Gordon Collins

would like you to add Gordon Collins. He was a DJ at the Cattle Market in Salford and also the Richmond Club at Heywood. He introduced me to sweet american soul. What made him stand out was the show he did. He didn't just stand and play records, he entertained and used everyone and everything to make every night, a night to remember.

Dave Meek

I remember him at Middleton Civic Hall in 1976/77. He did two spots every Monday night. The first one he wore suits, looking elegant and sophisicated. The music matched and he played tracks that you never heard anywhere else. His second spot was the complete opposite. He dressed to dance and mixed all the records into one long song lasting about an hour but the tempo would increase and he got the audience to dance with him. He had three girl dancers and they were part of his show and that was what we went to see because this 'non-stop' as he called it was never the same for one week to the next. I hope he reads this as I would love to give him a hug and a kiss for all the fun he gave me. 

Sally Childs

I remember Gordon at Middleton in 1975 before I moved to Wales. I also remember him at the Lancastrian Hall, Swinton 1973 to 1975, which he did on Mondays before losing the contract to a cheaper and less talented DJ. I think he did Middleton on a wednesday then, but not sure. He had two dancers back then, Pat & Georgina, very fond memories of all three of them.

David A Jenkins

I used to go to the Cattlemarket pub on Cross Lane in 1971 and I saw Gordon Collins there. He bought me a drink one night when I was waiting for my boyfriend. I told him that I liked Tamla and he played me a record and then after that when he saw me he would play a Tamla record for me. He wasn't there long and then dissapeared but I saw again him a few years later when he was the DJ at my firms Christmas party. I worked for Bank of America and it was at the Piccadilly Hotel. He played great music and he could dance, boy could he dance. 

Susan Crompton

I have just read the posts and they have brought back some great memories. I remember Gordon from Whitworth Civic Hall and also Rochdale Technical College. He played music that I had never heard before and made me fall in love with Rick James. I bought three albums and that took some saving and going without. I hope he is keeping well.

Alison Franks (nee: Hewitt)

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Topic: Gordon Collins DJ
Janet Burns says...
Thank you for taking me back to the days when sleeping was not essential. I have read though loads of stuff but when I saw the name Gordon Collins I was back to being 16. I first danced to his music at the Lancastrian Hall in Swinton while I was ... Read More
25th March 2016 4:53pm
Helen Salt says...
Oh my God! Gordon Collins, I had almost forgotten about him until I read this. He was the best DJ ever. I loved to dance and his music was the best. Every week he would play something new and I just had to buy it. Every penny I had went on the music ... Read More
18th November 2016 7:53pm


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