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21/04/1962 The Raven club The Coasters based in Liverpool toured UK many times around 60s
22/04/1962 The Raven club The Deltas  
27/04/1962 The Raven club Fourtones Graham Nash/Allen Clarke pre Hollies
28/04/1962 The Raven club Johnny Apollo and the Spartans  
29/04/1962 The Raven club Lee Stewart and the Emperors of Rhythm  
30/05/1963 Imperial club Johnny Darano and the Strollers also Gary Rogers and the Vampires  
31/05/1963 Imperial club Bobby Layne and the Confederates  
31/05/1963 Kingfisher The Hollies  
1/06/1963 Kingfisher Johnny Peters and the Crestas  
2/06/1963 Kingfisher The Fourmosts  
3/06/1963 Kingfisher The Wirlwinds  
5/06/1963 Kingfisher Mike Cadillac and the Playboys  
13/06/1963 Offerton Palace The Beatles Only Stockport apearance
15/08/1963 Texan caberet club The Ensigns  
17/08/1963 Texan caberet club The Beathovens also The Three Dimensions Manchester band
20/08/1963 Texan caberet club Bobby Layne and the Confederates  
7/01/1965 Manor Lounge

The Tennesseans also Danny Davis and Ricky Fold

8/01/1965 St Albans youth club Jacks Goods  
9/01/1965 Stockport Town Hall The Applejacks also The Beatmen also The Big boss men  
9/01/1965 Manor Lounge Toggery Five also Mersey Four  
12/01/1965 St Albans youth club Mike Curtis and the Estelles  
14/01/1965 Manor Lounge The Blue Giants  
15/01/1965 St Albans youth club The Hornets  
15/01/1965 Kingfisher The Deltones with Tony Lane also Four Buttons and a Bow  
15/01/1965 Kingfisher
16/01/1965 Manor Lounge Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas also The Liverpool Escorts also the Deltones  
16/01/1965 Stockport Town Hall Mike Berry and the Innocents also Bern Elliot and the Clan also The Falkons  
16/01/1965 Kingfisher The Boomerangs also the Blues syndicate also the Deltones  
17/01/1965 Kingfisher The Mighty Avengers  
22/01/1965 Kingfisher The Hornets also The Confederates  
23/01/1965 Kingfisher The Peddlers also The Tennesseans  
23/01/1965 Stockport Town Hall Swinging Blue jeans also Tony Lane and the Deltone s also The Hornets  
23/01/1965 Manor Lounge Kenny Lynch also The Tennesseans  
24/01/1965 Kingfisher Just Four Men  
28/01/1965 Manor Lounge The Dennisons  
29/01/1965 Kingfisher Hans and Four Feet also The Rangers  
30/01/1965 Manor Lounge The Riot Squad also The Rats also The Generations  
30/01/1965 Stockport Town Hall The Tornadoes also T J Kelly and the Jaguars also Wild Four  
30/01/1965 Kingfisher The Spinning tops also The Rats also The Generations  
31/01/1965 Kingfisher The Blackwells  
4/02/1965 Manor Lounge The Merseybeats  
5/02/1965 Kingfisher The Corvettes  
6/02/1965 Manor Lounge The Rebounds also T J Kelly and and the Jaguars  
6/02/1965 Kingfisher Lance Harvey and the Kingpins also T J Kelly and and the Jaguars from Stoke on Trent?
6/02/1965 Stockport Town Hall The Johnny Gus set also The Cyclones 6/- Admission
7/02/1965 Kingfisher Frankenstien and the Monsters also Roy Stewart and the Floorboards Basically Roy Stewart and the floorboards were the same members as Frankenstien and the Monsters but out of make up
11/02/1965 Manor Lounge The Gamblers  
12/02/1965 Kingfisher Four buttons and a beau Cant find any history on this band.
12/02/1965 St Albans youth club The Beatvendors 3/- Admission
13/02/1965 Manor Lounge The Pickwick salso Tony Lane and the Deltones  
13/02/1965 Kingfisher The Mersey Monsters  
14/02/1965 Kingfisher The Peddlers  
14/02/1965 Offerton Palace Guy Mitchell and his accompanying orchestraalso Johnnny Hackett also the 18th 19th and 20th
18/02/1965 Manor Lounge Undertakers  
18/02/1965 St Albans youth club The Memphis Men 1/6 admission
19/02/1965 St Albans youth club The Trekkers  
20/02/1965 Manor Lounge Brian Poole and the Tremeloes also The Mersey Squares also Hans and Four feet  
20/02/1965 Kingfisher The Tennesseans also The Mersey Squares  
20/02/1965 Stockport Town Hall The Four Pennie salso The Hornets North west Band and Ashton based band
21/02/1965 Kingfisher Grant Tracy and the Sunsets  
25/02/1965 Manor Lounge Denny Mitchell Soundsations  
27/02/1965 Stockport Town Hall Dave Berry and the Cruisers  
27/02/1965 Manor Lounge The Cherokees also The Rats  
28/02/1965 Kingfisher The Spinning Tops also Dick Turpin and the Highwaymen  
28/02/1965 Kingfisher The Aristokats  
4/03/1965 Manor Lounge The Measles also Dick Turpin and the Highwaymen  
5/03/1965 Kingfisher Cops n Robbers  
6/03/1965 Manor Lounge The Chants with the Solitaires also Blues Syndicate From Toxteth, a popular black band in and around Liverpool.  Became the Real Thing
6/03/1965 Stockport Town Hall Eden Kane also The Downbeats also The Corvettes  
7/03/1965 Kingfisher The Fairies  
11/03/1965 Manor Lounge Tony Jackson and the Vibrations also Krys Ryan and the Questions  
13/03/1965 Stockport Town Hall The Dennisons also The Cyclones  
13/03/1965 Manor Lounge Them also The Mersey Squares Van Morrison
14/03/1965 Offerton Palace Dailey and Wayne  
18/03/1965 Manor Lounge Tom Jones and the Squires also Dick Turpin and the Highwaymen  
19/03/196519/03/1965 KingfisherKingfisher Dr Pill and the Purple Hearts also The Georgia Blues 3/-
20/03/1965 Manor Lounge The Escorts also The Tennesseans  
20/03/1965 Stockport Town Hall The Fourmosts  
21/03/1965 Offerton Palace Joe Brown and the Bruvvers  
21/03/1965 Kingfisher The Sidewalkers  
21/03/1965 Kingfisher also Bo Kelly and the Thingumajigs  
25/03/1965 Manor Lounge Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savagesalso Tiffanys Dimensions also The Starliters  
24/04/1965 Manor Lounge Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders  
13/06/1965 Manor Lounge The Who  
2/06/1966 Manor Lounge The Troggs  
16/06/1966 Manor Lounge The Merseys  
27/01/1967 Tabernacle Small Faces Later became The Faces with Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood
12/02/1967 Sinking Ship Jimi Hendrix experience  
12/03/1967 Tabernacle Smoke  
17/03/1967 Tabernacle Davey Sands and the Essex also Cryin' Shames with Paul and Richie  
19/03/1967 Tabernacle Koobas  
24/03/1967 Tabernacle Family  
25/03/1967 Tabernacle Nashville teens  
26/03/1967 Tabernacle Jimi Hendrix Experience  
24/04/1967 Tabernacle Pink Floyd  
7/07/1967 Tabernacle Family (early show)  
21/07/1967 Tabernacle Easybeats  
3/09/1967 Tabernacle Jeff Beck Group Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood
15/10/1967 Tabernacle The Herd Featured  Peter Frampton
4/02/1968 Tabernacle Plastic penny  
26/04/1968 Tabernacle Honeybus  
25/11/1968 Bamboo club Greatest show on earth  
2/05/1969 Stockport Town Hall Pretty Things  
16/12/1969 Cheadle Hulme Social Club Genesis  
27/04/1970 Poco a Poco David Bowie and the Hype also Barclay James Harvest also High Tide also The Purple Gang  
27/07/1970 Bamboo club Aquilla  
11/12/1970 Stockport University College Keef Hartley  

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