The Cheshire Set
Heald Green/Swinton


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Topic: The Cheshire Set
Linda Gorton says...
Three of the Cheshire Set worked round the corner from me at an advertising agency on St. Johns Sreet M/C. The brothers Doug & Dave in sales and Bill Williams a commercial artist. Along with my office friend we all spent our lunch hours in the ... Read More
22nd April 2014 9:42pm
John S Neale says...
Bill " Williams" was actually Bill Worthington and I managed to contact him this week and he goes by the name Will Worthington and has a great art website . Dave Dale is still around too.
22nd June 2014 1:42am
I WORKED WITH LINDA GORTON IN MANCHESTER IN THE 60s and we got to know the Cheshire set from going to the Grapes bar and we would go to Mr Smiths a Manchester night club, and became fans of the group and got to know the lads husband had a ... Read More
13th April 2016 9:54am

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