The Bruff Boys

Line-up included   
Pete Illingsworth  electric guitar (Hofner Club 30)

The Bruff Boys from Preston, was a six-piece band that included Pete Illingsworth on electric guitar (Hofner Club 30) (b. Peter Illingsworth, Wednesday, July 21, 1943, Inglewhite Road, Longridge Village, near Preston, Lancashire, UK).

He also had a Watkins amp and a microphone, while the the other five had all acoustic guitars. 

The Bruff Boys, were little more than a skiffle group in a Church Youth Club in Longridge Village, Lancashire. 

Illingworth was the youngest son of a dairy farmer, was brought up on a farm and was educated at Kirkham Grammar School in Ribby Road, Kirkham, Lancashire, a semi-boarding school.  

His first instrument was his grandfather's banjo. He had wanted to get a guitar, but his mother insisted he had to play the banjo. He had two  lessons and learnt that the fingering was different to a guitar and so gave it up. He than brought his first guitar a Hofner Club 30 from a market stall in Preston. His mother sadly died just before his 15th birthday in 1958, he found her in rather sad circumstances in the bath. 

Illingsworth took his new guitar and amplifier to work, where he showed them off to one of his workmates, Dave Lancaster, who told him about The St Ignatius Youth Club in Preston, where he was a member. This club had live bands playing every Sunday. So Lancaster dragged Illingsworth there one Sunday and he saw a band called The Rebels. Unknown to Illingsworth, Lancaster had told the band he could play guitar and in the interval he had a guitar thrust into his hand and the band sort of said go on then play. Luckily for him he had just got the new Shadows single, which had been released the previous Friday and had learnt how to play it note for note on the Sunday, which wildly impressed them. Two other guys bassist Mick Hamer and rhythm guitarist Terry Walton had herd him play and had come over to ask him to join their band Wendy and the Travellers, which he did. 

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