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Manchester blues legend Victor Brox studied under a variety of blues pioneers such as Big Bill Broonzy, Bo Diddley, Brownie McGhee, Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter and Screaming Jay Hawkins.

He has played with Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Gillian of Deep Purple, Charlie Mingus, Noel Redding of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Memphis Slim, Dr. John, Keith Moon of The Who, Alexis Korner, Bill Coleman, Lord David Sutch, Tete Montelieu, T.T.Swanston, Marzetta Watts and Nico.

ln the late 1960s he sang, played guitar and keyboards with The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation. They released three albums: Retaliation, Doctor Dunbar's Prescription and To mum from Aynsley and the boy's.

 In 1970 Victor performed as Caiaphas on the original recording of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webbers Jesus Christ Superstar.

He appeared as a "look-alike" of Leonardo da Vinci in the motion picture Ever After in 1998.

Victor has gigged around the World from Stockport to Singapore and continues to do so in 2007.

Victor Brox Blues Train / Victor Brox and the Brox Band 

Line-up has included
Victor 'Vic' Brox organ (Hammond), harmonica, cornet, lead vocals
Dunlop Walters tenor sax, flute
Danny Oki alto sax, vocals
Nigel Taylor bass
Richard Dhama drums
Jacob McNab (Archie Eugene Kenneth Jacob McNab Taylor) congo drums, bongos
Annette Reis (Mrs Annette Brox) vocals, piano, sax, guitar

Some Victor Brox Blues Train concerts: 

Friday, November 20, 1964: The Little Fat Black Pussy Cat, Millergate, Bradford 1, Yorkshire, UK from 7.45pm 

Friday, January 8, 1965: The Little Fat Black Pussy Cat, Millergate, Bradford 1, Yorkshire, UK from 7.45pm & or 

Saturday, January 9, 1965: The Little Fat Black Pussy Cat, Millergate, Bradford 1, Yorkshire, UK from 7.45pm 

Sunday, January 24, 1965: Sunday Night At The Cavern for Radio Luxembourg, The Cavern, 8 - 10 Mathew Street, Liverpool 2, Lancashire, UK, with Kris Ryan and the Questions, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes  

Sunday, February 28, 1965: The Plebeians Jazz Club, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK 

Saturday, May 29, 1965: The Plebeians Jazz Club, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK

Thursday, June 3, 1965: The Birch Hall, Residential Hotel, Oldham, Lancashire, UK 

Sunday, June 27, 1965: The Plebeians Jazz Club, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK 

Saturday, July 31, 1965: The Plebeians Jazz Club, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK 

Saturday, August 28, 1965: The Plebeians Jazz Club, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK 

Saturday, September 25, 1965: The Plebeians Jazz Club, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK 

Saturday, November 6, 1965: The Plebeians Jazz Club, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK, as Victor Brox and Sermonettes  

Saturday, November 6, 1966: The Oasis Club, 45 - 47 Lloyd Street, off Albert Square, Manchester, Lancashire, UK 

Friday, December 24, 1965: The Plebeians Jazz Club, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK, as The Victor Brox Big Band 

New Years Eve, Friday, December 31, 1965: The Plebeians Jazz Club, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK, as Victor Brox 

Saturday, June 18, 1966: The Plebeians Jazz Club, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK, as Victor Brox 

Monday, December 26, 1966: The Plebeians Jazz Club, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK 

Tuesday, January 17, 1967: The Pyjama Ball, St George's Hall, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK, with The Fourmost, John Mayall's Blues Breakers, The Alphabet, Albe's Keynes, Spowgely 

Some Victor Bronx and the Brox Band concerts: 

Saturday, January 14, 1967: The Cavern, 8 - 10 Mathew Street, Liverpool 1, Lancashire, UK, supported Alan Cash and the Crawlers, as did Solomon's Mines, The Tremas, Majority Plus, The Klubs, The Pro-tems 

Friday, July 14, 1967: The UFO Club, 31 Tottenham Court Road, Soho, West London, UK, with The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Alexis Korner 

info courtesy
John H. Warburg


"Recently saw Victor Brox at one of his rare performances in this country - now that he's moved to the South of France ( This was in the Puzzlehall Inn in Sowerby Bridge ( His voice is terrific and as usual, he performs a multitude of instruments, including the famous pocket cornet which I remember seeing circa '64, at the Twisted Wheel or was it the Cavern before it became the Jigsaw - could even have been the Band in the Wall.

It has to be said that Victor is now somewhat portly and has the look of an old pirate - in fact, one of his CDs has him dressed at such on the cover. Have a look at the pic and you'll see what I mean.

The songs he played were many and varied stretching from old blues standards to what can almost be called easy listening. One of my favourites was his rendition of Midnight Hour which morphed into No Woman No Cry - soul with bluebeat!

If you ever get the chance to see one of the last of the great music eccentrics ever, don't pass it over. He has a bit of a twinkle and a touch of magic."

Bob Cummings

I remember Victor at "The Cheadle Hulme Club" on a Tuesday night I think it was called "The Music box". And it was run by a guy called Melvin; from Crewe.

I was working as a drinks waiter at the time, and this was my first introduction into the blues and I have never looked back. I saw Victor a couple of times at "The Deganwy Castle Hotel". In North Wales (which is where I live now) but I will never forget the first time I ever saw him; it was a revelation that opened a young man's eyes and ears.

Colin Masterson

I have attached some images that might be of interest  - including a signed profile page from BEAT INSTRUMENTAL magazine from April 1969, also a ticket and three pages from a programme of a concert that took place at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester called Blues Scene 69.


This featured Victor when he was with The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation; also on the bill were John Lee Hooker, Champion Jack Dupree, The Groundhogs and Jo Ann Kelly.

Dave Turnbull, Victor Brox and
Stanford Kwesi Nelson - pictured at the
Surrey Arms one Sunday night in Glossop.

The Blues Train that night were Ian Starr drums,
Harvey Rose Bass, Norman Beaker guitar vocals,
Dave Turnbull and Stan Nelson Sax's and Victor piano, vocals, pocket trumpet and song writing, and if remembered correctly Annette Brox sang with
the band that night.






Caught up with Victor at a pub in Stalybridge. brilliant night ... top muso ... still has it big time. Discussed his tour to Australia and his gig at the iconic Gov live music venue in Adelaide ... shall lobby them to get Victor back to Adelaide for an encore.

Have offered free accomodation for his stay and transport to gigs and airport. I wasn't a huge fan of the blues till I heard Victor and his band.

Paul D'Amico
Adelaide South Australia


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Topic: Victor Brox
Albert Hilton says...
Found this ad for the Gliderdrome, Boston - shows the group as a forthcoming attraction.
13th May 2014 10:15pm
John H. Warburg says...
Just added some gig dates for the band and line-up info.
25th June 2014 8:51pm
Sean Kaye-Smith says...
I saw Victor Brox's band (not sure if it was called Blues Train at this point) at a 'Socialist Rally' at Wembley Arena (what used to be called The Empire Pool) on March 11th 1973. My main reason for being there was that my older brother ... Read More
9th May 2016 5:50am
David says...
I see victor around where I live riding his bike or waiting for the bus
9th May 2016 7:07am
Sean Kaye-Smith says...
A little more research has revealed that the Wembley event (11.3.73) I mention below featuring Victor Brox Blues Train was called 'Pageant of Working Class History' and it was organised by Gerry Healy and the SLL (Socialist Labour League - ... Read More
17th May 2016 9:55am
Dave Clapham says...
I shook Victor's hand tonight.
Honoured to have been in the company of a Blues legend.
29th January 2017 12:36pm
Steve Rawlinson says...
Victor - Mr Hickling - actually taught at St Andrews in Hadfield, Derbyshire in the 60's,turning his class into a New Orleans style marching band which was reported by Granada Reports. In the early/mid 1970's I used to see Victor and the ... Read More
7th February 2017 4:41am

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