The Abstracts

Line-up included  
Keith Dobbs vocals
Billy Oliver lead
Eric Shelmerdine rhythm
Geoff Gill drums
Doug Gill bass
Mike Morris  
Ronnie Howard  

Billy and Doug were later in the Dream Machine


Lineup from left to right: Mike Morris, Billy Oliver, Keith Dobbs & Eric Shelmerdine.
Unfortunately for some reason Ronnie Howard isn't on this picture.


A later line-up (70s): Mike Morris, Tony Miles, Doug Gill & Dave Scholles.

My Dad Geoff Gill was in the Abstracts - you have the other spelling of his name on here (fixed). I have some other black and white photos which I could let you have.

A note - Doug Gill is the father of Craig Gill, the Manchester DJ and ex member of Inspiral Carpets.

Amanda Gill


Abstracts being given an award by Vince Eager


Abstracts re-union 2014


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