Dusting the Plaque 2005
Info and pics courtesy Danny Hardman

I would like to thank everyone that turned up at the Old Boars Head on Saturday – audience and musicians - for making the day the success that it undoubtedly was.

Especially the unsung heroes and unnamed backing band:

  • Roy Costigan
  • Pat Gaffney
  • John Tapp
  • John Prendergast
  • John Kirkham

John Kirkham hung on until the end of the day even though he had a gig in Barrow at the night.

A big thanks to all the guest and bands that got up and made the day enjoyable;

Perfect Circle and original roadies:
Danny Hardman, Tony Valente, John
Sanderson. July Sanderson, (John's daughter) Pat Gaffney, Roy Costigan and Tony Simcock.
  • The Band (with no name)
  • Stan Dulson
  • the Country Gents with Leo, Nick and Terry Morton
  • Pete MaClaine
  • Dave Barrow
  • and last but certainly not least the talented Tony Auton and his band (website).

The organisation involved is minimal and though the chaos is total and looks planned it is simply a by-product of closing my eyes and hoping everything falls in to place.

I wish I’d have had more time to talk to people especially as some had come a considerable distance to be there;

Terry Morton (Country Gents) and Pete MacLaine (Pete MacLaine and the Dakotas/Clan)
  • Tommy Rigby from Spain,
  • Keith Lawless from London,
  • Dave Turnbull from Glasgow,
  • Pete Kay from Worcestershire
  • and my old mate John Sanderson from the Isle of Man.

I’m sorry that John Firth missed the day but he made sure we had all the memorabilia there. Thanks.

A special thanks to GMR presenter Fred Fielder for presenting the show in his own inimitable way. A big thanks to Paul at Manchester Beat for pushing the event on his site.

Talented young whippersnapper Tony Auton and his band
Stewart Eastham, John Heslop and John Kirkham -
got the place rocking with Tony's own original material.


To anyone I’ve missed.... I’m sorry but my head’s still spinning. If you enjoyed the day... You’ve made my day. If you didn’t blame it on Barry Crew, he talked me in to doing it.

Thanks to everyone. Danny.


Roadie extraordinary, Tony Valente and
MC Fred Fielder from GMR.

Dave Turnbull and Stanford Kwesi Nelson (Victor Brox)
John Lowe (Stylos) and Keith Lawless (Ivan's Meads)
Tommy Rigby and Pete Kay (Tom's Rigg).
In the centre Keith Lawless (Ivan's Meads).

Pete MacLaine
Terry Morton and Dave Barrow

The Country Gents - Leo, Nick and Terry Morton - back together in tribute to Pete Cowap.

Stan (Red Hoffman) Dulson (on harmonica) and the Session Men gave us some excellent Paul Butterfield
type blues. Stan entertained in his own inimitable style like only Stan the Man can.
The Session Men:
Roy Costigan, Pat Gaffney, John Tapp, John Prendergast and John Kirkham,
respected and talented musicians in their own right,
banded together to form the house band and drew the crowd from the start.


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