Alan Arnison

One of the original Manchester agents, Alan ran a busy office in Spring Gardens, moving on to Wellington Road South, Stockport. 

Alan Arnison then transferred business to Old Trafford for many years, then back to Poynton near his home, an over shop office, then finally from his house. He sold up his property eventually and then went to Spain. 

The agency still bears his name and is run by Mike James - the bandleader at the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool. 

(thanks Tony)

picture courtesy: Olaf Owre


I first worked with Alan Arnison when he took over running the agency from his father, on Stockport Road. I'm talking a good 30 years ago. He was one of the very best agents I've ever worked with, and I am still going strong today.

Thanks to his advice and assistance I have been able to make a success in the entertainment industry. I'll always remember him fondly, and I hope he is enjoying his time in Spain.

Geddes Yates, Tropical Heatwave Steelpan Combo

I worked for Alan Arnison in the late '60s and the last time I saw Alan was when he came to see my band at Pontins South Shore Blackpool in 1971 (Dave Spencer Trio).

Fond memories of Alan, one of the very few gentlemen agents in showbusiness and respected by many Manchester bands.

After a summer season at Pontins Blackpool I teamed up with Graham Harwood (Barnaby) comedian and became Spencer Brothers. Graham and I worked together as a comedy double act touring the night club scene in the UK until 1973.

Eventually I got back into the band scene working as (The Spencer Band), the line up was me on guitar, Roly ex-talk of the North bass guitarist of (The Images) and my wife Linda on drums and vocals.

I now live just outside Blackpool (Stalmine) and work with my wife Linda (Studio 2). I also run a media company The DVD News Ltd. I came across your website because I was looking at some of the Manchester Agents to see whether they were still in operation. Interesting site, Thank You !!

Dave Spencer

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