The Chancellors
circa 1963

Info Graham Caunce Lee

Pictured from left to right:
Dave Hulme bass
Barry Kilduff vocal/rhythm
Graham Caunce Lee guitar
Tom Unthank drums

Graham and Tom later worked with The Scorpions


Chancellors 1964 - Graham, Roy, Tom, Steve and Dave



I remember the marathon very well.  I was a part of the marathon. I was sixteen and me and my friend were asked if we could stay all night to serve coffee to the group and also dance. I remember it being televised by ABC at Large and had to explain to my dad when it came on telly why we were at an all night gig with a group of musicians, lol. 

I can even remember what me and my friend were wearing.  We were dressed identically in striped tops like Johnny Kidd and the pirates wore and little pencil skirts. Headbands stuck through our hair that was in the backcombed bouffant style of the day.  It was a great night as I remember. And great to be part of such an event. 

Mary Young


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