Peter Cowap Music Festival 2011


Presenters were Graham Cooke (left) and Fred Fielder MBE, pictured above with Dave Lapping. Behind Fred is Pauline Clegg, who used to manage the Oasis and Nick Duval, the bass player with the Country Gents.

Souvenir bottler openers, courtesy of Andy Galvin at Concept Metal Products.


Middle Earth (above) opened the show, the worst slot of any concert, and won the audience over immediately, if that was not enough they remained on stage to back Mor Shapira (below and right) in a stunning 30 minutes of rock and ballads.

At 70 Victor Brox (right) has mellowed only slightly with age but he can still make the hairs on the back the neck stand on end while the Tony Auton band (below) is as rock and roll as it gets.

Mor and guitarist Ian Peacock received a resounding ovation for their duet ‘Days of our Life’.   


String Theory above) slowed the proceedings down only slightly with their country rock stile, a tightly polished band that can turn their hand to most styles, they finished with some Chuck Berry classics a filled the dance floor.

Young bands Coincidence (right) and Dead Kestrels (below) are a very convincing argument that Middleton is still a power to be reckoned with where up and coming talent is concerned, suerly it will not be long before the town has another success like the Cortinas.

Not everything went as planned  - Toms Rigg's guitarist (band pictured on left and below) was taken ill halfway through the set but the band carried on keeping the dancers on the floor until the end.

Rhythm guitarist, Bill is fine again and looks forward to next year.

Not so lucky was Powerhouse’s Roy Gibbs, who had flown in especially for the festival.

Tiddy, as he is known to friends and fans alike, awoke on Sunday morning only to find he had lost his voice and could hardly talk never mind sing.

Devastated by the situation he made an appearance to apologise to the audience, many of who had made the journey specially to watch the dynamic sixties soul man.



At the last minute Random Harvest (below) stepped in to save the situation and brought the night to a close.         


The donations by Andy Galvin and Graham Tinker were a big boost to the charity bringing in hundreds of pounds by themselves.

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