59th Street Bridge
Burnley , Nelson and Colne

Line-up included  
Geoff Lingard lead guitar/vocals
Malc Crossley bass/vocals
Keith Holden vocals
Niel Brierley drums/vocals
Barry Lonsdale guitar/vocals

59th Street Bridge were a Band from the Burnley, Nelson and Colne area in the mid to late 60's and as Bobby and Tony (as well as Bernie) from The Hollies were all local lads, we thought we could do the same.

Although we didn't hit the same heady heights as they did we worked solidly for a couple of years on a professional basis, mostly we worked with Paul Ingham of Sounds Entertainments Agency in Whitefield but also managed to secure a lot of our own work. Remember The 7 Stars in Heywood?

It was Paul Ingham who, after the Band split up in 1970, encouraged me to go solo and also to cut a demo disc ( acetate ) to send to The Hollies as Alan Clarke had just left to pursue his own career.  I had a very polite letter back from their Manager to say a Swedish guy (Michael Rickfors?) had got the job - temporarily as it happened!

Early in the 80's I was (and still am) in the Motor Trade and sold cars to Bobbie Elliot (and his cousin) and from then on we have had a good few drinks together at The Sparrow Hawk in Fence .. a tiny village outside Burnley.

I've continued singing and playing over the years, having recorded approx. 70 tracks, some of which can be heard on my web site. I would send Bobbie copies of any new CD which I'd produced and he always replied along with kind and encouraging comments.

There are 2 tracks on my site from " Staying Power ", all vocals and harmonies by myself.

For me The Hollies have everything musically and I will continue to cheer them on while wishing them well for their 50th Anniversary Tour.

Geoff Lingard

CLICK HERE to listen to Geoff's tracksl

At this moment , Keith is still in Lancashire actively involved with Amateur Dramatics / Musicals.

Niel lives in Kent and still plays in  a band.

Malc has a music shop in Skipton , North Yorkshire whilst leading a Jimi Hendrix Tribute act (Spirit of Hendrix).



Great for adding this to the site. I started as a "roadie" for 59th Street Bridge as I was the only one with a driving licence at the time and had been driving another local band, Moggy, around. It was realised that I could sing and add harmonies so I was elevated to singer/driver until Geoff Green came on board to mange us and do the driving.

Can also remember working for the LE Agency and supporting Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon at Wigan Casino when they came over here from the US. (We were better than they were!!!)

Keith Holden

I'm 2nd from the left on the photo. As Geoff says I'm still gigging with Spirit of The Experience - mostly Hendrix and Cream with some Rory Gallagher, Small Faces and other classic late 60's covers. Check us out on YouTube


My hair is a lot longer now and has, for some strange reason, turned blond! [must have been the drugs, you know, aspirin, alka seltzer etc.] 

Malc Crossley

I'm at the back in the photo - as usual for the drummer! Have been gigging ever since the band split in various duos, trios and bands - "The Sweeney", "Pedro", "Washington", "Quincy" and "Ashes" (to name a few!) - now living in Kent and still at it with 60's R&B Band "The Moments".

Niel Brierley

I stood in with the band for a few rehearsals befor going elsewhere. Haven't seen the boys (lol) for years.I'm living in France now for over 40 years & still playing rock&roll. In those years used to play with The ATLANTICS The HURT, PORTRAIT etc. If anyone that knows me reads this get in touch with me on my Email.

Keith Fawcett

In late ’69 the original band format split and myself and  Malc formed another band of the same name (to take advantage of our reputation at that time), teaming up with Mick Bottomley on lead guitar / vocals, Andy Nutter (Pin ) on drums / vocals and Chris McDermott on keyboards and vocals - all three being well known and respected in our area.  Our music did take a more Progressive route than before but we were kept equally busy if not more so as our image changed along with, and to match our new repertoire. Unfortunately I have no piccies of the bands’ reincarnation, but if anyone out there does, then I’d love to hear from you. Please just leave a message on my web-site www.geofflingard.com.
Sadly I’ve had very little or no contact with Mick, Andy or Chris since we split up in 1970 after my announcement that I was about to get married!

The rest , as they say is history!

Mick Bottomley is still playing the Pubs and Clubs as also I believe is Andy Nutter but I have lost contact totally with Chris McDermott but best wishes to all - happy memories!

Geoff Lingard

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