Carol Kaye
and the Dynachords

Carole Kaye vocals
Tony Higgins lead
Pete Hoyland bass
Alan Hague rhythm
Dave Bryan drums
Alan Jackson bass, replaced PH
Dave Vernon bass, replaced AJ
Mike O'Neill drums, replaced DB
Pete Pattenden drums, replaced MO


I played bass guitar for Carol Kaye & The Dynachords during the years of 1964-5.  Other members were Tony Higgins (lead), Alan Hague (rhythm) and Mike O'Neill (drums).  I'm sorry that I don't have any photos of the group although many were taken professionally but these were kept in the possession of Adrian Batson, our manager.

I left to join Johnny Peters & The Crestas (sometimes we went out as The J.P.s) and was replaced by Dave Vernon.  I remember the group as being happy to play together and still see Alan Hague socially.  

Alan D. Jackson

Hi I'm Tony the lead guitarist, I would like to make contact with anyone involved at that time in the early 60s. Kind regards

Tony Higgins


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