Poporama - Bellevue Manchester 1970
info courtesy John Dixon

This was one of the bigest Pop Group Contest ever to be held in the North West.


The show was compared by:-
Tony Blackburn, Stuart Henry and Dave Eager

The Preliminary Judges were:-
Greg Edwards, Ralph Elphinstone, Steve Handson, Peter Hearn and John Lewis

The Final Judges were:-
Graham Goulman - Kassenatz Katz
Johnny Hamp - Granada TV
John Wilcox - BBC
Ian Mean - Daily Mail
Phil Moss - Mecca

The Groups were - in order of appearance

The Ephemeral Blues Band - The Big Herm and the Rock Cats - 3's Company - The Trek - Twilight Zone
Elmers Tune - The Misty Soul - The Hereward - The Passion Waggon - Tighmes - Vision Pop - The Chariots
The Romany Rye - The Contrast - The Pink Engine - Avenue Lane - The Spring - Staircase
The Green River - The Spyro Gyro - The Starlight Show Group - The Santa Fe Reunion - The Outsiders
Bare Soul


The programme cost a whopping 2 shillings and 6 pence (2'6d)

The first heat was won outright by The Santa Fe Reunion with The Chariots second and The Spyro Gyro third.

The final heat saw the winners as The Chariots with The Spyro Gyro second and The Santa Fe Reunion third.

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