Pete Bocking celebrates 50 years of guitar playing
(and his 64th)

Pete Bocking recently celebrated his 64th birthday and 50th anniverary of guitar playing at the Nursery Inn Heaton Norris Stockport.

Everyone had a really good time, many meeting for the first time in over 40 years.

Pete was presented with a Fender Stratocaster cake and what's left of the Fourtone's were there, as was almost the full house with the Pete Bocking Six.

The Pete Bocking Six
( minus Clive Neil - sax )
L to R. Ian Starr - drums, Keith Shepperd - bass guitar, Pete Bocking,
Butch Mepham - six string bass guitar, Graham Attwood - sax.
The Fourtones
L to R. - Pete Bocking, Derek Quinn, Butch Mepham

Ian Starr and Graham Attwood.
Pete and Elaine
Landlady Sue, a great old friend from the early 60s, with Derek and Butch. Elaine and John Conners (Graham Nash's sister)

Pete and Sue Butch and Sheila Mepham
Jazz journalist Mike Butler and Pete Elaine and John Conners

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