Lee Fletcher and The Wanderers

Lee Fletcher vocals
Tony Millington rythm guitar
Pete Highcock bass
Barry Oaks drums
Barrie Macdonald lead guitar

At age 14 and still at school I worked the Manchester Club Scene as lead guitar with 'Lee Fletcher and the Wanderers'. Our first Gig was at The Simpson Memorial Hall on Moston Lane in 1960. We modelled ourselves initially on a Cliff and the Shadows act, moving on to Beatles and any other sound which we felt we could emulate.

Bernard Mannings Embassy Club comes to mind along with the Aurora Club on Cannon St (OMG) along with Working Mens Clubs and Youth Clubs too numerous to mention. My gear at the time was a Guyatone Guitar thro' a Watkins Copycat with a Selmer 50 Watt single speaker amp.

I understand Lee still works the scene as does Tony Millington (Rythm Guitar) but Pete Highcock (Bass) and Barry Oaks (drums) have (like me) all hung up their gear.

Happy years....Fond memories of what my Dad called a mis-spent youth. 

Barrie Macdonald

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Topic: Lee Fletcher and The Wanderers
David O'Neill says...
Hi Barrie I seem to recall in the dim and distant past that Lee Fletcher and the Wanderers started off with Lee, Kit Derry and Tony plus Cus just messing about. I was involved as " Manager " at the tender age of 13 and we got a couple of ... Read More
3rd November 2014 11:35am
Lee Fletcher says...
Hi this is Lee, l remember practicing at kit Derry's house,in the early stage's. l started out as a drummer on a coal scuttle with two knitting needles, then went onto be the singer, still in contact with most of the Lad's. nice ... Read More
18th November 2014 8:46am

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