The Blood Band
circa 1973

Line-up included  
Barry Blood  
Dave Lee  
Gary Mitchell  


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Topic: North West Promotions
Paul webmaster says...
Can you add to this page?
3rd July 2017 12:55pm
Ian Slater (Hobart) says...
In the early 90s I played bass in a band that included Neil on drums, along with Pete Ainsworth from Haydock's Rockhouse on vocals. We did pubs and clubs around Stockport and south Manchester and had a blast! At the time I had no idea that both ... Read More
9th January 2018 1:46pm
Brian Fletcher (Blackpool) says...
Hi Ian
Who were the band please? Wonder if I knew 'em.
12th January 2018 12:48am
Ian Slater (Hobart) says...
I knew somebody would ask ! I can't for the life of me remember what we called the band, but in addition to Neil, Pete and myself we had a harp player called Dunc (he might have been called DJ at the time), and a guitarist from Withington whose ... Read More
12th January 2018 4:03am
Ian Slater (Hobart) says...
Just remembered the guitarist was Dave Howells.
12th January 2018 4:36am

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