Chris Nava Combo

Chris (leader and drummer) is living in Switzerland and works for our company. 

He's told us of his expoits playing circuit at that time, driving his Dad's van and mixing with the like of the Beatles, etc.

Roger Lee

I remember the Chris Nava Combo from playing on the same billing with The Invictors at Salford Tech in 64/65, now University. We played quite a few times at the Maxwell Hall for the students' CATS events, organised by Phil Lloyd amongst others, and there were always around 5/6 bands with a 'Top of the Bill'.....Merseybeats, Undertakers, Kinks etc.....the Chris Nava combo were a support band, as we were, and I recall that they were pretty good....seem to remember the bass player having an enormous Hi-Fi style bass speaker....anyway they impressed me and I rated them as well above average to the extent that I can still recall their name....  

Paul Shaw

Chris Nava Combo really  great, had two lead guitar players, which could change the sound. The bass player was great, on par with Paul Mc.

Could have gone further.

Michael Pickup

This group were great, they should have turned pro. Two lead guitar players in the same group, all had excellent voices, harmonising  with the lead singer.  The bass player was great, providing  a solid base.

Dave Brown








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