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Topic: The Bo-Rayners
Frank Garrett says...
The singer was electrocuted and died (1964/65) on stage at Heywood Labour Club.
11th January 2015 1:05pm
Norman Shields says...
The Bo-Rayners were definitely a Bury band. I cannot name the line-up for 1964/65, but I played bass 1966/67 and during that time the band members were: Vocals - Doug (Sadge)Sergeant; Lead - Steve Costello; Drums - Patrick (Paddy) Kirwin; Saxophone ... Read More
15th February 2015 1:04am
Doug sargent says...
How are you cheers Doug
9th April 2016 2:22am
Terry Ward says...
Hi Norman, remember me from the Contours days, you, Paul Madrid, Tony Lyons, I don't remember the other lads name.I went on to sing with the 5 Gees, Tony Gregory, Harry ? and Phil ?. I heard that Tony Lyons had died? do you know if Pau madrid is ... Read More
13th April 2016 11:00pm
Philip Spring says...
I played rhythm guitar with the Bo-Rayners around 1964 and on bass was Roger Foy. What a surprise to come across this - How are you all?
25th October 2016 9:07pm
Alan Jackson says...
"The Bo Rayners" were an excellent group, I think, from the Oldham area. It was very sad when the singer died. At that time many clubs only had one socket on stage for us all to plug into so groups used to to take plugs off and push their ... Read More
13th January 2015 12:06am
David Weeds says...
The Bo Rayners were, I think, a Bury band; they started up about the same time or shortly after us (Ian Dean and The Brystals). The singer’s name was Bob Pollard, he had a good voice; his parents had a pub in Castle Street, Bury. I remember ... Read More
23rd January 2015 8:00pm
Dave arnold says...
The pub was called the Castle-the street was Wellington street (where I lived)
4th April 2016 8:35pm
Amanda Ratcliffe (MANCHESTER) says...
Hi, my dad played the sax in the Bo Rayners (Bernard Ratcliffe).
Does anyone have any pictures please?

He passed away in May 2013.


3rd February 2018 11:42am

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