/6/14 Thanks to a comment made by Tony Hall on the Falcons page, looking for info on Ricky Martell and The Methods, Shades of Sound and Chapter Four.


News on the concert front

What a great poster!

All the gigs on our WHAT'S ON page


Just added The Fourways - thanks Richard.

Just found names of 2 groups from circa 1967 - both soul bands I suspect.  John Nigel's Caravan and Dandy Walker Sway Band.  Any info?

Also any info on big Frank Bell and `The Young Ones Rock Club` at Timperley Labour Club and later at Altrincham's Stamford Hall. RThanks for head up on these, Stephen.


Thanks to Gwyn for Pete Trent ad The Travellers.

Sad!  Looking though the Links page I found many broken links. Basically, sites that are no longer there.

If you have a site related to Manchester area music and no longer want to keep it going (cost, lack of time, etc), just tell us and we can save the site for you.    Manchesterbeat is now part of the British Library's scheme to save lost websites of national importance.  Plonk it on manchesterbeat and it will be there for ever or even longer.

Just get in touch and I can assist.  Don't lose all those memories and hard work!!!!


Lots of info added - see above BUT also look at this page Carl Dene and The Escorts - two very interesting pics! Thanks Iean.

Just added The Sample Folk - thanks Geoff.


Still trialling the changes to the way commets can be added to the site.  Seems ok so far ... so fingers crossed.

Just been reminded about this great site

As a credit to all of you who contribute the site has been recognised as worthy of being added to the British Library's repository of online info. They have taken a year to evaluate us and seeus as worthy.

A repository of this type is great idea as so much on the web disappears over time.

We are indebted to John H. Warburg who has been providing us with the fruits of his extensive research/knowledge.  Much appreciated, John.

John has added so many dates to group pages and added so much to the site. As well as dates and extra info for the Sabres, Whirlwinds and Mockingbirds, he has just added Group 17 - certainly a new one for me - an early Kevin Godley group. And also Gerry Storme and The Falcons


For latest info on Peter Cowap Music festival, click here.

Just added great pics of The Pressmen reunion.


Does anyone have any pics of Eric Stewart in the Emperors of Rhythm?  Grateful for any offers.


Although I have been a bit quiet, lots going on behind the scenes.

For years I have toyed with the idea of turning the site into something more upmarket "code-wise" and despite 150 plus similar sites I have designed for commercial projects, I preferred to keep it a bit old fashioned. I am just an old romantic, I suppose. I still get the hots for Kylie.

However, following ongoing pressure from the manchesterbeat community - well, a single email actually, I have decided to spend what little time I have left in life, adding to the site so that people can (a) add their own comments (b) get an email when someone responds.

The dangers are real - my effort with Facebook resulted in millions of meaningless comments.  You may be pleased you have repapered the lounge or bought a new dishwasher but its not what Manchesterbeat is about.  Plus, as well as boring the pants of many genteel readers, it encourages the misses to make similar demands on me.  Not on!

I will try it though - sorry but if I get bombarded with messages about old boyfriends, personal messages not related to the purpose of Manchesterbeat, results of haemorrhoid operations or stores about grandchildren, off it goes.  Plus, I spend considerable time checking spelling and correcting punctuation (I do miss some) to keep the site readable, please try and spel correktly!

With over 600 pages to add individualised code to, I will initially work on an "as needs" basis.  That is, when I get a comment sent in, the code gets put on that page.

As a by product, those keen manchesterbeat groupies amongst you can now be identified as top-posters!  What an ego trip - perhaps our marketing team could design badges, posters, t-shirts as special promotions to sell to our aspiring journalists!

As a result of massive demand (again, a single email) I have actually started work on the Boys Own Book of Manchester Groups of the Sixties who never made it (eg a compendium/rehash of the earlier books for those who missed out).  Suggestions for a better name most welcome.

PS On second thoughts, info on haemorrhoid operations would be ok and probably more interesting than some.

27/2/14 Just added Wave - another of Brian Mark's fine outfits.


Just added, amongst many other things - Gina and The Mario Three and Gina and Roman Rye (thanks John), Norman Jay to My Story (sorry for delay Norman) and new group Flashman - thanks Ric  - and DJ John Renda

New book you guys may be interested in:


The underbelly of the last fifty years of the British music scene is laid bare by people who were there, The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Elton John, Queen, etc., all have fascinating parts of their stories being told here for the very first time from the hilarious to the salacious, the unlikely, the downright ridiculous, and the near-slanderous.

Included are numerous musicians, songwriters, managers, agents, pluggers, record company executives, DJs, roadies, music publishers, producers, engineers, journalists and entrepreneurs alike.

Over a forty year period, Rye has worked for several record companies with artists as diverse as the Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd and Ian Dury, he has been an artist manager and a music publisher and so has enjoyed unique access to many big music stars.

The book views the British music scene from above, from below and from all sides, it makes for a compelling read, and at last you can hear, first hand, some of Rock Music’s eternal myths and facts either confirmed or quashed, by the people who were actually there when they happened.

“Brilliant anecdotes from music industry insiders that had me laughing out loud”
(Graham Jones author of ‘Last Shop Standing’)

The book is instantly available from and is also available Amazon and Kindle.


Terry Bateman, in addition to sending in good pics of Barratts amp and stuff on Indigo Studios, also told me about this.

The Lady is Fifty'

If Radio is King of the Media then the Queen of the Airwaves is surely Radio Caroline who celebrate their 50th Birthday this year.

Caroline has never closed down but has had to go off the air on a number of occasions. One of those was on 3rd March 1968 when the original Caroline ship, the MV Frederica broadcasting as Radio Caroline North, was seized by creditors and towed from her moorings near the Isle of Man leaving millions of listeners in the northern part of the UK and Eire with the loss of what they had come to regard as a friendly voice and part of their daily life.

With its personality DJ's the station had perfectly captured the spirit of the Swinging Sixties and added to the phenomenon of the Merseybeat Sound which ignited a revolution in music for teenagers of the time and resulted in the vibrant and successful popular music industry which continues to this day.

Now a group of radio presenters and enthusiasts want to give Caroline North listeners the chance relive those memories.

Based on the last Liverpool Lightship, the LV23 berthed in the Albert Dock in Liverpool a recreation of the station will take place for 28 days commencing 31st March.

Organiser John Dwyer said 'We felt it was important to acknowledge the Golden Jubilee but at the same time celebrate our station, Caroline North, whose part in the Swinging Sixties is often overlooked.'

'While we will not be on air for the anniversary of the start of Caroline on 28th March this was actually Easter Saturday in 1964 and since Caroline is the Queen of the airwaves there is no reason why she should not have two birthdays and why we should not celebrate her Official Birthday over the coming Easter weekend.' 'The station will be a fully licenced broadcast.

Alan Roberts, owner of the LV 23 and skipper of the boat for the broadcast said 'I bought the Lightship to secure an important part of Liverpools Maritime heritage and was delighted to be asked to host the event. The Lightship was built in 1960 and the last manned vessel to serve Liverpool. For it to take part to celebrate the 50 years of Britains most famous Radio Station is a fitting use for the ship.”

The ship will be open to the public 10am to 6pm each day during the broadcast.Incidentally the original Company set up to run Radio Caroline was Planet Productions, and the name of the Lightship is the Planet!

Caroline North will be on air from 31st March 2014 to 27th April 2014 on 87.7 FM; and available on the internet at


Contact page fixed - did absolutely nothing except give it a very stern look.  It now works.  The mysteries of life.

Some vey sad news, Keith Gresty, (Olympics, Lorraine Grey and The Chaperones, Sunshine Cake, Overdrive) passed away yesterday.


Sorry but its been too hot here to get round to fixing the contact page.  Its been 42 degrees here today and most of the past week has been over 35.  Tomorrow it drops to 28 and about time!  For those of you who may be flooded (or close to) my condolences - please send some rain here.

The sky is very grey with smoke from the bushfires that are sadly getting closer - some roads closed, including parts of the freeway from Melbourne. Some schools closed and our local fire brigade is out at work 24/7 at the moment.

On a brighter note, its odd that the ABC (our equivalent of the BBC) announcer who does the busfires and flooding reports is called James Taylor.  Not explaining that one, work it out.

Jusr added Gentle Pulse, courtesy of Rick Henshaw. Still loads to catch up on, including nice shots of The Vincents at their recent Stones gig.  Apologies for the delay.

Added nice pics/info on Barratts amps - thanks Terry, new one for me.

New pics from The Pressmen, including 65th birthday reunion pics


Contact pages not working - fixing asap.

Finally sound some time to add to the site.  Its summer here and most days are too blummin hot to sit on a computer (better option than sitting on radiators and concrete, both of which are reputed to give you piles).

Still hot but nothing on the tv so time for some work.

Jusr add 2 great pics of Lennox Avenue onstage at the Magic Village and a great little story from Roy Goudie on the Frank Yonco page.  New Accrington groups from John - Boris and The Dansaks, Ray Landon and the Midnight Hour, The Weather and The James Turner Four.

Peter Cowap Music Festival 2014
I have just received news that a new web page concerning all aspects of the Peter Cowap Music Festival is up and running. For dates, tickets, band listings and running orders click on the link below.

In Crowd Records have just released 'The Complete 1960 Live At The Free Trade Hall' a full live concert by the Miles Davis Quinitet. The recordings made at Miles' appearance in Manchester on September 27th 1960. The recordings have previously been issued as two CDs. This set features the complete show, where Miles (on trumpet of course) was accompanied by Sonny Stitt on tenor and alto sax; Wynton Kelly on piano; Paul Chambers on bass and Jimmy Cobb on drums. The 120 minute set also features three tracks cut in St. Louis in 1963. It would be interesting to know of any readers who may have attended this gig.

Courtesy Tony Burke


Manchesterbeat was down yesterday for a few hours - well spotted Dave!  Due to increased traffic (ie more readers than ever before) we hit a bandwidth limit on the server.  It haas been very close of late and the host company would charge me heaps more if I went to the next level so ... rather than have this occur again, I swapped host to a US company, rather than Australian, which should increase speed a little for those of you in UK.

In my haste, however, I forgot to backup the Guestbook, so all messages lost.  My apologies.  As usual, a case of hasty decisions not fully thought out.



It is with regret that I have to inform you that Ken Buckley sadly passed away on Friday, 10 January.  Ken was bass guitarist and singer with a number of Manchester bands during the 60’s and 70’s.  To name but a few, The Squires, Peace of Mind and Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas, with whom he toured on the 1960’s British Rock Invasion Revisited.

The funeral will take place on Thursday, 23 January 2014 at 3.00 pm at Crescent Road Congregational Church, Dukinfield, followed by a brief committal at Dukinfield Crematorium at 4.00 pm.


Laraine Shaw
(sister of Ken Buckley)

Contact details avilable from Paul


For many Manchesterbeaters, the Everly's were a major influence in our lives and it is important we include a tribute to Phil. Manchesterbeat is extremely grateful to Bob Groom and Brian Smith for the use of these copyright images.

"So ends probably the greatest vocal duo of all time ..."

Making an attempt to clear up the backlog of "stuff".

Just added John Senior Blues Band (thanks Ray)

Now for a bit of phosophical waffle.  Only read on if you have nothing better to do.

We all have regrets in life.  I didn't see the Beatles or the Stones or go to the Cavern in Liverpuddle or even the Twisted Wheel in its prime.  I didn't get to play on Top of the Pops (but I know someone whose brother did) - but I don't care!

I never really met anyone famous, apart from a girl who reckoned she was a dancer inside one of the Wombles - hey that's someone else I know who has been on Top of the Pops. But no regrets over that - standing outside at Dickenson Road was enough for me. I even got to wave to the Honeycombes!

I was never good enough to play pro football (or even play for the school team at Heald Place Primary) - thats a small regret. If only ...

But as time goes on, I am developing a regret. Something that I never thought I would regret, infact, at that time it was probably as important to me as school, work and getting home on time.  In other words, on a scale of importance, a sold zero. But I now do regret, just a little.

The regret?  I never went to The Magic Village.

As well as groups/music, clubs can play an important part in your life - thats why Manchesterbeat was one of the first sites of its kind to include venues in their pages.  You want proof of their importance, look at the continuing love for the Wheel and its music - its a way of life.  And what about the Wigan Casino crowd?

But the Village is different - it seems to had more of an effect on its members than merely feet aching to dance.  Read the pages - all the way to the bottom.  The latest addition, from Michael, says it all.  Great stuff Michael.  If you know of a time travelling doctor off to Cromford Court, count me in! I will bring three bob to get in.

A good reminder that Manchester's proud musical heritage is broad based and didn't start with the Hacienda! 

OK , safe to return to normalcy, soap box has been removed and placed in the attic for next burst of nostalgia.

Elizabth asks:

I was talking to someone at a party last night who used to be involved with a band called The QTs. (pronounced cute-ees).  He was from Middleton and I assumed it was a Manchester band.....

At that time we both used to go to the 'Twisted Wheel' in Manchester and the Blue Note club. It was a laugh talking about it but I forgot to ask any more about the band.   Does the name of the band ring any bells with you?  I was thinking today that I might have seen them perform in the late 60s.

Any info anyone?

The Scorpions

had great success in Europe but by comparison were largely unkown in their hometown of Manchester. Read their incredible story here.

Cherry Red Records have produced their latest cd - Hello Josephine (30 Rhythm & Beat Classics 1964 to 1966) - and it is exactly that.  All their original hit records plus their versions of some of the best tracks of the era.

Currently on pre-release special pricing of £7.23 , its well worth a buy. Get it from (click on image on right to go straight there)



I forgot to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year!  Blame it on increasing senility but in reality just so flat out with work that Manchester beat had to take a back seat.  Trying desperately hard to get up to date now though - so there will be heaps of new additions.

Just listening to some original stuff from the excellent Kris Ryan and the Questions (thanks Jimmy, much appreciated, love the sax). 


PS Hope you have an absolutely wonderful 2014 - better than you could ever dream of!
The above was a personal message specially for a certain Mr Moyes and his friends.


With Christmas almost upon us, better get my huge backlog tidied up.  Santa wants us to be good biys and girls.

Just added The Ambassadors from Glossop.  Great reminder - the newspaper article is 50 years ago!
Anyone any info to add to the group (pic and card courtesy Allen Penny)

No idea what happended to the info about the Stones 50 year anniverary concert in Urmston.  It was there. Honest!

Not to worry, here's the poster and a review!  More info here. And while you are there, have a good look at The Vincents own page, chock full and an interesting read.



Those of you who knew Maureen, Pete Bocking's friend and great support, will be saddened to hear of her passing.

Her funeral will take place this Thursday 5th Dec at East Lancs Crematorium Radcliffe at 3.45 pm. 

During the service three songs will be played featuring Pete on guitar and Maureen on vocals. 


Just adding new group Flesh (thanks Steve) and Rochdale's Apex Jazz Band (thanks Chris)

Some nice new additions to the Free Trade Hall page

Great Christmas night out!

On Saturday December 21st live on stage at the Lightbowne Sports and Social, Kenyon Lane, Moston  - Stockport's very own The Casino Allstars plus soul and motown dj Frank.

Tickets only 5.00 each from Frank on 0161.740.7965 or the club on 0161.205.1342. 

Get out your 2014 Diary and add:

The Pressmen reunion will take place on Saturday  22nd March 2014 at Leigh Masonic Hall along with DJ Bobby Dee who will host the show. Bobby was resident DJ at Manchester's famous Twisted Wheel Club. All proceeds form this event will go to The Macmillan Nurses. 

A request

Had this request the other day from a lady who sadly didn't put her email address (or name)

Hope you don't mind me enquiring with regards to 'Frankie Vaughn's top town talent contest'.  My mum was in these finals at North Pier in 63. I would love any info/pics .ive searched a lot and hope you may have any info. Her 'stage' name was 'Kristine Collier' Halifax, West Yorkshire Thank you 

Any info?




Finally found some time for manchesterbeat.  Been a busy week work-wise - just trying to earn a living to keep the love of my life draped in furs and dripping diamons and gold!  Let's hope the Mrs doesn't find out, though.

Finally sold the last of the books! Now, time for the new one!

Nice little story on the Stamford Hall page about the Stones (even the Beatles get a mention).


14/11/13 More sad news.  Vince Perrelli (Ronnie) the drummer with Deek Rivers and the Big Sound has passed away.


Just added new group - The Father Jack Band and finally got some info on Glass Menagerie - been after stuff for years - many thanks to Geoffrey info and a great pic.

More sad news, though - Singer of the 70's bands Pollution & Speed, Garry Hey sadly passed away on 16th October 2013, aged 59.



Phil Quigley of Middleton sadly lost his battle with Cancer on October 12th, and was cremated at Manchester Crematorium on Wednesday October 23rd.

A celebration of his life was organised by his partner of 28 years Dolly Noone at the Fiddlers Green in Levenshulme.

Phil was a drummer with The Nevadas, Chosen Few and Hush back in the sixties, and will be remembered by many old rockers who drink at The Old Boars Head, Middleton.

He will be sadly missed by Family & Friends both in the UK and in Australia.

Sad to also hear that John Hall from The Cymerons passed away last Friday

Hot off the press!

On Friday 29th November 1963, The Rolling Stones played in Urmston – at Urmston baths – a venue that was regularly used for concerts in the early 1960’s.

Recently, Urmston  celebrated the Beatles playing in Abbotsfield Park, in August 1963. This 50th Anniversary Concert was a huge success. In the wake of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles playing in Urmston, plans are now advancing for a similar celebration of the Rolling Stones events some 50 years hence.

As the original venue for this event was demolished in the 1970’s the natural venue for the 50th anniversary concert is the now Flixton Academy of Performing Arts (FAPA) building – the ex Curzon cinema – which is adjacent to the site of the former Urmston baths – which is literally a ‘Stones throw’ away.

Headlining the 50th Anniversary event will be ‘The Stones’ – arguably the premier Rolling Stones tribute band. They will be playing a 2 hour show in two, one hour sets.

Opening the event will be The Vincents, who opened the 50th Anniversary Concert of The Beatles in Urmston and, who received rave reviews following their opening set. The Vincents were around in the early 1960’s playing clubs, theatres and ballrooms across the country at the height of the 1960’s pop and rock revolution. It is the same group of guys who were original members of The Vincents who have recently re-formed and who are producing the music they performed 50 years ago.

Tickets are £16.50 and are currently on sale at the Urmston Men’s Club and Institute, Higher Road, Urmston and also from the FAPA (Curzon) venue.

More details will be available shortly - but be quick! Tickets are limited in number.

The date: Friday 29th November – the exact day/date when, 50 years previously, the Rolling Stones played in Urmston.


Nice pic of The Raging Storms (thanks Albie). Info on Ukrainian Club in Cheetham Hill and pic of Solomon King and group (thanks Ian, sorry for the delay).

New group - Middleton's Mervyn and the Shythings


If you can, please email and I will passon the info

Any info on the French Brothers?  With two torsos, two heads but only one set of legs, shouldn't they be called the Siamese Twins and not the French Brothers?



Even GREATERERERER news - trying to find some time to catch up will all the "stuff" I had got behind on.

Just added The Curly Tops (thanks Alan) - great pictures of the era. But who are the mosos behind the girls?

Nice pic and flyer for Burnley's The Electrons (ta to David)

Sad to hear of the passing of Phil Quigley (Chosen Few, etc).  Manchester Crematorium on Wednesday 23 Oct at 10.55am.


Great NEWS!!!  I will be starting on a new volume of MANCHESTERBEAT in coming days.  So ... if you haven't featured in other volumes, send in your stuff asap.  Particularly looking for MY STORIES.

More soon!


And the answer is .... Allan Clarke of The Hollies. Apparently, that was his group whilst they were all at youth clubs in Higher Broughton.

Peter Wrigley asks "I have a postcard sized picture of Gerry Storme with a Nelson tel no. Any info on him?"

Luke James asks "I am the gradson of Stan Wardle. I'm a musician myslef. He told me there was a record made by Little John and his Foresters and I really want to track it down. Does anyone have a copy?"

2/9/13 Dave Anderton poses a question:

“Which well known lead singer from which  top 60’s onwards, worldwide known group was lead singer in a Salford group called THE RIVERSIDE ROCKETS when he was about 13 or 14 years old, possibly in the late 50’s?”

Oooh - thats a hard one!

27/8/13 Just added The Moonspinners - thanks Glyn


Sometimes I can be a little soft in the head!  I have had this GREAT story for ages and just never found the time to get it on site.  I have done now.

Its the story of Jeff Hanlon, ex Mr Smith and Sum People.

He started his career trying to play like Elvis Presley's guitarist James Burton and closed it playing alongside the guitar legend.  In between, Jeff became an agent, artiste manager and promoter - often all three at once. He's worked with BB King, Chuck Berry, Everley Brothers, Diana Ross, Jerry Lee Lewis, Rod Stewart, Little Richard, Roy Orbison and others!

Don't be as daft as me - go and read his great story in the online Audience magazine - go to page 30.  Its an excellent magazine and online format is spot on.  Read the rest.

My apologies for being so slack, Jeff. 


Just added The Oddments and The Boys and Eclipse and Jason James and Pete Sands and The Saphires and Bernie Blackburn and Misty Soul and DJ Ray Lea-Jones (with a first for the site, pics of Takis/Sound)


I've been a bit quiet lately but still adding stuff to the site - still behind! Spent the weekend watching United in Sydney. Amazingly, they got 20,000 there to watch a training session - at 15 quid a seat!

Did you see the article on BOBBY DELL AND THE DELLSTARS in the recent MEN? If you did, you will want to know more about one of Manchester's finest groups.  If you didn't, not to worry, check this out!

Just added the Sandford 5 (Gorton) and The Agents (perhaps I should have only added 10%) and Les Bluesettes

Local boys make good!

Chalice, Manchester area lads (Tiger Fog and partly Pink Engine), who were deported to the colonies for stealing a loaf of bread (and the odd riff or two) have some nice info on their page - here.  But - if you are too lazy to click, have a butchers at the newsletter below.

Interesting reading and look at their list of bookings! Sorry - the $3 T-shirts (a bit over a pound) have sold out!


Looking for dj Pete Roscoe - anyone have a contact?  Email if you know of a contact for Pete.  Thanks.


Sadly, Dennis Rimmer writes:

I am very sad to report that Ken Shelmedine my lifelong friend and lead guitarist in the Rangers, Klix and many other groups since has died from that dreaded disease cancer.

Ken was a very good lead guitarist and in the early sixties there was not that many talented musicians around compared with nowadays. He could play Shadows music with ease and that led to a lot of success for the band.

He will be missed by a lot of people. 

Rick Henshaw has provided great info on his group Big Wheel (some great pics there, Rick ... thanks)



Just added Oldham's Voodoos and updated info on Johnny Costello with the Lawmen, plus the Del Sol club on Bootle Street and new group Glass Onion

Tony Burke informs us -

Just released on Charley Records in the UK – ‘Club Soul Volume 2 – The Twisted Wheel, 
Brazennose Street / Whitworth Street, Manchester 1963-1971, 
The Original Sound Of Northern Soul, Popcorn and R&B’ (Charly 653 X)

Originally born in a coffee bar in the city's Brazennose Street in 1963, before later moving to a converted warehouse on Whitworth Street, it quickly developed a reputation as one of the country's finest venues for obscure, imported soul, R&B and Ska. Music fans would flock from all around the country to the weekly all-nighters to hear live sets from some of the finest soul artists of the time.

The term 'Northern Soul' was first coined by the journalist Dave Godin following a visit to the Twisted Wheel to describe the distinctive brand of music played there which couldn't be found in London clubs at the time.

This new compilation collects some of the classic tracks that would have been played at the time. The 28 tracks include gems from Little Richard, Bo Did dley, Benny Spellman, Ernie K Doe, Solomon Burke, Gene Chandler, Betty Everett, The Dells, Fats Domino , Alvin Cash, Big Sambo, Bobby Bland etc.

The cover features a classic photo of the late Roger Eagle and Wheel memorabilia.


Really is "Something you don't see every day" - great on stage shots taken at the Twisted Wheel - courtesy of the excellent Blues & Rhythm Magazine.

Visit their website and perhaps take out a subscription!


On May 25th, BBC4 aired the made for TV documentary 'Smokey Dives' - which focused on how the drab post-war Britain was enlivened by the trad-jazz scene in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Fronted by George Melly, who died in 2007, the documentary was made in 2001 and  revisited some the pubs, clubs and concert halls he once played in. 

The programme features Melly entering a then derelict Free Trade Hall, sitting on stage and in the dressing room reminiscing about jazz gigs at the famous venue (now a plush city centre hotel). Thankfully the promotional clip contains the whole of Melly's visit to the FTH.

Info courtesy Tony Burke

Robert Heywood asks " Anybody any information on two great groups from Bolton circa 19664 /66.

As far as I can recollect The Detours played at Bolton Palais, corner of St. Georges Road, on Thursday nights?

Another great group was The Viceroys. Remember seeing them playing over the top of the Burtons Shop off Deansgate.  Think they played white Bison Guitars when all thge others used the Fender Stratcaster in pink."


Just added new trio Gypsy with lots of pics (thanks Baz) and a real newbie, Food (and as expected, thanks to, yes you guessed, John).  Any info on Food greatly appreciated - but no recipes please.

Sandra Olive, one of our newer contributors, asks if anyone has any info on the Bo Rayners from Bury.

Bolton's Invictors are celebrating their fiftieth!  Great pics by the dozen - courtesy Paul Shaw.

Peter Cowap Music Festival

Images here - thanks to the guys for what I understand was an excellent show!!

Phil Nadin asks "Does anyone remember a pub in the city called The Great American Disaster ? I think it was just off Deansgate and next door to / opposite Mr Smiths ? In the early 70's the pub was run by a remarkable couple Mr and Mrs Phillips. Danny and Barry must remember it ? and the girls Barbara and Dianne ? Perhaps I imagined it !"

Quick as a flash, Harry proctor replies "THE GREAT AMERICAN DISASTER BAR was above the Bodega/Top of the Town on Cross St. I went there for a management interview early 70s." 



New group The Dekkers.

Jack Grimshaw writes

"If there's a more obscure Manchester band that actually played a live gig, I'll eat my Rickenbacker 325 Capri.

Hailing from Whalley Range, guitarists Graham Porter, John Gill and Lalith "Fitness" de Mel (vocalist and drummer names now lost in the mists of time), played a local church hall 1962.

The dance floor was packed and the girls were as enthusiastic as if Stockport's Hollies had showed up."

The last sentence really sums up the time and totally reflects what Manchesterbeat is all about.

Local groups were a part of our lives - whether we played in a group or went to see them.  They didn't have to be national stars - they were our stars. They inspired budding musos just as much as Chuck, Bo, Elvis and The Beatles. In my case, more.

Fond memories of The Starlites, The Dyleks and Focal Points.  Thanks!

So, go through your memories and remember those early groups.  Send them in.  Would love a pic of Jack eating his Rickenbacker.

To start the ball rolling, here's a pic of the Sphinx Trio that Scene 68 (a short-lived Northern music paper) informs us was playing at Woodhouse Park CA on NYE 1968.  Always wondered who they are.  Any ideas?

Plus just added Franklin D and The Senators from Bolton (thanks John) and The Mojo Sect (thanks to another John). Added Blue Lagoon in Bolton (yes, John sent it in).

More Johns than a NY hooker :-)

Graham asks if The Golden Disc in Stretford was Browns?  Any ideas?



Only one response re the site theme ("Its awful") so back to the drawing board, I guess.

Sorry for delay - currently have a backlog of 2 weeks emails but catching up!  Nothing to do this week end?  Check out our Whats On page.

Some nice pics of PassionWaggon and just added new group Wolfbane


Do you like our catchy little Manchesterbeat theme? Will refine the words if I have time but its a start.

Click me - I am an MP3 file.

If you can do better (and I am sure you can), send one in!  Everyone that is put on the site gets a free Manchesterbeat book.  Hows that for generosity!

Ken Porter asks if anyone remembers THE DICERS (or it could have been DICES). They were from the Blackley/Harpurhey area & played a very American rock style of music rather than the "Cliff & The Shadows" style.  Love some info.


Ever striving to be original and push our great archive along - we have now introduced a new section called CLUBLAND BEAT.  You can find it on the top menu under FEATURES.  Not much there but its a start - thanks mainly to Steve Hutch and Alan Wilkinson (plus others).

Many of our great 60's groups kept on plying their music into the now forgotten and much missed northern cabaret circuit.  Who can forget such great groups as Sweet Chariot, Reg Coates and The Royal Variety Show - all seen as part of the cabaret scene.  They've been with manchesterbeat for years, so now we can add some of the thousands of entertainers to our pages.

My personal favourite - without doubt  - Sweet Chariot.


Just added The Heartbeats/Puritans and Nazareth - courtesy Steve Whalley. Also a great MY STORY from John Needham.  Very interesting read.

Don't be shy!  We really need some more My STORYs.  They are a great read and enjoyed by so many.

20/4/13 Great list of events at the ABC Ardwick, courtesy Richard Lysons.  He used the term Gigography, which I love and will use on the site!  Interesting list.


I thoroughly enjoyed my night with Hermans Hermits. Sat right at the front!  A spot-on show and the sound was perfect.  Could not fault it - even enjoyed the drum solo and that is a first!  Even the Mrs liked them and she normally only likes Robbie Williams.  Barry Whitwam is superb and fronts an impressive band including, of course, the very talented Salfordian Geoff Foot (Rogues, Sunshine). 

Go and see them if you want to see what a quality, crowd pleasing act is all about.

And speaking of Barrow (below), Alan has also provided a superb listing of groups who played at the Public Hall (later named Maxims, Rafters, then finally Scorpio).  Great!  Also 99 Club and The Tornados - click either to see a stunning picture of an early 60s nightclub. Wow - memories.

Looking for info on Wythenshawe (?) group Free Speech circa 1970


Great new band info Frankie and The Trendsetters - from Barrow but based in Manchester and resident at the Plaza. Well worth a read.  Thanks Alan.

Also, John Needham has taken a break from supplying great stuff for JC Heavy and has added Oldham group Treacle.

Has anyone any pics of NATIONAL GRID?


Great to read about Stuart and the memories of all his friends from 60s and 70s.  Myself and Stuart had thirty-five happy years together, two pubs, two lovely daughters and we are missing him like crazy.

His mate Baz is organising a tribute night to Stuart soon in the Prestwich area.  All welcome for a catch up.

Yads Grattidge


Just added a great pic of The Dynachords - thanks Alan. Plus lots of othere stuff - more info in our next newsletter, which may (or may not) be out tomorrow.  Also added Altitude - courtesy Colin Sumner (nice pics).

Started a page for Formby Hall, Atherton  - great gig for us!  Now, where is Mr Jimmy Bunting?

Nice pics of Spurley Hey Youth Club - but who is the group?

Great update on JC Heavy - courtesy John Needham.  Well worth a read!



Plaza Cafe fans should visit Thanks Tony!

New group The Jay-Pees from Cheetham Hill

Can anyone assist re Tommy Smith, Savoy Ballroom, Oldham (please email if you can assist)

I have been trying to find Tony Smith, Tommy's son for over 20 years or his daughters.  His wife was Linda, Tony is my step brother, Ivy was my mum.

B. Brown nee Tupman



Last week Graham and Rick confirmed that this years Peter Cowap Music Festival is to be held at the Middleton Arena on Sunday 26th May. 

Ticket price and the date they go on sale to follow.

Just add The Moon in Dukinfield.


Hello again - just adding more "stuff" including new group Jeff High and the Hi-jacks from the Stockport/Cheadle Hulme area.  Nice cutting from The Stage.

Just added a great pic of the Maori Volcanics who appeared at Talk of The North  (its on the Talk page)



Due to great response from last newsletter, I am running behind on getting contributions on line.  My apologies - please bear with me.

Just added new group The Speakeasy - courtesy Mike Sweeney.
Great pic of the Embassy Club - thanks to John Hogan

Butch Mepham writes

I’ve just found out that the BBC radio 2 Peoples Songs is streamed live at (22.00 gmt ) on Wednesdays, every episode is also available to hear again on the same website until the end of the series in December.

David Lees has sent in this great/sad link for those of you who remember Hill Stores in Oldham

David was also very involved with Leigh Casino and writes:

In 1972 I was a trainee architect in central Manchester. The firm got the job of providing drawings for the builder re-fitting after it burned out. It was a very large hall with balconies all round and
a full proscenium stage at one end.

I was left to my own devices and went crazy and it got built. A huge space frame hauled up to the roof with smooth shiny aluminium foil covered panels on top (milk-bottle top foil), and several rows of hung scaffolding the full length with door blanks covered in the foil spinning along them. All full of lights. I never saw it finished but it did all go in.

Anyone remember it? 

A couple of great Karl Denver pics sent in by Brian Smith.

Name this group!

Great New Manchesterbeat Competition! Win a FREE Manchesterbeat book (Vol 5)

How to enter

  • Send 10 pounds to manchesterbeat (use this form)
  • All correct entries will receive a free book


Check out the new series of articles on our music in the Manchester Evening News every Saturday.  Paul Wilde (the writer) is son of Manchester muso Geoff Wilde, who has played trumpet for many of Manchester's leading jazz outfits, plus became a trainee pop star with Phoenix City Smash for a time

Some great Free Trade Hall tickets from Brian Stephenson.  They are a great reminder of some of the major acts that played the venue and have the added interest of being dated and priced. 

Also check out Brian's excellent Gig Diary, which reflects the wealth of live music around at the time.


Yee Har!

What a great photo (thanks Phil) but what are these two gun toting strangers doing in these parts?  Mean critters the pair of them and both out to grab your cash.

Click here to find out!

Help needed
Anyone any pics THE MOTOWN SECT?


Needed to make it easier for me to send out the latest news, so a new method is being trialled, simple to join. Even simpler and quicker for me.  The old one would only send out 100 an hour so it took all night to send them - over 1100 members.

Sign up for our newsletter

A Smile ...

Our local club books lots of the tribute acts and recently the poor receptionist had a major drama when a drunken couple demanded their money back as they suspected that the act they had seen was not the real PINK.  When you pay a tenner for a show you expect the real thing don't you!  They never mentioned the other act on the same bill BON JOVI, so I suspect they they thought him to be the real deal.

Just added Stockport's The Trollz and a first for the site, a light show The Heavy Electric Light Show

Wanted guitarist singer

Looking for a pro minded guitarist singer both lead and harmony to be part of a great 60s band of ex pro players who all sing lead covering all the rocky/riff numbers of the time

Great stage set backed up with the best web site and promotion

Only good guys apply please - email Mike at

What's changed on the site in the last two weeks?
Lots - at least the following pages






I can undertand how excited people got to finally read the story of one of Manchester's top groups Albert Hilton and The Hotels but our office staff are getting a little fed up of you lot sending in your underwear to pass on to the group.  Please stop it ... that goes for the ladies as well.  Or at least wash them first.

Great pics of Mike Sax and The Idols just added plus lots of NEW stuff.  Take a week off work and browse the site.  Its bigger than Ben Hur ... its as far out as the tide at Southport ... its as high as an elephant's eye, an' it looks like its climbin' clear up to the sky.

Oh, what a beautiful morning!  Oh, what a beautiful day, sold another 2 books, now only a handful left (if you have big hands).

Should we go for a VOLUME 6? I will do a list of possible groups and venues in next day or so. 

Who would feature on the front? How exciting!


Just added The Incas
(wonder if the Mayans predicted that!)

Have a read of the Vincents page. As well as some great pics and newspaper ads, their story is well worth a read, especially the exciting Firty Years On ...  at the bottom of the page.

Great stuff for Seans Image and The Tridents (great ad for Long John Baldry) just added.  Also, thanks to Peter, we now have info on Palma Nova Dance Club in Sale and The Top Hat Club in Altrincham - newies to me

Let me witter on a little ....

Groups that try to recreate the 60s today will grab a refurbished AC30, get a bank loan for an early 60s Strat and don clothes tailored to replicate the fashions of the 60s.  Does it work?  Not so sure.

Take a look at one of my all-time favourite pics donated by readers - The Travellers, the one at the top of their page. You can't replicate those poses.

Another that came in fairly recently was The Blues Vendors - not on stage but on their scooters. 
The stret scene is just so real.  Love it.

New pics arrived recently from long-time Manchesterbeater Dave Bowker of The Drifting Hearts.  Great. Swap the heads and it culd be anyone of hundreds of local groups at the time - just so typical.  What I like best are ... the un-cool socks on the guy with the slipons (Stu Wilde). 

Look at the pic of Seans Image at the top of the page. You can't replicate that! Wonderful.

More stuff being added now ...

Just got rid of the Christmas "stuff" - for a minute I had forgotten where I had added the Christmas background and dreaded that it would have to stay for another couple of weeks.  Luckily I found it.

Should I follow Supermarket policy and give the site an Easter feel already?  They do it here in Aus as well - Easter stuff in some shops already. 

Talking about Christmas ...

Wondering where to go in December ... 1964.  Check this out



New for 2013

First group to be added in the new year: Oldham's THE NATIONAL GRID  Sadly, John Needham writes that all photos have gone missing and wonders if anyone who may have any to get in touch with Manchester beat so they could be included.


New Year Resolutions

NY Resolution 1

You will all listen to The People’s Songs - a series that begins on Wednesday 2nd January at 10pm on BBC Radio 2. 

Of particular interest to many of you will be the episode about skiffle  - broadcast on Wednesday 23rd January at 10pm.  A little bird has told me it features our very own Butch Mepham and Brian Higham.

Brian can be heard on this clip -

There are 50 episodes in total and the series runs throughout 2013 so there may well be other episodes that may be of interest too.  

More info about the series here   

NY Resolution 2

Send in more stuff for Manchesterbeat

NY Resolution 3

If you haven't got Volume 5, buy one before they all go.  I frequently get tear stained letters from people who want the earlier Volumes but left it too late.  Three people have left their wives over this, two have attempted suicide because they haven't got the complete set and one person has threatened to move to Yorkshire if I didn't sell them a Volume 3.  Of course, I couldn't let that happen, so gave them my final copy.

More to come ...


Only one Wise Man this Christmas!

Yes, only one order from the dwindling pile of Manchesterbeat Vol 5 books. Get them before the Mrs throws them out - they are getting in the way of her huge collection of Robbie Wiliams stuff.  Guaranteed not to be reprinted (unless I go totally mad).

Just added The Buccaneers And The Four Blades And The Strand Showband And Shaun's Image And The Midnights And Madam ACE agency

Diane Grattidge asks:

My dearest brother Stuart passed away just before Xmas ... and I was just wondering whether anyone has any records of this great band THE CHARIOTS, as I have no music of his.


Any assistance to


Still around but not sure for how long ...

The Mayans may have got the prediction of the end of the world wrong but its curtains for me if the Mrs catches me working on manchesterbeat today.

Its Christmas Day already in Oz, the family is gathered around the air conditioner, waiting for their beloved father to carve the 28 kilo turkey and dispense the presents to the dear children, who will be expecting far more than they are getting.  After all, I was happy with a yo-yo and tangerine, so why does the lad want a blummin 60 inch 3D tv?

I digress.  I am sat here in the Manchesterbeat offices, beautifully festooned in Christmas glitter by our secretaries, typing madly to get the Paul Stevens story completed.  Being Christmas Day, I have let the secretaries off for a few hours, so have to do it myself.  They will be back at work again later today but might as well do it myself in the meantime.

There .. its finished ... finally.  Its a good read.  After the Queen's Speech is over, roast your chestnuts in front of the fire, gather the family around the ipad and read it out aloud to them.

Also added new group Albert Hilton and The Hotels to the site, courtesy Les Chadstone.

Help ... she's found me.  I'm off.  Have a good Christmas everyone!


Santa will be good to me this year because ...

I have been such a good boy and almost got the site up to date.  I sadly STILL have Paul Stevens's wonderful MY STORY to add - will save that as a Christmas treat for you all. 

Your new year's resolution should be to read EVERY PAGE (all 700 plus) on Manchesterbeat again - you miss so many good things.  Just refound this page

What great times could be had at Youth Clubs - very much a thing of the past now.

Back to work - so much more to do before Christmas!

Anyone any info on The Midnights?  One of Rochdale's premier groups!

Just added Paul Stevens and The Javelins and Paul Stevens and The Opposition

Very sad to hear of the recent passing of Stuart Grattige.


Where's the Buccaneers?  On your Buccan head!

OK its an old joke but would love info on The Buccaneers! 

Just added great 45rpm images of The Feminine Touch (who were the Dollies - didn't know that)  - courtesy Olaf Owre.  Olaf not only spends his time documenting Manchester group histories but also co-wrote our Youtube this month.  Honory Mancunian, I reckon.  Magic.

Don't miss the Christmas post with your order for the few remaining Manchesterbeat books.  At a tenner including postage, its cheaper than ... er, many other more expensive things.  Buy now.

PS Look at the Man Chest hair cd ad on the right - another great stocking filler (as is Kylie). 

Get a personal letter from Santa.  Let bassist Harry "Fwerk" Greene compose a wonderful personalised letter to your grandchildren.  Guaranteed to be original!


Lots more stuff added, including Warringtons The Scene and great images of Time and Place stuff - courtesy Alan Chamberlain.  And The Melodybeats - thanks Glyn.

Jermiah asks:

Has anyone out there heard of the Dave Landers Trio - DLT SOUND which became Scaramouche?
What were the band members names?

i remember doing gigs with them - especially the day the drummer managed to somehow get a welding torch across his eyesand was in great pain that night during the gig!

Also looking for drummer - Tommy? (ex sewing machine mechanic!) of 'Country Roads' pub band in Moss Side way - Ray Howard or 'Kelly' on bass/vocals



I have really enjoyed producing Manchesterbeat over the years.  Its a great "job" and only very occasionally it gets a bit gritty.

I get the occasional narky email related to something that happened 40 years ago and still causes upset. Had one email on a Christmas Eve, threatening me with all sorts. Funny how they always have brothers, friends, etc, who are Chief of Police, High Court lawyers, etc. Silly.  Sometimes I get emails from people looking for their birth father - I try to assist but not always possible, which is sad.

However, just very occasionally I get emails that really shakes me up.  Got one the other day.

Last week, Trevor Platt, the lead singer with the Con Brios passed away. What is tragic about his death is that on his way to the local newsagent in Radcliffe, he was mugged by a teenage gang on BMXs, and stole what he had on him, 10p. He was taken to hospital but died a little over a week later.

How sad things like this happen - no comment on what should happen to the guilty.  Its obvious.

Also, sad to hear of the passing of Dave Stock, bassist with Three Nuts and a Bolt.

Our condolences to their families. 

23/11/12 Still wading through the changes to the site - just adding some great membership cards from Bernie Long.


Back from a short holiday - so back to work.  Starting to catch up with all the "stuff" but there's a lot, so please be patient.

New group Missing Links from Oldham, plus Kev Curtis and The Four Escorts.

The Vigilantes (from Warrington) who last performed in 1965 have now re-united and Performed their first gig for over 45 years on the 27th October at Blackbrook Rugby Club in St Helens.
The group (comprising of all original members) did a one hour spot to a great reception.  Videos of their gig can be viewed on .  They are now up and running, and more gigs are in the pipline.

Bert Ashton writes:

I have another photo of a group from Oldham, the problem is that I don’t know the name of the band.
Maybe you could publish it as a mystery group, the only info I have is the photo was taken about 1958 and shows Ian Fenn piano, Neil Bromley vocals and Norman Penington drums.

I don’t know the names of the two guitar players but maybe somebody looking at Manchester Beat will recognize them so we can fill in the gaps.



Finally found some time to do the huge amount of additions to the site.  New group Sherie Paul and The Shapiros, great pics of Carl Dane and The Escorts The Dragoons and, against my better judgement, Smelly Kelly and The Subway Sniffers - a band who regularly were!

Brian Higham has added two great sections to his story - well worth a read (or re-read!)

23/10/12 More sad news.  Luke Moore writes

"Mike Curtis passed away yesturday morning 21/10/12 in Benidorm after an illness. He will be sadly missed and on behalf of all his friends, fans and holiday makers in Benidorm.  We would like to send our best wishes to his family during this sad time. x "

A very talented man.


Just added Harry "The Fwuerk" Greene's story - bit brief.  It was 45 pages but I took out the swear words and its now down to half a page. Its quite boring - avoid.

Changes/additions to these pages have been made in the last 2 weeks:


Room at the Top reunion 27th Oct 2012 at Wigan Cricket Club  - tickets £5


"It is with a sad heart that I have to post the passing in August 2012 of Bob Henshaw totally suddenly and unexpectedly. He was a great Bass player and person. He will be sadly missed by his fellow musicians. If reading this any other members of the Jaguars group from the sixties feel like adding to this great site, please do so.

I send my most sincere condolences to his wife and family."

Malc Taylor 


John Firth writes:

Sad to hear today of the death of Big Jim Sullivan at the age of 71.  I know he wasn't really involved in the Manchester music scene as such but I'm positive that many of Manchester's top recording bands had the addition of Big Jim's guitar work on their records.  I had the pleasure of being in his company very briefly during the 60s and found him to be an absolute gentleman.

Just added great pics of The Vulcans - courtesy Allan Wright plus new group, Hazel Grove's
Blues Vendors.  Lovely street pic of the group on their scooters.


Dave Miles writes:

"With the sad news of the passing of American singer Andy Williams earlier this week.  I can recall  during the mid 70's while a member of the Manchester based Vic Lezal's Professionals,
we had the privelege of being the opening act for a special one night appearance by this genuine Superstar at The Free Trade Hall.

Completing the bill was the pop group Brotherhood of Man and comedian Ray Fell.

I have never forgotten watching him arrive for rehearsals wearing a huge Fur Coat  and just coasting through a few bars of his various hits superbly accompanied by some of Englands top musicians while waiting for our  sound check.

He was without doubt a "Class Act " and will sorely be  missed by many older Manchester musicians and fans."

Although not so trendy at the time I had Andy's Solitaire LP, which I played rather a lot. Quality overcomes!

Mike Williams has sent in this about a new book:

For those interested in the music scene, this new book has some great stories. Partly an autobiography by David Caulfield, with many stories supplied by stars of the 60s and 70s. Looks like a great and entertaining read.

Paul G Shaw answers the question about Blundell Guitars:

Spotted a request for info on Blundell Guitars.  I was quite friendly with Dave Blundell in the 70's - a one man operation that produced some really good and playable instruments.  He made his own pickups and featured 24 fret necks on some models.  Always had great actions and good range of tones.

Dave also did repair/mods for people and he did a few jobs for me - always to the highest standard and well priced.

He moved from Clayton to Colne sometime in the late 70s/early80s and his guitar business
came to and end, mainly because of competition from the Far East I think and I've had no
further contact since that time. Dave Lunt was one of his regular colleagues I think, as was Geoff Muir of Wigwam Music in Rochdale, and they may have more info.

Colin Galley has kindly sent in scans of his old membership cards - which has spurred me on to try and get the Membership Cards page updated.


Just spent all evening adding lots of small things to the site - great comments from you guys.  Thanks!

Added The Richmond Club in Heywood and Wythenshawe's Skyways - not much info yet but it will come in!

Big thanks to Colin Galley for some great membership cards - adding as I get time.

We now only have Vol 5 of the Manchesterbeat books available - others sold out.


Finally - the last copy of Manchesterbeat Vol 4 has gone.  Thanks to Ron Marston of Sheffield.  Yes, we do get "readers" from outside Manchester :-)   For interest (well, I find it interesting) we have sold books to England, Scotland, Wales, N.Ireland, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, USA and Canada.  There may be a couple more but the old brain cells are going.

So, thanks Ron - much appreciated.  Now, just need to sell the few remaining Vol 5's and I will have the funds to make Manchesterbeat Towers (our multi-storey office block overlooking Sydney Harbour) more like the Playboy Mansion!

We've started, I am almost as old and ugly as Hugh Heffner - its just the girls and $$ that are missing.


Roger Eagle

Great article on Roger Eagle's life/career. 

Roger was such an influential player in the Manchester (and beyond) music scene - can you add anything to the article? 

Have a look and use the form at the bottom of the page to add your comments, info, etc.


Interesting stuff from Tony Burke of Blues & Rhythm magazine (with originals from Brian Smith and Bob Groom). Free Trade Hall gig with Howlin' Wolf.  Sadly HW had to pull out and was replaced with ....  You'll have to click here to find out!  Not the most logical of replacements :-)

Just adding new groups The Angels Rhythm Group - thanks to Peter Whitehead and Bryan Yorke, who also added a great pic of The Medics. 

Also added Bury's Carl Dane and The Escorts and The Zephyrs

Mark read asks "Can anybody supply more information on Blundell Guitars, I used to own a mahogany coloured Flying V, bought late 70's or early 80's?



Sad to hear of sad news of Tommy Rigby (below, centre) who passed away on Thursday evening 23 August 2012.

Funeral for Tommy is at Blackley Crematorium 12.00 Friday 31 August.

Just added info on Poynton's Camel Studios, plus a great Youtube of The Flintlocks and a song written by W. Adamson all about the Oasis Club.  Click here.

New group added - The Blue Lords, who later became Zebardy's Crowd.

New venue - our first for frodsham - the Mersey View Dance Hall



So pleased to receive this excellent image from Terry Irvine,who as well as being one of
Britain's most respected cartoon artists, was a member of The Beat League and
The Good Guys
. Very chuffed with it - putting it on the Manchesterbeat office wall, in between the pictures of me and Kylie on holiday at Pontins and the picture of me autographing Dolly Parton's boobs.  I ran out of ink half way through and had to borrow a pen from my mate Robbie Wiliams.

Just a private note:  when updating Manchesterbeat I always listen to music and my favourite stuff is ... Hermans Hermits.  Honest!  Easy going stuff, brings back fond memories of earlier times and I know all the words.  Something that rarely happened when I was a singer.  Mind you, listening to Rod at the moment.


Lots of "stuff" in but the Olympics have got in the way. Working my way through it all 

Love the new pics of Phils Swaggers at the Star Club - thanks Griff.  Another of those great stories that should be read (or re-read).


Any info on Tuxedo Junction?

Just added some great pics of The Scorpions.  If you haven't read their page, do so.  Great history of the band by Olaf Owre (so you know its good) and a band most of us would not have known about but have such a great story.  Still gigging!


Been busy in last week - with updates to the following pages

Kennedy St Artistes
If you remember the sixties
Pop North
The Cymerons
Grit Band
Karl Denver
bernard Herrmann and the NDO
Paul Beattie
Phil's Swaggers
The Raging Storms
Rhythm and Blues Incorporated
Shaun and Sum People
Toby Twirl
Manchester Music Shops
Ashton Palais
Bolton Palais
Bolton Boneyard
The Basement, Bury
Bury Palais
Talk of the North, Eccles
Belle Vue Top Ten Club
The Bier Kellar
The Bodega
The Cavern
The Magic Village
Mr Smiths
Manchester Sports Guild
The Oasis Club
Room at the Top, Wigan

Of particular interest to me was the great amount of info added about Paul Beattie - one of our Manchesterbeat pioneers - worth a look.  Thanks Louise!

Will someone please buy this last copy of Vol 4 - its very lonely in the manchesterbeat warehouse.  We need the room!

SANDRA CAPP - great email but no address given, so can't put you in touch with MB.  Please send :-)


Brian Higham needs to contact Ric Rothwell Ex Mindbenders urgently.  If you now where Ric may be, please email Brian on

Ted Lee asks "Does this guitar below to Big Jim Sullivan?"

Nice article on Roger Eagle added.

Whats changed this week?

Clubs, discos and youth club venues (new clubs added)
Agents (changes to info on a number of agents)
Belle Vue Rockerama
Smile Recording Studios
Cleveland Fox (Reunion info)
The Dollies
Drifting Hearts
The Exits
Karl Denver
The Nobodies
Paul Beattie
Reg Coates
The Roadrunners
Sad Soul


Three members of the Cleveland Fox Soul Band are to meet up on Friday June 29th for the first time in 43 years Steve Hargreaves the vocalist Tony Clark Bass Guitarist and Ray Openshaw drums will spend Friday night sharing memories of the great nights and friendship formed in the band and hopefully this will be one of many and you never know other members of the band may yet surface 

Brian Higham & Eric Haydock looking for Don Rathbone ... any help appreciated.

Added new group The Deltas - nice pic with The Hollies from '66


Final copy of Vol 4 of the wonderful Manchesterbeat book left.  Who is going to be the lucky one?

So, whats changed since the last posting - LOTS

Kennedy St Artistes
Grass Eye Magazine
The Beatmakers
The Beatmasters
The Beatones
Big City Soul Band
Bobby Laine and The Confederates
The Chasers
The Deltones (Castleton/Rochdale)
Frank Yonco and the Everglades
Lennox Avenue
Marks and Steadman
The Rogues (a new group from Oldham)
Sioux Showband
Soul Creation
The Takeovers (new group from Hyde)
Toby Twirl
The Vulcans
John Bracewell
Peter Taylor
Belle Vue Top Ten Club
Aunties Kitchen (great pics and info)
Drokiweeny (great pics and info)
The Electric Circus (great pics and info)
Heaven and hell
The Magic Village
The Mogambo
Mr Smiths
The Plaza Ballroom
Savoy Ballroom Oldham
Birch Park Palace and Oceans 11
The Devonshire
The Regent Ballroom
Manor Lounge


BBC GMR will be showcasing Rainy City Blues CD this Saturday from 9pm and playing 5 tracks from the album

Hmmm ... I wondered if anyone really believed me about all these changes I make almost daily, so at great expense I got this incredible script to work out all the changed pages in the last 2 weeks!

Here they are!

And that doesn't include The Vulcans, from Leigh/Atherton.

In the past I have had requests for paid advertising on the site and have turned them down. Any ads you see are free.  However, due to increased costs for the site, I am now more open to adverts!  Please email me if interested.

Does anyone have an old guitar case they no longer need?

Ted Lee is wondering if anyone has an old case they no longer need - must fit his new guitar (pictured below).

Just started a page for Grass Eye Magazine - fondly remembered for its major role in the Manchester music scene of the early 70s.

21/5/12 Sad to hear Robin Gibb has passed away today, aged 62.

The musician died after intestinal surgery and a long battle with cancer. Fears for his health were first raised last year when he appeared looking gaunt on a TV show to promote his single for Poppy Day.

Gibb was hailed as "one of the most important people in the history of British music," by UK TV and radio presenter Paul Gambaccini, who said the brothers were second best UK songwriters ever after the Beatles.

"Everyone should be aware that the Bee Gees are second only to Lennon and McCartney as the most successful songwriting unit in British popular music," Gambaccini said.

“Their accomplishments have been monumental. Not only have they written their own number one hits, but they wrote huge hit records for Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Celine Dion, Destiny’s Child, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, the list goes on and on."



My thanks to Dave Ward who points out that the CD Rainy City Blues is not available from Amazon. However, if people live abroad,they can order from Piccadilly Records.

Nice pic of the GTs (thanks Tony) plus even more great comments added around the site. 

Just added a great pic of Screaming Jay Hawkins outside The Jungfrau


No, they are not begging bowls, it's a group of Manchester's finest who meet every Monday for a Chinese buffet. 

L-R ... Fred Fielder, Pete Maclaine,  Butch, Keith Shepherd.

How much does a Chinese restaurant weigh? Won Ton.


Pics of the Peter Cowap Music Festival on site now.

Just added great pics of White Rabbit Boutique - really reflect the times (courtesy Bob Lee).  Their poster offers a huge discount of 20p off!  You don't get discounts like that anymore!

Bob has also sent in some great new stuff, including great pic of Art Noveau's original line-up, a Cavern diary and membership cards for Beat City, Domino Club, His Excellencys, Room at the Top (Wigan), ....,

PS Love the suit Bob

Cant believe I haven't sold the LAST TWO copies of manchesterbeat Vol 4

Whats up with you guys - they are a bargain!


Best of luck to all invoilved for the Peter Cowap Music Festival!  Enjoy the day.

Graham Nash has donated two signed CDs plus a change of timings - check out the page here.


With two more Volume 4 of the book gone today (and a couple of Vol 5s) there are just TWO Volume 4 left.  Order now or miss out.

PS As my shopping cart does not have the ability to stop selling when out of stock, any order received after the two sales will be refunded.

As always, lots of snippets added to the site.  Added new group Little John and his Foresters



Could Mark Smith who wrote about Ronnie "Cease" Smith please contact paul@manchesterbeat  Thanks!

Geoff Parkinson (Outrage) email please.

Bob Hyde - email also please.

Great new pics and tickets, cards of The Manchester Federals - courtesy Bob McDonough.  Bob has also provided lots of group business cards. Adding them to the appropriate pages.

New groups include:

Adding the "stuff" as I find time but need pics, lineups, info on these groups.


And a happy Easter to you all.

But it was like Christmas for me today.  After over 10 years of the site, I finally got pictures of Olivers Twist!  My thanks to Dave Tommins for these great pix and also for the Boston Sect.

PS Cool cardigan Andy! 

As well as total sell-outs of Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of the wonderful Manchesterbeat books, we are now down to last 3 Manchesterbeat Volume 4 and only 12 of Volume 5 left.

First in, best dressed, as they say (which is not a cheap dig at Andy's cardigan again)

There will not be reprints of these books, so don't miss the opportunity of a life-time! And, at only 10 quid including postage, packaging, nice little labels and an address written in the best Moss Side scrawl, they will go out the door FAST. Hope so, as my Mrs has been trying to get them out of the house for ages!

Just added great pics of Mummies Darlings!  Saw them at New Century Hall and always thought the name was great.




Many would remember the great nights in Manchester clubs (and The Oasis in particular) with The Original Drifters.

Tony Burke from Blues & Rhythm Magazine has very generously supplied a great collage of the Drifters - most shots taken at the Oasis.

Click here to view

(Original can be found in Blues & Rhythm Number 268)

Just added The Northmen and The Raging Storms  plus Johnny Dark and The Stormy Knights and a pic of Sgt Peppers in Stockport.


A question from Patrick Nathanson:

Does anyone know the location of the Portland Lodge nightclub that was a big venue in 60’s Manchester, and what it is now? And also the Queen’s Club? (which perhaps might be the same as the Queen’s Hotel on London Road?)

Great new pic and info re their 45th reunion from The Ugly Ducklings


A limited edition vinyl LP titled “Rainy City Blues” with assorted rarities and previously unreleased tracks by Manchester Beat groups from the 60’s was released by Jungfrau Records about a month ago, now available from a number of dealers on eBay.

Olaf Owre put together most of the info about the groups (so it will be good) for the booklet that comes with the high quality LP sleeve with photos of all the groups involved.


Just added Neil Landon and the Burnettes.  Although Folkestone based, Mancunian Kevin Lang played with them, as did Noel Redding (Jimi Hendrix Experience), with Landon being one of the Flowerpot Men (Lets go to San Francisco).  Kevin also played with Mike Cadillac and Deek Rivers and the Big Sound

Not much info on the page but good pictures (thanks for being so patient Kevin).  Links, however, give good info.  The second takes you to a Kent based equivalent of manchesterbeat.  Obviously not as good as "the original" but if you look, there's some interesting stuff - including me with Arthur Kay's Originals and the Kent based Life n Soul. Worth a click just for that!


Just added posters, MEN article and a pic for Wild Silk

Sad to hear of the passing of Davy Jones, pictured on left from his days as Ena Sharples's grandson.

Just added new group "Echoes from the Peak"


Sorry for late addition to the site - so much coming in at the moment.

We are having our annual reunion night for the White Elephant Club AKA Delph Youth Club on the 3rd March 2012 at the Civic Hall Uppermill.

We have The Drifters on with myself and Phil Beck doing a stint as the dodgy DJ's. Last year we sold out , it should be a great night !!

Anyone who wants tickets please call me 01457819350

Stuart Littlewood

Added Chorlton groups The In-Sect and The Freeways plus The Mabo's from New Mills and new venue The Strand Ballroom, Winsford.


Geoff Mullin writes:

FINALLY – after languishing undisturbed in various lofts, attics and garages, a record I produced 44 years ago has at last seen the light of day, or at least a release date – 30/01/2012.

The good people at ACE Records heard the track and decided to put it out on their latest Mod Jazz Forever compilation – see the link below – and here’s the background story.

In September 1968, producer Geoff Mullin booked a session at Olympic Studios in London to record three of his most accomplished musical friends, which resulted in a “groovy” club classic version of “Sunshine Superman”. Although never before released, the future career paths of those involved indicate that this was most certainly a musical oversight as the trio never recorded together again.


PETE BOCKING (guitar) – legendary guitarist from Manchester, school friend of Geoff Mullin, and acknowledged jazz guitar master whose early associations included playing in The Fourtones with Allan Clarke and Graham Nash before they formed The Hollies then Crosby, Stills & Nash. He then played lead guitar with local combos The Phantoms and Pete MacLaine and the Clan before forming his own formidable outfit The Pete Bocking Six. Later came periods with Lonnie Donegan and the Victor Brox Blues Band and as a much-respected teacher of jazz guitar until his passing  in 2010.

J PETER ROBINSON (organ) – Royal Academy of Music graduate, Pete has more musical credits to his name than can possibly be included here but the highlights would be playing with his first name band Quatermass (Harvest Records)and many as a session player with Jerry Lee Lewis, Carly Simon, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Pete moved to Los Angeles in the 1970’s to concentrate on scoring music for films and television which include “Wayne’s World”, “Cocktail”, “Cadillac Man”, “World’s Fastest Indian”, “Bank Job” and the TV series “Charmed” and “Outer Limits”.

TREVOR MORAIS (drums) – probably the most accomplished drummer, Ringo included, to begin his career in Liverpool, playing with The Cadillacs, Faron’s Flamingos, Rory Storm & The Hurricanes and the classy jazz/soul trio The Peddlars.  Later associations include Stealer’s Wheel, Quantum Jump, David Essex, Elkie Brooks, Howard Jones, Tina Turner and Bjork. Now living in Spain where he owns and runs a top-end recording studio.

GEOFF MULLIN (producer) – former DJ (Manchester’s Twisted Wheel), manager of Danny and the Demons and The Hellions, lead vocalist of The Wailers with Ian “Big Wal” Waller and Lek Leckenby and Barry Whitwam, later of Herman’s Hermits, then The Zodiacs and The Yaks. Singer/songwriter (Decca, CBS), music press Record Mirror, Billboard, Music Week, BBC Radio 2 producer for Terry Wogan, Kenny Everett and Michael Aspel among many others. After a brief period as Head of Music at Melody Radio in London Geoff returned to the BBC as Head of Music Policy for the remainder of his radio career.

This is the Ace Records Press Release.

This is the Sunday Times review.
Various artists - Mod Jazz Forever
Kent CDKEND368
Fire up the Lambrettas. Long before that dismal hybrid smooth jazz conquered the world, musicians on the cusp of jazz, blues and soul were finding favour with a dancefloor crowd. The latest compilation in the Mod Jazz series is uneven, although any record that finds room for Brother Jack McDuff, Buddy Guy and McDuff’s fellow organist Johnny “Hammond” Smith is worth sampling. First prize in the novelty stakes goes to the cheerful cover of Donovan’s Sunshine Superman by the catchily named Brit combo Bocking, Robinson, Morais. Mark Murphy’s It’s Like Love is hokey fare, but cheerful enough to banish memories of his lacklustre Ronnie Scott’s show last month. CD


Here's a question.  Who owned the Top of the Town circa 71.  I reckon it was the Rowntrees Group but who were they? 

Does the name David Pilling ring a bell with anyone, probably from Winton, Eccles.  A guitar player. Possibly drove a sky blue Hillman Imp with black bonnet, a dog called Sandy.  He went to Salford Tech and worked at Turners Asbestos in the 70s. He lived on either Breck Rd or Selsby or Bromsgrove Avenue, Winton, Eccles in 1971.

Also just added The Three Aces from Radcliffe/Bury area - need more info.  Can anyone come up trumps with more info?

And another question:

I wonder if any of our readers can remember a group of young boy singers who were known as "The Six Lancashire Lads" from the mid-fifties? Yes, a long time ago now! These guys were so good that they were invited to appear on television - no mean feat all those years ago.

When they became teenagers the name of the group was changed to "The Six Lancashire Teenagers" but, although they really were excellent performers, they sadly never caught on and faded into obscurity. One of their group was called Alan Morton, who went to school at Spurley Hey.


Just got back from a few days in Wagga Wagga (honest) and saw this sad news.

Hi, I am Harry Eastham's nephew, unfortunately Harry "the man" has just passed away on the 15/2/12 after a battle with cancer.He always loved to talk about his days in the groups. His funeral will take place on Thursday 23rd at Pleasington Crematoriom 3 pm.

Harry was drummer with T

he Swinging Hangmen


Just added new club, The Pendulum but appears some problems at The Wheel - read this

New group, Warrington's Tudor 4 but need info :-(


Interesting review of Wayne Fontana and the Mondbenders/Mindbenders music here

The Greatstone Hotel has a motown/soulnight on the second Saturday of every month and a real northern night on the first Saturday. Adrian Dowd will be behind the bar and there is a buffet supper included in the price of the ticket.

"We are always pleased to see anyone from the Browns days. We have some great nights please come. Harry Nightingale and Dennis Campbell both ex Browns will be doing the DJ-ing on the 11th and proceeds go to Christies so its worth coming."


As well as lots of personal memories added to various pages, just added the Rising Five from Burnage.  Love the pork pie hat, Brian - we will make you a ska boy yet! 

Picture is worth a look for memories of what the front of Picadilly Wollies looked like! Remember the record counter there?  Remember records?

Alsp adding The Vigilantes from Warrington - thanks Jeff!  You can also visit their excellent website at

17/1/12 Just added a very nice college of images (courtesy Brian Smith) from Blues & Rhythm magazine (266) of T Bone Walker at the Free Trade Hall in 1962.



Just adding Marks and Steadman to the site - great name.  Also Hazard plus a group that should have been included on the site ages ago, Tony Ravell's New Voyage - more info needed.


Not to be outdone by the Barbeque67 gig in the wilds of Lincolnshire (below), Eric Sandiford has sent us this slightly earlier gig - also a quid.  Hardly seems worth a pound really, groups ok but no hotdogs! What a swizz.

Eric points out its odd that Floyd got top billing. I personally like the statement "Come and watch the pretty lights".  Also, seems odd for The Palace to be open till dawn.

Anyone go? Another great gig I missed (did see Hendrix at NCH though) In a similar act of stupidity, I had the choice of either Floyd in Stockport (fairly sure it was The Tabernacle) or another band with an incredible lights show at St Bernadettes.  Being a Moss Side kid, a bit tight and always broke, I could walk home from from Bernies, so thats where I went.  Missed the Floyd and instead saw Carl Douglas and the Big Stampede.  Carl Douglas didn't turn up and all the band had was an 8mm film of them playing around in a park.  I wuz robbed!

Breaking news!  Super-sleuth Keith Fairhurst has found that although the event did actually happen, sadly not in Manchester.  The event was at The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm in London.  Plus it was only 15 bob.

Sadly, the poster is a repro (but a nice poster nevertheless).

Getting very worried about manchesterbeat books.  Hardly any left and I know there are many of you out there who still haven't got the set.

Please don't leave it too late -  only about a dozen Vol 4 and about the same for Vol 5.

Get in quick - honestly, not a sales ad, when they are gone, thats it. 

Increased postage (now about 6 pounds) plus the combination of the weak pound means that they are genuinely below cost at a tenner inclusive.  No reprints sadly.

Get the info here

Just added a new group from Burnley The Electrons and The Deputies

Cheer yourself up with some good music.  Vist Geoff Lingard's site for some good harmony "stuff."


And getting on top of emails!  Does anyone remember the 88 Club in Gorton?  Love some info.

Just added info on Smile Recording Studios - be good to add any anecdotes of recording there.  Oddly, just noticed no info on InterCity/Nield and Hardy and A1.  Any help there also?


Finally got a decent replacement for the newsletter.  Apologies if you got an email twice but won't happen again.

Been looking for info on the Bee Hive, Swinton info for ages - played there a couple of times but nothing I can remember.  On the other hand Chris Bowden - Paul Fenda and the Teenbeats - remembers it well!  Have a read.


Seasons Greetings to everyone!

Finally got some time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  Thanks for your support over the years - what a tremendous record of the Manchester area's music scene!



Apologies to everyone who sent stuff in and its not on site - just adding today!  New groups Design and 59th Street Bridge plus much more, including good info on Deek Rivers from Kevin Lang.

And for those who are looking for a good night out, how about this (thanks to Keith Fairhurst)?  Sadly, we've missed it by forty-odd years. 

Even though it was a great line-up, not sure if it was worth going but ... there's hot dogs!  Looks like Spalding was a hot place on May 29th.

Mind you, bit pricey at a quid!



Looks like I have done nothing for a month - not true!  Lots of additions and am finally trying to work out a new newsletter script, which I will do over Christmas (I need a life).

Some interesting info here:



Front Cover Scan ...





Just added Harpo and Mac (Burnage) plus what seems like zillions of small snippets - the ones that really add to pages and bring some great memories. My fav one at the moment is from Steve Povall who comment son Northwich Memorial "Missed the Beatles gig - no dosh." Reminds me so much of the way it was for so many of us!

Keep 'em coming!



For the many of you who have emailed to ask where the newsletter is ... read on (both of you)

Due to the size of the mailing list (now over 1,000) when I last sent out the newsletter, I was branded a spammer and I was refused access to my websites (over 150).

This was obviously a little problematic :-)

It seems if I send over 200 mails per hour, I am possibly a charlatan.

So, I am trying to find time to split the mailing list into smaller lists, which can then be sent out individually. 

Need to get back soon, as I am desperately trying to offload my final 32 copies of Vol5 and 7 of Vol4.  My wife wants the space for her collection of Smurf figurines.

The newsletter allows me to put in corny ads to push the books on to unsuspecting subscribers.  I like one's like "books are currently sold below cost" - which although true, is intended to make me appear altruistic (look it up).  Another is "only a few left - will not be reprinted" - again true and intended to put the fear of God into those of you who have not yet secured their copy..

The books are the best thing you will get for a tenner (unless holidaying in parts of SE Asia - I am told).

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