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Neil Scott guitar
Les Brazil bass
George Heathcott vocals
John Rimmer drums
Ian Langford drums (replaced John)
George Bunea  

The group were partly Tiger Fog and partly Pink Engine, ending up in Perth, Australia because our agents in Warrington sent us to London to audition for a guy from Australia who became our manager once we arrived.

He actually wanted Mud or Paper Lace but they weren't available, so I suppose we came third!


In My World/Mr. Won’t You Help Me – Clarion K-5478 (1974 Aus)
Ebenezer/After the Goldrush - Clarion K-5626 (1974 Aus)
Everyday Saturday - Clarion (1974 Aus)
Overflow (LP) Polydor

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Chalice album



Recorded in Manchester’s Strawberry studios, this was the first of three singles the band released on Clarion before a switch to Polydor.

We recorded and mixed 4 songs in 8 hours during the session at 10cc’s Strawberry Studios in Stockport.  They were: In My World, the B side, Mr. Won't You Help Me, Ebenezer and There Will Come A Time which was never released.

We used a session keyboard player - a girl who played Mellotron on In My World and piano and Mellotron on There Will Come A Time.

We were all from Manchester but shortly after the session and back in Perth, we added an Aussie on guitar and keyboards and we bought our own Mellotron!

Ebenezer/After the Goldrush - Clarion K-5626 (1974 Aus)

Ebenezer was to be our second single after our first release - In my world - which was a minor local hit.

Unfortunately, the radio stations in Perth weren't too impressed with Ebenezer and chose to play After the Goldrush which did moderately well, particularly in the regional areas. I'm chuffed to be able to say I wrote both our original songs.

Sadly, George Heathcote - our frontman and lead singer - died last month. He didn't sing lead on our first three singles. Les Brazil, our bass player, did the honours on both Ebenezer and In my world as he had the high voice needed.

Everyday Saturday - Clarion (1974 Aus)

The third Clarion single was recorded in Perth and, truthfully, is awful but our greatest triumph, musically, was the rock ballet Everyday Saturday.

Unfortunately, this was never released as a record but there was a TV special on Channel 7 of a slightly shortened version. I have a copy and I am in the process of copyrighting the music and starting a publishing company for our songs - just in case! A lot of the songs were really too specific to the ballet to be commercial but there were some pearlers that I'd love to see get another chance.

Overflow (LP) Polydor

The album “Overflow” was recorded in Sydney with Jon English and Richard Lush in 2 weeks whilst gigging twice a night for the entire period!

Ian Langford joined on drums and the band moved to Melbourne and became a very good live act, though still a covers band mainly.

Our main claim to fame was our rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and playing it when Brian May and Roger Taylor were in the audience.

The band folded in 1979 but Les and I got together again in 1986 in Stealers which in many ways was Chalice 10 years on!


I chanced upon this website when reminiscing about 60's and 70's music with my son.   I was once married to Les Brazil and was in Australia with them.   They were a great bunch of guys and very talented.  Their rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody was really good.   It was a sad time when John Rimmer left the band (is he still in Australia?).  I never really knew Ian, the replacement drummer, but George Bunea was a good addition to the band.

It was a great shock to hear of George Heathcote's death.   He wasn't the best of singers, but a great frontman.   May he rest in peace.

Janet Kulbat

I'ts true I did play drums on Chalice's first two singles, but I don't think it was, as John says, because the band thought he wasn't heavy enough. John Rimmer was a much better player than he gave himself credit for, he's probably one of the most modest guys I've ever known, not to mention a good singer to boot.

John and I go back a very long way, in fact, as far back as the 1950s at Mills Hill Primary School. We lost touch until the late 60s around the time that I was with JC Heavy. At that time John was playing with a three piece group from Oldham called Treacle doing a lot of gigs around Manchester and quite a few further afield. We lost touch again after John went off to Australia with Chalice.

On John's return from Australia we met up again and for while he worked with me at Pennine Sound Studios which I owned with my partner Paul Adshead. I think John would agree we had some some very good and interesting times. I haven't seen or heard from John since then. I would like, very much, to be back in touch. I'm proud to say I've always thought of " John Piece " as one of my best friends.

If you happen to read this J. P. you can get my details from Paul at Manchester Beat.

John Needham

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Topic: Chalice
Mick Ward says...
Very sorry to hear of George's death, he was a good singer and frontman. Commiserations to his family and the group. He will be sadly missed.
(he loved doing what he did, and he did it well.)
30th January 2016 9:20pm
Neil Scott says...
Hi Paul. After quite a few years talking about it, a compilation CD of Chalice's recorded music has just been released on Zerohour Records in Perth.
2nd April 2016 9:21pm
Paul webmaster says...
Hi Neil - link is:

I have order it already - looking forward to it!!!
2nd April 2016 9:22pm
Steve Greatorex says...
Hi Neil ... can't remember what my nickname was when I was a drummer and you were a guy with an accoustic with a tape mike cellotaped inside! Was it Grit, Chubbs, whatever? Well, now 8 years retired from teaching and a bloated, bearded, baldy ... Read More
21st February 2017 12:34am
My word, there's a rocker from the locker. Not seen or heard of you since you left the original Tiger Fog. In answer to your question, I believe your nickname at the time was Tubbs. It was at NMGS anyway, 'Non Nobis Domine' old pal. ... Read More
9th April 2017 3:06am
Neil Scott (Melbourne) says...
Hi Steve. I haven't looked at Manchester Beat for a while and have just seen your post. Great to hear you're alive and well - quite an achievement at our age. As you'd probably know, Les Brazil and I live in Melbourne and still play together ... Read More
22nd January 2018 1:46pm
TerryParker (Drouin south) says...
Hey bud, you never did let me hear the Chalice recordings. I happened across them about a decade after real estate and I still listen to the album regularly. Would love to catch up again someday. Maybe see you at Flemington on a rare visit to see if ... Read More
13th January 2018 12:06am
Mark Marston says...
Hello from Bristol, UK! Back in the 70's, me and my 'hairy mates' used to hit the Charles Hotel in Perth, WA, on Sundays whenever the band were playing. To us, they were amazing! I bought the vinyl album back in the 80's and, if I ... Read More
2nd March 2017 7:02pm
charles eaves (Colwyn Bay) says...
Hi its Stan the Recording man from Bolton. I am now working in North Wales with an internet radio station and would love to hear from you again. Would be interested in featuring your band on our station. Regards Stan.
27th July 2017 10:58pm
Neil Scott (Melbourne) says...
Hi Stan (Charles?). I remember spending many hours at your studio with Les Brazil, George Heathcote, John Greatbanks and John Rimmer. I think it was how we learnt to be a band. Though nothing came of the recordings, I still have them and I enjoy ... Read More
22nd January 2018 1:59pm


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