The Boys of Chavington


Andy lead singer
Brian Cooper rhythm
David Monks rhythm
Jan (Ian Stewart) lead guitar
? drums

Images courtesy Martin Cooper

In mid 64 the band went through some changes, Brian Cooper and Ian McBrearty moved on and Alan joined us  on bass.

We decided at that point to change the name of the band to STAGE 4 and took on a new manager Paul Hartley, known to his friends as Peas.  We carried on with this format until late 66 when I left the band to move to Blackpool and join a local group  Groveyard.



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Topic: The Boys of Chavington
Paul webmaster says...
My thanks to Martin Cooper for the great pics!
Be good to fill in some names.
17th May 2015 7:38pm
Gordon Collinge says...
Pleased to see a page for the Boys of Chavington on the site. I grew up in the same road in Winton as David Monks and we learned the guitar together (remember Lonnie Donegan?) Brian Cooper from Peel Green was a school friend of David's and I got ... Read More
19th May 2015 10:12pm
Stuart Edwards says...
I was pleasantly surprised to see details of the Boys of Chavington, may I correct the details you have. I was the lead singer and Andy Mc was bass, Brian Cooper, rhythm, Dave Monk was lead with Andy on drums. Sadly Dave was killed in motorbike ... Read More
9th September 2015 2:20am
Ross Shearer says...
My self and my mum are so pleased to come across these pictures of the boys. Im one of David Monks grandsons and due to the nature of his early death none of the three daughters that survived him had access to this side of his life until now. ... Read More
27th November 2016 2:39am
Nicole Bassett says...
Over the moon to find this page and the photographs of my late father David Monks with the band. My Dad died in 1972 in a car accident when I was seven. My Mum, formerly Jan Monks is equally delighted at this blast from the past. If anyone has any ... Read More
27th November 2016 3:15pm
Stuart Edwards says...
Pleased to see your comments about the group and nice to hear about Jan. l am at present in Australia but when I return to Spain in May I will post details and photos of STAGE 4 which was the next part of the group history.
28th November 2016 2:24am
Ian Stuart McBrearty says...
Hi Stuart I have tried to find you on facebook as i have been in touch with Dave Monks other Daughter Kirsten and she was wanting any photos of her dad as she has only just found a photo of the group she has the one where we are all sat with girls ... Read More
6th February 2017 5:48am
martin cooper says...
Hello Ian ,
My Dad, Brian Cooper died from stomach cancer back in 2000.
Found lots of pics of the group with an album of tickets where you played when mum died in 2015.
Regards Martin Cooper
6th February 2017 8:49pm
Ian Stuart McBrearty says...
Hi Martin. I am so sorry to hear about your father and mother.Over the years I had lost all the photo,s of the group so I was so pleased when my wife found a picture posted by Kirsten Lewis and then found this site, this week. If you have any other ... Read More
8th February 2017 5:18am
Hello Ian ,
I am Brians son .
Unfortunately dad died at 56 some years ago.

Best Regards Martin
21st November 2017 11:28pm
martin cooper says...
Hello Nicole , my Dad Brian Cooper and your Dad were best friends for years !
I have other photo's of Dave and Brian if your interested.
Best Regards Martin Cooper
4th February 2017 3:24am
Ian Stuart McBrearty says...
Hi I was the bass player in the group. Andy Scutt was the Drummer. Brian Cooper was on rhythm. Dave Monks on lead. Stuart Edwards vocal. Dave and I worked together at Taylor Brothers in Trafford park as apprentices and we talked music constantly as ... Read More
6th February 2017 5:23am
Kirsten lewis says...
Hi , the latest photos are great
Thank you so much Ian for letting me know they are on and I will let the rest of my family know
6th February 2017 6:10am

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