The Blue Lords

Lineup included
Dave Smith drums
Keith Bailey bass
Chippy Chapman vocals
Ray White guitar
Barry Teasdale guitar





The band started life as "The Blue Lords" with Dave Smith (drums), Keith Bailey (bass),Chippy Chapman (vocals), Ray White (guitar). I joined as guitarist in 65'. The band changed name (prior to the German contract) to Zebardy's Crowd (god knows why - Blue Lords was a good name with a good reputation)with a lineup of Dave Smith (drums), Chippy (lead vocals), George Chapman (bass & vocals), Roy (guitar & vocals) and myself on guitar. Our roadey was Alvin Foulkes. I may be wrong, but the venue in Salford was called the Cluban. I remember the German contract being very hard work and great times. It would be nice to hear from any band members.

Barry Teasdale

Hi Barry good to hear from you
Those were great days,the weddings and pubs.

Keith Bailey

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Topic: The Blue Lords
Paul Lawrence says...
That was Zepardys Crowd
5th April 2014 9:45am

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