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Two very talented Male vocalist/entertainers I can recall watching during the late sixties and early seventies at the Cabaret Club, Rosegrove, and Milnrow Conservative Club, were GERRY MARTINELLI and JEAN DE BOTH'

Never heard any mention of them since those times and often wondered how their careers progressed. Maybe you may remember them !!!! and are a worthy addition to the site !!!

Dave Miles

Jean De Both

Hi Paul….just seen the mention of Jean de Both…….real name Les Brocklehurst I believe….quite a character, he became obsessed with his own act to the point where he thought he was actually French…..spotted in the Co-op in Bolton by our bass player trying to buy a shirt using pigeon/french/english to the assistant with great difficulty. When approached by our bass player who knew him with the greeting 'Hi ya Les, how are you doing?' he continued to pretend to be French and not know what our bass player was saying or even who he was!….very odd indeed……I think he died a while ago and he was sentenced to prison for tax evasion as well I think………sent to Preston jail although he would have probably preferred the Bastille…….all this info might be a bit sensitive for publication but it's certainly interesting.

Paul G Shaw

Brad Newman

One of the most popular entertainers in the area 60s/70s was Brad Newman singer and great pianist and good friend of mine, real name Charles Melvyn Thomas.

Brad always played to a packed house I remember some fabulous nights at the Kumfy Club in Ashton and also the Hathershaw Hotel in Oldham plus many other venues that he played keeping up with top ten hits of the day plus all the golden oldies.

Brad was a great rocker too, rattling the piano like Jerry Lee Lewis.  Before he went solo he was with the Kingpins in the late 50s  - they appeared on T.V.s Six Five Special and Drumbeat music shows.  He then acquired a record contract with Philips Fontana who released five singles - the most popular being "Somebody To Love" which reached 47 in the Feb 62 chart.

Brad played summer seasons on the Isle of Wight where he was very successful also.  Ssadly no longer with us he moved to Spain where he died on 18 Jan 1999.

CLICK HERE for more info and pics.

Geoff Kershaw

Jerry De Rosa

Formerly lead singer the Hi-Spots in the 60s - had some great times but fell out of group who wished to follow Beatles type music whilst I prefered comedy and US rock.

I carried on solo in England, Ireland and Espana, then spent several years playing football with the M/cr Showbiz 11, a match followed by a show with every penny going to charity. Loved every minute.

Still have fond memories of the Hi Spots.  We did a gig in the early hours then off to Blackpool for a laugh, only stopping to get some milk off an amazed milkman. Yes, we were all mad but it was magic at the time.

Sorry to hear Dave's no longer with us - he was a great guitarist, could play anything I asked and following me wasn't easy for sometimes even I didn't know what I would do next!

Brian Storey

Ronnie Dukes and Rikki Lee

Another professional club act I enjoyed watching in the Seventies was Ronnie Dukes and Ricki Lee. Whether in a small local Working Mens Club,Larger Nightclub, or Seaside Theatre they never gave less than 120%.Gotta be one of Clublands premier acts.
"Old Pal" and excellent player Yorkshire Trumpet man Pete Middleton (haven't seen him for around 30 years)  was a prominent member of their Showband at that time. 

Dave Miles

Steve Hutch aka JC Barklay and Steve Barclay

I am Steve Barclay and was on the Manchester scene as STEVE HUTCH, JC BARCLAY, and STEVE BARCLAY 1970s – 1999 now doing theatre work and cruises. I worked Manchester club land with my comedy impressionist act worked for Madam Ace ACE AGENCY, Johnny Smart (JT PROMOTIONS), Tom Ivor’s, Dave Lee, etc.

During my early days I remember working a stag night at the Ocean’s Eleven with Gertie Almond (Dirty Gertie). As you can imagine at 17years of age I was losing the audience as I turned around to put various hats and disguises on. She said to me afterwards …. If you must put bloody hats on etc. when you do take the mike with you and tell em a gag whilst you’re doing it, what a pro and what great advice!  

Steve Barclay

Steve Bowie



Alan Jay

Alan Jay on manchesterbeat

The Brand Boys

The French Brothers

AKA The Siamese Twin Brothers?

They were from Walkden.
The guy with the guitar is Jim Brierly but can't remember the other one.

They played the clubs - Oceans 11, College Club etc, around 1963/64ish.

John Mepham

Imagine my surprise when I came across a photo of The French brothers and a request for any information on them.

I knew that eventually this memory bank of useless information would come in handy just before it failed altogether,and at 68 that can't be too far ahead. The two characters (God I have always hated moustaches!!!) in the ridiculous regalia are no other than ex members of Kathy and the Boleros, namely Jack Whitehead at the back ,who is alive and well and lives in  Wooten Bassett in Wiltshire,and Jim Brierley on the Framus/Aristone semi acoustic monstrosity.

They can both be identified on the Kathy and the Boleros picture I supplied when we appeared at the Bee Hive, Swinton.

Geoff Parkinson



Gerry Storme

Sadly, no info as yet



Jean Christie

Jean was a singer in the late 50's and 60's. She started singing in the clubs in Manchester at the age 15 (1951).

This photo was taken at The Cabaret Club in Manchester.

Sue Carroll

Sue Carol

I remember working at the Broadway as part of the show for the Summerland Disaster Appeal. I had a double to go to and missed the Ukrainian Cossack Brotherhood so didn't get to meet up with them until many years later when I was working in Blackpool at The Norbreck Castle. I ended up married to one of the Cossacks.

I was also the 'girl singer' support act for BillyEckstein at The Broadway which was, as you've identified, one of the 'big'clubs.

Sue Diakiw (Sue Carol)


Lydia Smith

I have a photo of my Mum who used to sing in the club's in Manchester, Embassy and Princess I believe. She didn't talk much about her time there and would love to know if anyone remembered her. Her maiden name was Dixon and then she would gave been Lydia Smith. 

Kindest regards 
Karen Jessop 



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