Dusting the Plaque May 2007
Pete Cowap page

Once again, a big thanks to all the musicians who give their time and talent for free and an audience that performers dream of ... We weren’t dreaming.

Danny Hardman

Thanks to Butch Mepham, Danny Hardman and Harry Proctor for their great pics.

Country gents
The Country Gentlemen - Leo Larty on drums, Terry Moreton on guitar, Nick Duval on bass.
The Country Gentlemen
The Country Gentlemen
Tony Auton
Fred Fielder
Tony Auton
Derek Quinn
Contact Bill Tapp for a copy of the DVD
email: billyus@tappsplace.freeserve.co.uk
Janet and Ann - two of the Perfect Circle's
biggest fans - Danny said "it made my day."
Tommy Rigby and Tiddy Gibbs
Tony and Colette Kennedy
Bow and Dave Barrow

Victor brox
Victor Brox

Butch Mepham, Elaine Conners and Derek Quinn

Sheila Mepam and Jackie Quinn

Steve Foley and the Victor Brox Band

Danny gives Powerhouse a hand

Ian McNab and Elaine Conners


Mary Bridges - a fan of British music came all the
way from Texas. Next to Mary is Tony Valente roadie
to the stars and the Perfect Circle.
Graham Lee and John Firth
The Powerhouse
Victor Brox and band
The Victor Brox Band
The Tony Auton Band
Good shot of the crowd
Tom's Rigg
Dark Horses

Butch Mepham and Steve Foley

String Theory

Fred Frielder and Joan

Another great day - thanks to Danny and team

Roman Selecki - brave man who took the blows
so that Danny could still be around for D the P.

Pete Kay, Tommy Rigby and Len Dyson

String Theory

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