The Big Three

Griff Bayley bass
Max Hardy drums
John Dearden lead
John Kellman lead (replaced JD)

Both Max & John [Pedro] were in the Cymerons and I joined the Cymerons, we then SPLIT and we formed the Big Three.

We played  resident at the Oceans 11 then went on to play at Bredbury Hall.

When Ped (John) left John Kellman joined (ex--Demetrious & The 4 Just Men, & also with Freddy Star & the Delmonts).

We continued to play at Bredbury Hall for a few years.

Johnny Eagles, the wrestler) managed us on our trip to Africa-Sierra Leone, where we played TV & Radio & gigs.

All these bands, it gets so hard to remember them all!

Griff Bayley

Band pictured with Johnny Eagles in all pics


Griff says John (Pedro) left the group and they went to Sierra Leone it reads like Ped was not in the group when they went to Sierra Leone.  He definately was, he left for a short time then rejoined them.  At point later he left again but he certainly went to Sierra Leone with them.

Carol Lyle


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