The Blue Chips

Stuart Perry harmonica/vocals
Dave Nightingale guitar/vocals/harmonica
Brian Grant drums and womanising
Geoff Parkinson bass/vocals



After leaving Kathy and the Boleros, I formed the Blue Chips with the help of Dave Nightingale.

We rehearsed the usual concoction of blues/r+b but we had the distiction of 2 excellent harmonica players in Dave and Stuart Perry.

Sadly due to inexperience regarding the pursuit of bookings, this line up was short lived.

I went on to join Swinton band the Gonx and lifelong pal Rod Gerrard poached both Dave Nightingale and fiery drummer Brian Grant into Salford's own Hell's Angels.

I got my own back later though by recruiting Rod into Farnworth group Green Onions who became Outrage.

Geoff Parkinson


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