The All-Blacks

Line-up included
Stef Gordon rhythm
Paul Morris
Harvey lead
John Whalley bass
Steve Foley guitar
Mike Pennington sax

(l to r): John Whalley (bass guitar), Paul Morris (drums), Stef Gordon (rythmn guitar), Mike Pennington (sax).


I was in 'The All Blacks' and then when we split and re-formed, 'The Original All Blacks'. In the line up at one stage was Steve Foley who appeared recently on Manchesterbeat doing a spot with Victor Brox.

The 'All Blacks' (so called because we wore all black. It was cheap and easy!) worked with the Pathfinders for some time as we jointly rented a ballroom in Oldham - the Starlight I think it was called.

Maybe some of the Pathfinders might be able to fill in the gaps in my fading memory about this episode.

I was later a founder member and drummer for the Innovation.

Paul Morris
(l to r): Stef Gordon (rythmn guitar), Mike Pennington (sax), Paul Morris (me) (drums), John Whalley (bass guitar), Terry Pastore (manager and occasional tambourine - sometimes on my head!)

left to right: ? (lead guitar), Paul Morris (drums),
Mike Pennington (sax), Stef Gordon (rhythm guitar),
John Whalley (bass guitar)

left to right: Stef Gordon (rythmn guitar), John Whalley (bass guitar), Mike Pennington (sax), Paul Morris (drums)


Photo taken on the hills above Stalybridge.


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