BDH Productions
1 Dale Street, Manchester

BDH agency was run by a Lady by the name of JOAN DAVEY, she used to work for Granada TV, as what, I'm not sure. TONY YORKE went into partnership with her as well.

I worked for the agency when I was with a 3-piece band called "THE MERSEY THREE" the bass player was JIMMY CLARK from Wavertree Liverpool, Rhythm guitar was EDDY KING also from Liverpool & yours truly on lead guitar. We were based in PETERLEE, Co. Durham because in those days, the North-east was where the work was.

We STILL did a hell of a lot of gigs in the Manchester & Liverpool area.
AAAHHH ! Great days.

Tony Garcia

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Topic: BDH Productions
Paul webmaster says...
Can you add to this page?
3rd July 2017 12:50pm
Maurice Newton says...
I was a member of Cleveland Fox Band. We were with BDH for a short time following our previous agent George Gray's retirement. All lovely people as I remember. We referred to Joan Davey as 'Auntie Joan', crazy when you think she was ... Read More
4th July 2017 8:44pm

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