The Beathovens

info courtesy Jeff Hyde

Kevin Carney vocals
Jeff Hyde drums
Mike Parkes rhythm and Keyboards
Roger Partington lead
Kevin Churchhouse  bass


The Beathovens were from Blackley.

I was the only foreigner from Ashton, joining them after a spell with Jason and the Argonauts from Sale..
We made regular appearances at most of the sporting and theatre clubs popular at the time - Northern, Southern, Domino, Princess, Levenshulme, etc
We were resident for a short time at the Luxor in Hulme and the Paddock Club on Mosely St. Manchester.

Also worked on the Mecca circuit at Ashton Palais, Sale Locarno etc and supported headliners at the massive Hill Stores, Oldham.

We were regulars at The Globe in Ashton (now The Witchwood) which we used to try out new numbers - (see photos) but I`m not sure if it was taken there or The Catacombs in Rochdale.

There was of course some unusual gigs like Swallow Falls Hotel in Wales (see poster). Having set up and done the soundcheck in this large room, the punters started to drift in dressed in hiking boots  and anoraks from the mountains and local countryside. By 8pm the place was packed to the rafters.

Manchester groups were big in Wales at the time. 


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