Barry Perkins Organisation

After leaving Kennedy Street Artistes Barry set up his own agency based in Didsbury, Manchester , and was joined by Roy Spencer.

At that time Barry managed Dave Berry (from Sheffield), who had had a number of hits, being best known for "The Cryin Game" in 1964.
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BPO also acted as agents for The Casuals, (managed at that time by Selwyn Turnbull), who had a 1968 hit with "Jesamine" produced by Ivor Raymonde on Decca. They also had another hit with "Toy".


The agency also booked acts for The Viking Ballroom at Seahouses, Northumberland. In addition to many name groups of the day, being a Manchester agency a lot of the groups and bands featured in Manchesterbeat made the long trek up there and were well received.

Barry then decided to leave the North West returning to his native Kent.

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Paul webmaster says...
Can you add to this page?
3rd July 2017 12:49pm
Denise Kennedy (London) says...
In 1962/3 I worked as receptionist, secretary, typer of contracts, for Peter Walsh in Henrietta Street Covent Garden. Barry was there for the time that I was and was a delightful man. I met Freddie and the Dreamers many times and they also were ... Read More
30th October 2017 10:25pm

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