The Blue Angels - 1963/4
info courtesy Harold Weller

Brian Chapman
Organ / Vocals
Brian Greene
Guitar / Vocals
Tony Kay
Russell Abrams
Harold Weller

With an average age of just 16, the Angels progressed from local youth club gigs to some of Mancheste'rs top venues in less than a year.

Naturally it took decent management skills to organise a bunch of kids to act older.

Imagine them backing a busty stripper when all they had ever seen of the naked feminine form was in "Spick & Span" …( and in their dreams )

Eventually they were persuaded to wear stage gear, consisting of a blue `Dr Kildare` shirt and shiny blue nylon pants !!!

The lads learned quite a bit by warming up audiences for the Toggery Five and Herman and the Hermits.

Playing a mixture of Pop and R & B, the Blue Angels had a nice little following around north Manchester. 

In the early stages the lads had to make do with really naff guitars and amps. Many a time Harold`s Watkins Westminster blew up on stage. Brian Greene`s amp was a `home made` mixture of loose wires in no casing, DEADLY to the touch !!!

Better times were to follow when Vox AC30`s were added.

From a similar background to the Whirlwinds and the Sabres, the Blue Angels were far from being called a `polished` act , but little girls and a few grannies loved them.

Pic on right shows the Blue Angels at Langley Labour Club around mid 1963 with Martin Muldaur on Vocals.

I can still remember that night, we used the House P.A (far better than ours) with Shure Mics no less...


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I remember going to see Stockport band Sweet Marriage at Uncle Toms with Rod Gerrard who was the guitarist in Outrage,Salford jets,Hermits etc. They did great harmonies and a wonderful rendition of the Love song -Alone Again Or.Later covered by the ... Read More
30th October 2017 6:31am

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