The Chosen Few/The Hush
info courtesy Keith Fairhurst

Line Up 1964
Ray Todd Vocals
Bill Shedwick  Bass and vocals
Brian Tomlinson Drums
John Shedwick   Rhythm guitar
Nigel Blanshard     Lead guitar
Line Up - October1964
Keith Fairhurst        Vocals/Harmonica
Bill Shedwick  Bass and vocals
Brian Tomlinson Drums
John Shedwick   Rhythm guitar
Nigel Blanshard     Lead guitar

The group now started to become more ‘Blues’ orientated and started to jettison the standard pop covers of the day for more up tempo blues numbers.  

The group played most Manchester clubs of the day and was never scared to venture all over the North, we also played a short Saturday residential period at the ‘Cad’ on Regent Road, Salford. ‘The Chasers’ played the Thursday residency at the same time.

Picture dated February 1965

Onstage at the "Roaring Twenties Club" - 12th April 1965

Chosenfew pic1
John, Brian, Keith, Nigel, Bill - Feb 1965

Live on stage at ‘The Cad’ - 10 April 1965

Vocalist Keith Fairhurst at the Heaven and Hell Club

30 Jan 1965

3 Dec 1965
Line Up - July 1965
Keith Fairhurst        Vocals/Harmonica
Bill Shedwick  Bass
Paul Jones Drums
John Shedwick   Rhythm guitar
Nigel Blanshard     Lead guitar

In early 1965, Brian the drummer decided to leave, bit of a bugger really as he had aquired a car. Enter Paul Jones, great image, even betcter drummer.

The group now started to include more early ’Tamla Motown’, early soul type stuff e.g Contours, Temptations, Impressions, Sam and Dave  etc. Played every where we could get a gig.

Back Row   L-R  John, Bill. Front Row  L-R   Paul, Keith, Nigel 


Pictures taken on Arbroath Harbour, Scotland for the teenage girls magazine “Jackie”. They featured in the magazine several weeks later.



Jackie, 30 October 1965

The Chosen Few Saga rolls onto its final and best line up. As 1965 rolled on Bill decided to call it a day and Paul moved on. John decided to play Bass guitar ( and what a good bass player he turned out to be) so the hunt was on for a new drummer and rhythm guitarist. Auditions were held at ‘The Gaytime Club, Broad Street, Salford

At the end of the day it was easy to decide, enter Kenny Anders on rhythm guitar and Phil Quigley on drums.

Line Up - November 1965
Keith Fairhurst        Vocals
John Shedwick  Bass guitar
Phil Quigley Drums
Kenny Anders Rhythm guitar
Nigel Blanshard     Lead guitar

The group was now well into ‘ rave up’ type music, heavily influenced by the better ‘Mod’ type London groups The Birds, The Action, 4+1/Incrowd, Small Faces etc.

This opened up the opportunity to play gigs in London and we loved the scene there.

We became very close friends of ‘The Birds’,  Nigel swapped his foot volume control for Ronnie Woods first “Fuzz Box”, a foot volume pedal made a primitive “ Wah Wah “ pedal if you could control it.

In August 1966 ‘The Chosen Few’ moved to London permanently.

Under new management the decision was made to change the name of the group to suit a newer image, ‘The Hush’ was the new name chosen.

The group played all the major venues in and around London, The Marquee, Tiles, Blaises, Speakeasy to name a few, and supported many of the bigger acts around at the time, a favorite being ‘The Who’, always a good gig.

Above and below:
on stage ‘Black Cat Club’ Hull, March 5th, 1966
L-R, Keith Fairhurst, Kenny Anders and John Shedwick
with drummer Nigel Blanshard at the back.
Copyright: Salford City Reporter


The Hush October 1966
Keith Fairhurst        Vocals
John Shedwick  Bass guitar
Phil Quigley Drums
Kenny Anders Rhythm guitar
Nigel Blanshard     Lead guitar

Early 1967 saw Nigel call it a day and return to Manchester, a new lead guitarist turned up, a 16 year old called Dennis, and boy could this kid play.

Dennis stayed until the group called it a day in August 1967.

The Hush April 1967
Keith Fairhurst        Vocals
John Shedwick  Bass guitar
Phil Quigley Drums
Kenny Anders Rhythm guitar
Denis ?    Lead guitar

Onstage “ Radio London Night”, ‘Witchdoctor Club’,
Catford 1966. Keith and Kenny.

Back Row L-R  John, Keith, Nigel, Kenny - Sitting Phil



Whisky-a-gogo membership card  



Spending all day in ‘Abbey Road No 2 ’ when everything that could go wrong did! Laryngitis, amps, guitars and an engineer that didn’t understand our music. The tapes were interesting though!

But at least something good came of the day when John got to have a cup of tea and a long chat with his guitar hero, Bruce Welch, who was recording next door.


First time we played ‘The Speakeasy’ in 1967. Halfway through the first number ‘Jimi’ walked across in front of us with his girlfriend and carried on down the room to one of the booths.

Things were quiet as the reception we were getting was a bit indifferent, as we started the fifth number ‘Jimi’ walked up grabbed a chair, turned it around and sat in front of us to watch.

Vocalist Keith Fairhurst 2004
- still gigging!

At the end of the number he applauded and there was no problem with the crowd after that, he sat there for the rest of the set. ‘Jimi’ was very down to earth and great to talk to.

A few never to be forgotten moments with the very best of guitarists.


1 a.m. Sunday morning in Piccadilly at the “Wimpey Bar” starving hungry.  Having a whip round and just getting enough to buy one “Wimpey Burger”, five into one, work it out!!.  

Bill opted out as he didn’t think he would get a big enough piece.

Fortunately a couple of girls took pity on us, so we bought two.
Kenny Anders also still gigging


I first met Kenny and The Hush at a gig at Salford. The Hush were doing this as a thank you to the guy that let them practice in the church hall - they were resident at the Tiles Club at the time.

As a wannabe I was working with his father Tommy, a great guy. I was an apprentice welder and he used to give me a lift to work in his Ford Popular. He told me about Kenny and I was asking about pro bands.

He told Kenny about me and my friend and myself were invited to the gig, What a night! Motown, you name it, it was great.

Hope to see you again before I die Kenny - it was a great experiance, cheers Mate.

PS. I was the one who gave my latest flame ONE OR TWO in your bed over the butcher's shop in Gatley at your party. Oooops, do you remember? I bet you girlfriend did. Sorry about the sheets, we left early, cheers.

Jim Harrison


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