The Bobcats

Dave Millen (Ginner) guitar
Fran Coupe bass
Des OReilly drums
Keith Dalton guitar

Pictured left, Dave Millen (Ginner), Fran Coupe, Keith Dalton and Des OReilly



The Bobcats were  very special - the very first group ever to be paid to play at any of my venues, The Catacombs in Preston. It was a cellar club, the Preston Cavern as it was known.

I learned from The Bobcats about such things as waa-waa pedal, an echo box tape, the paradiddle beat (which Dessie spent many, many hours trying to teach me).

The Bobcats helped me put back together The Big Three, Liverpools big sound threesome group. That is to say to get them back into a sufficiently sober enough state to recreate their fantastically famous raunchy rhythm and bluesy sound.

They were the greatest and from them The Bobcats learned their driving sound, which then led them to evidently change their name to The Thunderbeats.

They played 6 nights a week, as my resident band.

Captain Clive Kelly

Having stumbled on to the website, I would just like to say how we change.  I went on to play with Dave  (ginner )and Fran who I still see to this day but only occasionally.

Fran still meets up with Keith, and Des the drummer lives in Oz and as done for many yrs. 

As to what happened to Dave, the last I heard he was living in or near to Milton Keynes.

Michael Fleming


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