The Bushmen
Line-up included
Dave Aldinton vocals
William Danson guitar
David Danson bass
Alan Cottam drums
Geoff Beech rhythm


Just unearthed some photos of my very first band, formed in summer of 63 in Ashton, near the Broadoak.

The BUSHMEN consisted of me on lead guitar , my brother David on bass (he just had his 60th last week), Geoff Beech on rhythm, Alan Cottam on Gigster drums, and Dave Aldinton on lead vocals.
We had two AC15s from Renos (£115 each), and a 15 watt WEM bass amp.

I had a Burns Sonic 2 p/up (£30 from Renos) and Dave had an Egmond bass (£19 from Jones).

We had Reslo ribbon mics thru a Linear Concord 30 watt PA made by Ian Scowcroft who's Dad had the first hi-fi shop on Curzon Road.

We rehearsed at the Waterworks Club on Henrietta Street in AuL and had quite a following, the beer sales went up dramatically as well (Whitbread Tankard at 1/6d a pint)
First "paid" gig was at Carr Street WMC in Hurst and they passed the hat round to collect £1.17s.0d.

William Danson


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