The Big Sound
The Fat Sound

In memory of Dave Baxter

Kevin's letter home during first trip overseas

Karol Keyes aka Luan Peters Vocals
Kevin Parrott Guitar
Graham Evans Drums
Mick Coleman Bass/Vocals
Geoff Peach Tenor sax
Phil Ramsbottom Baritone sax
John Redfern Organ

The group were primarily a soul outfit modelled on the Stax house band, which backed such artistes as Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding.

Mick's style of singing complimented the line up, and the band spent much of the 1960s based mostly in Denmark, from where they regularly toured the rest of Europe and Israel.

Onstage at the Jigsaw 1966


"We were offered a job backing a blonde girl singer called Karol Keyes, but she didn't want to be associated with the word FAT, so we changed it to The Big Sound in 1966. Deek River's Big Sound had finished a few years earlier. Then while we were abroad, Simon Dupree and the Big Sound came out with there record "Kites".

Karol Keys became Luan Peters who fronted the group 5000 Volts when Tina Charles left. She also became an actress, did several Hammer Horror films.

She was the "Australian" actress in Fawlty Towers, who Basil stumbled into on the landing, placing a hand on her chest covered in black polish."


The band were in Denmark during 1966/67, recruited to back a Danish singer called Rock Nalle (real name Roland Sorensen) - he's still famous over there.

Check out lots of Big Sound pics and a reunion with Nalle

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Pictured above at the Peters Hotel, Copenhagen 1967.

Mick Coleman (fur coat) and Kevin Parrott (holding Strat) - previously with Pathfinders and later to become Matchstalkmen


Kevin and Mick in Copenhagen July 04 for a reunion with Nalle - he's still on the road.

Disc 06/08/66

The Big Sound - July 1967
This is from a Danish pop music magazine called "Borge".
Back L to R, Phil Ramsbottom (baritone sax), Grahan Evans (drums) Geoff Peach (tenor sax), Middle left John Redfern (organ), middle right Mick Coleman (bass & lead singer), Foreground Kevin Parrott (lead guitar)

2008 Reunion

No one was expecting Graham to be there, but he did arrive and Kevin captured the moment.


Then  ... and now

The Big Sound, The Storyville Club, Frankfurt July 1966.

Kevin's first letter home, from the group's very first trip abroad.
Recently found in a box.


I used to go to Moston College with Phil Ramsbottom in the 60's. At that time they were called The Fat Sound. I remember him telling me that they were teaming up with Karol Keyes and were having to change their name to The Big Sound.

I remember him passing out flyers for The Fat Sound in class. Quite a guy as I remember him. I've wondered in the past what became of him.

Jim Chadwick

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Topic: The Big Sound
Barbara Mcvey nee Leah says...
I just went into the Manchester Beat, and remember my brother Colin Leah who was the lead guitarist early 60's saying when he had left the group the pathfinders that they had made a record, but have never known what it was, could you please let ... Read More
11th March 2014 10:07pm
Kevin Parrott says...
Hello Barbara, I replaced Colin in The Pathfinders. I came to your parent's house on Clarendon Rd. in 1963 & Colin went through some of the songs with me. The Pathfinders never had a record release. However, a Liverpool group with the same ... Read More
23rd May 2014 12:36am

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