DJ's were becoming more the norm in the late 60s and were replacing the second band at many venues. They were a major feature of the Manchester scene and, at many venues, had become more of a drawcard than the feature band.

Manchester DJs on  Dave Eager Roger Eagle - manchester groups, DJs and venues of the sixties 1960s Kenny Edmund - manchester groups, DJs and venues of the sixties 1960s Tony Prince - manchester groups, DJs and venues of the sixties 1960s Mark Jones  Manchester DJs on Pete Doyle  Manchester DJs on

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Dave Eager

Dave with Mary Hopkin 1969
Many thanks to Harry Goodwin - Official B.B.C. "Top of the Pops"
Photographer - for his permission to use this photo.

This photo is copyright.

Dave on Youtube - manchester groups, DJs and venues of the sixties 1960s
Dave with "Miss Arndale Centre" in 1983
(inset Mike Harding ex Stylos)

Dave was the DJ at many major venues including New Century Hall and Belle Vue Top Ten Club, although his background included a spell with The Renegades, from Wrexham, North Wales - which eventually became Dave Eager & The Beavers.

Working as disc-jockey and assistant to Sir Jimmy Savile OBE for many years, Dave presented numerous BBC Radio One Programmes including : The Breakfast Show, Speakeasy, Radio One Clubs, BBC local radio and The Millennium Tynwald for Manx Radio, Isle Of Man.

In the seventies Dave compered two nationwide tours of the "Bay City Rollers" and counted Marc Bolan, Elton John and David Bowie amongst his friends. As presenter of Tyne Tees Television "The Geordie Scene" Dave worked with all the leading seventies pop artistes.

More recently Dave has produced several popular country music albums including "50 Shades Of Country".


As well as numerous summer season gigs, Dave's TV audience warm-up work credits include: "Catchphrase", "Today's the Day", "Wheel of Fortune", "Style Challenge", "Blockbusters", "Carlton Live", and ITV's live "Jonathan Dimbleby - Ask the Prime Minster".

Dave's production credits include coordinator for "Coxon's Kitchen College"(1999), "Here's One I Made Earlier" (1997/8), "Stars in Their Eyes" (1991) and "The Gong Show" (1988).

Dave continues to produce music and disc-jockeys regularly at north west UK Venues.


As well as being a member of sixties band The Travellers, I was also in a sixties band called The Phsycic.

We were the resident group on Sunday nights for a while on Jimmy Savile's Top Ten Club.

The gig ended when the Manager of the Elizabeth ballroom at which the event was staged had a heart attack. Unfortunately the new guy in charge had different ideas for the venue which didn't include the Top Ten Club.

If Dave Eager reads this , he was the resident D J at that time, I'd just like to say Hiya mate. Hope things are still going well at Equity.

Dave Brierley


Tony Just  

"The very first time I sang on stage was in 1962 at the "Gorton Brook". I only knew three songs but was still offered a job as a compere !!!

Then I got sidetracked into being a d.j., working in Oldham starting at"Flintstones Cave" and "The Human Jungle". Then it was on to Rochdale and "The Pyramid"and the world famous"Cubi Klub".

After that it was"The Sinking Ship" in Stockport and then into the city centre, Manchester to do stints at "Rowntrees Sound Bar" and "Top of the Town" - plus "The Jolly Roger" then at "The Penny Farthing" amongst other d.j. jobs.

Salford was the next port of call - great times at "The Riverboat Club" and the Roller Skating Rink which used to be the "Whisky A-Go-Go". I also worked in Levenshulme at the roller skating rink there, and at "Browns".

Then I had a stint at "The Bier Celler" in Wood Street, Manchester, then it was on to the Moss Brothers circuit working with some of the biggest names in music at "The Domino", "The Princess" and "The Georgian".

After this it was off to the holiday camps for Pontins "Wallpark"in Brixham, and "Little Canada" in the IOW. I stayed on the island and did a couple of seasons at "Atherfield Bay Holiday Camp" - followed by a long residency at "Papas Club"in Manchester.

Then in the 70s, me and Steve Sale formed "Snob Soul Club"and ran soulnights all over Manchester and North Wales. I still had my sights set on a singing career and had a residency in Wythenshawe at "The Cock of the North". The only trouble was that the musicians only knew certain songs, so I couldnt progress.

When the"Poco Poco"shut down they planned to reopen it as "Chesters" and I did a few years there compering.

Then in 1985 I got a job at "Palins holiday camp" and stayed there for 12 years!! After that I put some tracks together and went out doing cabaret I am currently working in and around Manchester and I do hotels in Blackpool."

Tony Just


Kevin Lane

As well as DJing, Kevin worked with agent Roy D Spencer for a time and handled the booking for the Browns clubs.

Kevin also ran record and dress stalls at an indoor market in Rusholme, (now part of the Curry Mile) with fellow DJ Kenny Edmunds.

Check out Kevin's Nostalgia Revue website


Pete Doyle

You don't have much info on Pete Doyle who was DJ at the New Century Hall on Saturday nights.  Pete was a mate of mine and he worked as a surveyor for a company called Matthews and Mumby.  He went out with a girl called Linda Carroll, who worked as a secretary for the CIS in Manchester.  Pete was always smartly dressed and appeared at the New Century Hall for about three years.

Alan Leeke


Dave Lee Travis
info courtesy Jon Myer's excellent Pirate Radio Hall of Fame

Dave LeeTravis (David Griffin) began his career as a part-time dj at the Oasis but later worked at The Cavern and Bury Palais (plus others)

As dj, he got to know all the local bands and when Herman's Hermits were booked for a series of American concerts, Dave became their tour manager. Later, a former member of the Hermits' entourage and fellow dj, Ric Jonns, had gone on to join Radio Caroline and Dave followed in his foot steps.

"DLT," as he was known, joined Caroline South in September 1965 where he took over the Lunchtime Show and became "your dinner spinner."

One of the station's most popular presenters, he later transferred to the North ship during 1967. During his time with Caroline he also presented Beat Club on German television.

After the pirates he worked on the BBC, most notably as "The Hairy Cornflake" presenting the Radio One Breakfast Show and on the World Service's Jolly Good Show . He also had a hit record in 1976 with Paul Burnett under the alias "Laurie Lingo & The Dipsticks."

Since leaving the BBC in 1994 Dave has presented syndicated shows on commercial radio and had a long-running programme on GWR's Classic Gold network.


Chunky Baby

"Chunky Baby" or Fred Fielder as he is much better known, was DJ at the Disc-A-Go-Go in Salford for a number of years, then moved to the Barbarella in Eccles, did Radio 1 Club from there with Dave Eager (20th October 1970). 

Also worked Der Braumeister Beer Keller, Wood St, Deansgate, for four years. 

Fred Fielder has been a highly popular presenter on BBC GMR Manchester.


Georgie Powell

"I actually started work on the Manchester scene selling musical instruments at Barratts on Oxford Road. Many famous customers! It was while I was working there that I started DJing at the Jungfrau on Cathedral Street where I was the resident DJ for 3 years. I then went to DJ at Butlins for 6 months. When I returned I was resident DJ at Top of the Town for 2 years and also Takis, Barons Beerkeller, Rowntrees Spring Gardens, Fagins and the place underneath (the name having slipped my mind) Mr Smiths and the colleges and uni`s.

In them days we were more comperes at the start of the music revolution, introducing records. From the very start I always played mostly black music although at the Jungfrau we had many artistes and bands (Roy Orbison and Gene Pitney being two of them), nearly all the local bands and many acts from the days `hit parade`(sounds soo dated now).

Could go on for hours. I am now living in Brighton but I often go back home."


Ron the One (alias Rony King)  

Ron was resident DJ at the Lower Chambers, Rochdale Town Hall and the Fire Station from 1963 - 1968.

Between 63-66, Ron was the resident DJ at all Rochdale Council run events, including Town Hall, Fire Station & Chambers.

During this period, Ron worked with such groups as Ivans Meads, The Buttons, Tony Merrick, The Factotums, Bruce & the Spiders, The Quiet Five and the biggest of all was November 64 when he had the great pleasure to introduce " This week, at number one in the American  Billboard Charts - recently number one here in the UK, guy's & gals, it is ...................HERMANS HERMITS"

In 1966, along with Keith, (on the publicity pic, right below), was scheduled to join a pirate station "Radio Caesar".

However, this never saw the light of day due to the Marine Offences Act, and the scramble for DJ work became a little tough.

Ron turned to managing a group "Somebody's Corporation" and in March of 1967 promoted a show at the Champness Hall in Rochdale starring Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, Simon Dupree & the Big Sound, The Creation along with 3 local groups, Somebody's Corporation, Anita & The Chariots & The Apex Jazz Band.

As years went on, like so many others, matured, got married, & like mom & dad kept saying, "got a proper job".

Ron made a few comeback appearances at the  Kirkholt Community Centre in Rochdale running a series of 60s nights during the eighties, and more recently, just before the turn of the century he fullfilled his dream by going live on radio in Essex, where he now lives, co-hosting a 8 week series called "Rock Back the Clock" on a local station Mellow 1557 on AM.

However, 2 months after the series ended, the station was absorbed into a bigger company, went FM, and all the part-time DJ's were shown the door.

Ron has kindly provided heaps of pics and ads related to Lower Chambers and Rochdale FireStation gigs.


Pete Rosco  


I have just read Paul Swarbricks account of when he was working on Whitworth St in Manchester and how he used to go to Takis at lunchtime and enjoy the music. I was really pleased to read that as I was the DJ during those lunchtime sessions. As well as the lunchtime sessions I also did Top of the Town,and Rowntrees in the evenings.

I have to admit that of the 2 venues I preferred to DJ at TOTT. The atmosphere was always great and it was full most nights. My djing began at Takis when I was asked one evening by Mr Paul if I would basically just go on stage and play some records as the then DJ Paul Pender had phoned in sick. That was me hooked then. I used to get £2 per evening (plus free drinks from the bar staff that he didnt know about. We used to call it National Health time, when I wanted a drink I would play a record with some references to nurse/doctors, the bar staff then knew what was required. Great memories.

The idea of lunchtime openings came about because I was a trainee sales rep working in Manchester selling Cash Registers and I always had freedom to come and go. So I suggested to Mr Paul we should give it a try. After a slow start, not sure even then people were used to lunchtime disco music, it really took off. Fridays was always very busy and the lunchtimes helped to promote the evenings so he was very happy. 

Does anyone recall the Miss Supertakis beauty contest that we had, I arranged that together with Mr Paul Partakis who was the Manager and part of the family that owned the group of clubs.
I have fantastic memories of my time in 60s Manchester.


Phil Woodbine  

I knew Phil very well when I worked at the Oasis.

His correct name was Phil Cooper and he called himself Phil Woodbine because he was about 6.2" and woodbine cigs were long and thin in those days.

He lived on Oxford St, Chadderton/Oldham with his mother, sister (she became a police officer), his father was the caretaker of a school on Oxford St.

When he retred they moved to a house opposite the power station on Broadway, Oldham.

During the day, Phil worked as a salesman for Pye records in Manchester. The last I heard of Phil, he was living in America.

Harry Procter

Phil is not in America but runs 'Legends Racing' out of Angelsey a very sucessful motor racing series having previously been International Director of Island Records for many years.

Tony Powell

I worked with Phil Woodbine at Pye Records for a number of years and he and I did an amazing gig together for Pye at Warrington Co-op Hall???? working as Phil Woodbine and Alan Adamant. Thanks Manchester Beat for reviving great memories from 50 years ago.

Alan Fullelove


Billy QT

Anyone remember Billy QT?

Bretta Berry

I remember Billy QT. He used to DJ at Birch park roller skating rink when it changed into a club. Saw Freddie and the Dreamers there, also Screaming Lord Such. Billy went out with my best friend but I don't know what happened to him later on.


Billy QT was also resident at the Sidings in Alderley Edge.I never realised the significance of his stage name until I heard him DJ! A bit of legend in Cheshire along with Ugli Ray Teret and Peter Hearn who was the reason I bought some TVM speakers like the ones he had, they made 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago sound so good for the era!

Guy Morris

Yep, I remember Billy  Q T. He also used to do sessions at the Tabernacle Club on Hillgate in Stockport in the mid to late 1960s. 

Tony Burke

I remember Billy Q.T. from Rays Place (King of Hearts) Fallowfield.  Also Ian Raven was there,
it was students nights on Wednesday & Thursday, and regular disco, weekends Another D.J. was Peter Dean?

Great times.

Maggii Barrosi

Billy QT was a DJ at Sale Locarno too.



Bongo Van Dort

You seem to have most of the d.js in and around Manchester in the sixties, there is one missing.

We used to go to the Twisted Wheel in Brazannose Street fom 1963-1965, the d.j.was Bongo Van Dort.

He introduced my generation to great new music, Coasters, Chuck Berry, Marauders and new American sounds.  He was a realy nice bloke and very approachable. Love you site keep up the great work, for old fogies like me.

Peter Byrne

Paul Pender

Was the DJ at Disco TAKIS in the mid -sixties. Real name Paul Mulvey (or Mulvay) and went on to open haberdashery shops in the Cheshire area. Still has one in Warrington I think.

Pam Jordan

Paul Pender (real name Paul Mulvey) is now a very successful businessman and owns Black Sheep Wools, based in Warrington, Cheshire. Visit their website for his pics and those of his family.  I'll bet he's the most successful of all the Manchester DJ's by far! And he's my mate.

Michael Rhodes

Remember Paul at Takis.  We used to go nearly every night it was open, my mate Malcolm Fisher used to be the bass guitarist in our band Misty Soul played at a few places in Manchester.

That was the Best time of my life with a Great DJ and real good soul music, you couldn't of been in a better place and time.

Just another old MOD.

Bernie Blackburn

Had a great time as a Disc Jockey at Top Twenty , Beat City , Sceeene, Disco Takis, Top of the Town,Barons beer Keller , Mr Smiths , Tramps, Sands, and many I've Forgotten !!! 

Paul Pender


Gary Laine

Very popular at Top of the Town and I spent a really nice evening with him one Xmas Eve, when we went to Tiffanys.  Actually spent the time WALTZING.

I think his real name was Brian Hopkins. Where is he now??

Pam Jordan

Peter Hearn

Well known Rowntrees group discos in the 60s dj, Peter still working on radio - Talk Radio Europe.

Gordy Richards

I started dj-ing in Manchester with Gary Lane and Ugly Ray Teret at the Can-Can behind Cross Street, Manchester. I then moved on to Sale Locano and the Christal Club in Glossop with Ugly.

I then joined the Rowntrees group at Sound, Corporation St and did different days at Top of the Town with Gary Lane, Rowntrees Spring Gardens with Malcolm Just and Barons Bier Keller on Oxford Rd facing Tiffanys which was also a Rowntrees club - all in mid 60s.

I then became manager and licencee of Rowntrees Sound at the end of the 60s.

I am retired now, married 40 years to my wife Jean. We got married at the Cathedral in 1972 and just after that I became manager of Rowntrees Rafters on Oxford Rd. We have one son Brian and a grandson Leon and still live in Manchester.

Gordy Richards

Bob Lee

I was a backroom boy at the Cavern/Jigsaw though I was responsible for choosing the playlists for the Baron & Dave Lee Travis, amongst many other duties thanks to patronage of the owner's wife Wendy who was a truly fantastic lady.

I later moved on to the Can Can starting as Ray Teret's apprentice but with plenty of time on the decks. Other members of the team were Gary Laine (who later went on to open the great Manchester record shop Spin Inn), Alan Bates (who some time later was the landlord of the pub on Burton Rd at the junction with Lapwing Lane - I can't for the life of remember the name).

During this time we also did one off gigs throughout the area including church halls and youth clubs in Withington, Wythenshawe, Altrincham, Sale, etc.

The club changed it's name briefly to the Red Bed before becoming theKkaleidoscope by which time I was running it.  My wife Tina & I held our wedding reception there..what a night that was, I could fill many lines on that alone!

After the psychedelic period finished the club once again reverted it's original name.

I also used to run a soul night at Swinton Rugby Club which was very sucessfull with many memorable sellout nights but which came to a premature end when my records were stolen.

Then there was quite a gap until I was asked to step in at short notice to dj and assist in the running of Stoneground near Belle Vue as it had recently been closed and the new owner wanted to get it up and running again quickly.  I think this only lasted for about six months but it was a great time and I got to meet and watch a lot of great bands.

Lastly on other memorable gig was dj'ing at the opening night of the new Twisted Wheel on Whitworth St. This was due to Ray Terets connections however there is a slight flaw in this as it was not for the public 'that came some day's later 'but for all the builders/painters/ architects /future & old staff friends and family etc.  It was still a great honour though.

Bob Lee

Big L

Big L was another DJ at Ray's Place student nights where most of Manchester students dined on free burgers and chips.

Christine Stephenson

Ian Raven

Ian Raven was an extra on coronation street  for years, always in the Rovers drinking a pint !

Christine Stephenson

Dave Cave


This is me as a dj in the 70's and now, in my Toy showroom in Hong Kong.

I spent my best years in Manchester in the late 60's and 70's ,I was a dj on Piccadilly Radio for some time.

Just went through all your comments re Mr Smiths.  I was a croupier at the Portland Club when I first got to Manchester and then got a job as the DJ at Time and Place. Now that was a discotheque well before its time.

Fond memories though of Mr Smiths, found a 10 bob chip once on the floor and ended up making 20 pounds on roulette in 1970  - I was a rich man.

Great to hear all your comments.  Anyone there from Time and Place days or Nice and Easy?

Dave Cave

Sam the Man

Started DJing at The Cattle Market on Cross Lane which was owned by Ken Leary in the early 70's,and Dave Cave was the Entertainments Manager. Was known as Saja in those days. Went on to work at most of Leary Entertainments venues throughout the North West. Then was known as Sam The Man at various clubs from Blinkers to Brambles, Applejacks, Richfields etc.

Sam Mackie-Mc Cartan

Jason Judge

Does anyone remember Jason Judge  mobile dj , used to do Whitbread Brewery Club Salford and Wythenshawe Hospital Club?

Jimmy Jones

Ray Vonn

Real name Neil Fitzmaurice, Ray is a former fairground gypsy and handyman. Currently resident DJ at a small cabaret club near Bolton.

Noted for his habit of calling out "Shabba!" as a catchphrase when DJing – no matter how inappropriate this is to the song.

He was rumoured (falsely) to have spent time in prison for killing his girlfriend, Tracy Burns – even though it was totally out of character for Ray's easy-going, cool nature.

Ray is also known as "The Yorkshire Rapper".


Need info on:

Dignified Don Graham Arkive

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Charles Slaney says...
Great reading I'm pretty sure Dave Cave gave me my first job as a "pro DJ" at Browns in Levenshulme either that or he got a job as an a&r man for ABC and we (patrons of Ralph's record's) persuaded him to dig out the ... Read More
10th December 2016 10:39am
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Hi Guy's just found your web page must say the flash backs where great. I have found an old picture of one of your DJ's Ray Lea-Jones and anotherone you havent got on your site Chris Davis. I'll email it to you but there isent away from ... Read More
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Hi.Im writing about a DJ not the 60's which I grew up in, saw The Beatles at Urmston Aug 5th 1963 etc so always loved music and had a guitar since I was 14. Been doing my family tree over the past few years and found out my Great Granddad was ... Read More
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Remember Gary Laine from Top Of The Town had a very rare cool record at the time 'The fife Piper l used to mither him to play it..which he always did.This would be 1969..l was very young because it was licensed but l got in no problem ! Glad l ... Read More
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Christine Robertson nee Varley (Swindon Wiltshire) says...
Amazing DJ,s all of them.
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No Joe makin, great D J , great friend, last time I saw him was going in Old Trafford with Rod Stewart, anyone know wehere he is now?
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