My gratitude to those who have assisted in some way to the site. They include:

Stuart Banyan UK for Rumble Fat Band and more.

Paul "Yer actual webmaster" (left) meets up with bassist mate Tony Lingard after 30 years - in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Australia.

After all these years, Paul remembered it was Tony's round!


Phil Gregory (ex Phoenix City Smash - now Simply Soul)
Tony Lingard (Australia) for Herbert Warnicks Magic Elixir and many more
Chris Statham (ex-Axis)
Hickory Smith (ex-Bobby Dell and the DellStars)
Tom Beckett for ex Herbert Warnicks Magic Elixir and Jason T Sound info
Olaf Owre (Norway) - highly knowledgeable, whose excellent research material is found on many top sites. Olaf continues to amze me with his incredible knowledge.
Anders Kauffeldt (Sweden) - another specialist, especially the lesser known bands.
Les Graham (Germany) - ex-Some Other Guys and I-drive
Brian Stevenson (UK) whose diary of club dates is excellent - a must read!!
Mike Lydiate (USA) - Chasers stuff
Carol Chapple (UK) for great pix and autographs from Stylos, etc.
Harry Feeny (UK) - the legendary Rev Black - for his Rocking Vicars info
Peter Simensky (UK) ex Manchester Playboys for his great contributions of pix/info
Roy Spencer (UK) - Rumble Fat Band, Uptown Line and agency info on Roy D Spencer and BPO
Art Davis (UK) of the excellent Liverpudlian band site Merseysound
John Dixon (UK) for his extensive Santa Fe Reunion site and info on Poparama at Velle Vue
Dave Eager and Harry Goodwin for permission to use some of Harry's remarkable TOTP images collection
Danny Hardman (UK) for his major contribution of Middleton beat and skiffle groups.

Brian Marks (UK) for his excellent contributions and continued support of the site.

Dave Eager (UK) for his continued support for the site. Much appreciated!

Scooter Stu (UK) for his many contributions of band pictures, ads, etc. Click here to check out his great site "Punks in Parkas" - lots of good band info.

Brian Wilbraham (UK) for his info on The Fortune Tellers
Les Hall (UK) for The Wheels and a very interesting history of his involvement with Manchester bands.
Keith Leigh (UK) for his great SemiTones contributions.
Joe Beard and Jim France (UK) for The Purple Gang info
Graham Pilkington (UK) great pix of venues today
Geoff Foot (UK) for his Chasers and Sunshine info/pix
Yvonne King and Brian Marks for great stuff on The Grit Band
Mal Thompson ex Henry Allen Blend for lotsa stuff
Paul Shaw for The Invictas
Andrew McCann from Life 'n' Soul
Pete Oliver for Sweet Chariot, Irwells and New Religion
Alan Faulkner - Johnny and The Avengers
Kevin Parrot - Matchstalk Men and The Big Sound
Keith Lawless - great pix of Ivan's Meads
Keith Fairhurst - Fitz 'n' Startz, The Daltons and Chosen Few
Allan Herricks for great stuff for Bobby Dell and The Dellstars
J.D. Hughes for fFull story of Gravy Train
The Daltons and Fitz 'n' Startz, courtesy Terry Fitzharris    


Are you able to add info to the site - bands, clubs, venues, music shops, memories, etc?

Any assistance gratefully received and noted. Any materials sent will be returned in the same condition and looked after carefully throughout. Scanned pictures (best quality if possible) gratefully received.

Please email me additional material or comments.

The guestbook is a great place to leave comments, messages, look for ex-band members, friends, etc.

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