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Topic: TK5
Joan Meadows says...
1962 onwards. Billy Kay, Johnny Kay, Steve Best, Louis ? and ?. Used to play at St Stephens and places around North Manchester. Any information on them?
20th October 2014 8:03pm
Billy Kay says...
Hi Joan, I was Billy Kay in the Group. In our early days we did do the local pubs, church halls etc., then did the Manchester clubs and more around the north of england. We went abroad to France - that's when Steve left after a couple of years ... Read More
30th June 2016 11:11am
Stuart Prosser says...
Was Louis second name willan?
14th November 2016 9:54pm
Billy Kay says...
Yes Stuart Prosser - it was Willan. He lived near to the Harpurhey Dog's Home. He was our bass player. We went to France on a contract for 3 month. We disbanded over there & all went our separate ways. I joined another group & we toured ... Read More
13th January 2017 7:05am

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