The Klan/The Clan/The Robin Hoods
The group were based in Ireland up until going to the USA in 65.

Bill Davidson (Scotland) guitar
Dougie Stewart Ireland) drums
Mickey McGeedy Ireland) sax/harp
Brian Rayner (Blackpool) guitar
Joe Dutton (Blackpool) vocals
Pete Shelton (Manchester) bass

They originally played for Paddy McGuigan - the father of boxing champ, Barry McGuigan.

They were called The Big Four and had a hit called the 'Hawaiian Wedding Song'. Then became six and off to America.

Originally an Irish Showband going to tour Irish American Ballrooms, but because of the English boom (Beatles), they decided to become an English Rock Band.

They lasted in America about 8 months ... I stayed for 14 years.

Pete Shelton


I know you said that you like pix of bands with instruments here's a few pix of us in America.

We went out there as the 'Klan', but because of you know who...? (Ku Klux Klan) the record Company changed the name - from a 'K' to 'C', but when they released the record, we became the 'Robin Hoods' (What a crap name). These are a few pix from Chicago. The band didn't last long (about 8 months), but we created a hell of a stir in Chicago.

We opened at the 'Whiskey-A-Go-Go' nightclub. They were the largest chain of clubs in America. We did a total of 16 weeks (2 on and 2 off). On the opening night they took $30.000 over the bar. A record that was never beaten until the club closed in 74...people lined up around the block to get in - being English so to speak, we were creating quite a stir.

We filmed in Miami in a Rock Musical with Dion and The Belmonts, Brook Benton and a few a can't remember.

We also did a TV Commercial at MGM studios in California for a Mars Candy bar called 3 Musketeers.

Pete Shelton


Opening night at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go 65 Playing for our fans in Chicago

We were called the Klan originally, but name change was inevitable
The Robin Hoods - Live on stage at McCormick Place 1965 The Robin Hoods after name change

Filming 3 Musketeers 1965 at MGM

Film set for 3 Musketeers Me (Pete) doing my stuff
Me tuning up at 'Mother Blues' in Chicago - I played that night  
with 'Howlin Wolf' & a guy called Mike Bloomfield.
Me, Brian and Mario the Camera Man in Miami
Then we were four Record Sleeve



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