The Beatones
1960 - 1972

Line-up included
John Bracewell   Drums (1960/72    Ex  Deltones  Rochdale)
Mick Humphreys Rhythm (Ex  Deltones  Rochdale)
Trevor McCollough Vocals  (Ex  Deltones  Rochdale)
Len  Dyson    Vocals /guitar (1964/66 Ex Tremors (Middleton)
Ian Metcalf     Guitar
Pete Wolfenden   Vocals
Sandra Palmer Vocals  (1964 / 72  Ex  TNT & Dynamites)
Josie   Vocals
Fred Vocals
Bob Daveney Guitar
Barney  Guitar
Billy      Vocals
John Unsworth  Lead Guitar
Bob Dauber  Bass
Duncan Watt  Lead Guitar
Roger Tattersall  Bass
Les Jones   Bass
Peter Lawrenson  Lead
John Schofield Keyboards

Got introduced to the Deltones at Castleton Rochdale, where Kieron Connels dad managed the band ..and I was in. Don't know to this day how long they had been together,  with Kieron was Mick Humpheys  (Rhythm),Trevor McCollough (Vocals) and Derek (bass) .
We were raw, but gigs soon came with Youth Club dances and then  you guest it,   Working Mens Clubs.    I think we were together about two years.

1961.   We parted company to form the Beatones
We practiced at my mum and dads at Middleton, my dad Jack Bracewell managed the band.

Group members were  John Bracewell (drums), Mick Humpheys  (Rhythm) ,Trevor McCollough (Vocals), Len Dyson (rhythm and vocals), Ian Metcalf (lead Guitar) and  Peter Wolfenden (vocals)

I think we all decided we needed a bit of glamour (and talent) up front, and in 1965 we were joined by Sandra Palmer (ex TNT and the Dynamites) singer from Oldham.

The group went in the direction of cabaret and we were soon to introduce comedy numbers, not unlike what was to follow in the Grumbleweeds ... we were a Comedy Showgroup.

Not to take anything away from our vocal talents with four part harmonies, doing Mammas and Pappas, Hollies, numbers.

We worked the Yorkshire/Lancashire club scene as well as the Domino and Southern Sporting clubs also memories of loads of pubs on Cross Lane Salford,  Craven Heifer ,Bamboo Room, The Fusilliers.

Agents in those would have been Harry Morris and Globe Agency in Glossop.   

The Beatones disbanded in 1972.

Sandra Bracewell ( nee Palmer)  went on to form the Sandy , Citizen Band, and  Krystal Kane Band.

oh ..and marry me..

John Bracewell

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Topic: Beatones
Paul webmaster says...
Have you got anything to add to this great page?
2nd July 2017 4:34pm
Kenneth Lord - Arlene Ralphson (Kenneth Lord Arlene Ralphson) says...
Arlene joined the Beatones when Sandy became pregnant the line up was John drums Roger Duncan Barney (Pete Fred and Josie)
12th February 2018 8:44pm


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