Classical Gas

John Murphy guitar
Keith Turner quitar

Does anybody remember a guitar/vocalist duo from the late '60s to possibly mid 70's called Classical Gas?

They always opened their act with an instrumental called:- Yes you've guessed :- "Classical Gas".

One of them always turned up for gigs in a three quarter length Del Boy style suede/fur lined trimmed coat.
They played all the Manchester area clubs and working mens clubs.

Somebody on Manchesterbeat must remember them or know details of the two musos.

Dave Anderton
The Beat League

10 minutes ago I knew the names of these guys - now I can't recall them! Of course, I am of that age now......?  Anyway, I saw them at a club in Failsworth called Sinatra's when I was working there with a group. This was probably about 1968/9.  ... the names just came and went again - Johnny something and Keith something rings a bell? 

I recall they both played matching red Gibson 335s or 330s and although I can't remember anything they sang they did indeed play Classical Gas which was marvellous.

Bob Ainsworth

I'm Steve Baylis aged 62 and was originally from Lloyd Street South in Fallowfield.  The names of the guy's in Classical gas were Johnny Murphy from the Stockport area and Keith Turner brother of Colin (Where's newspaper?) Turner. 

Colin on bass along with me on drums and Johnny Murphy backed Johhny Peters (Barry James) around the country and then in various parts of France, circa 1966/7.  That would make me about 17 years old. 

To me the guys were old pro's that knew everybody and had, in my mind, been around forever.  I had replaced Phil Keen who had decided to take up a residency at Bredbury hall? 

My previous band was The Starlites who hailed from the Withington area with Rod ????? on vocals, Ron Williams now deceased and very sadly missed on guitar (a red Fender strat, no less in 1963) and John Norton playing bass.  Like the rest of you guy's out there, it would take a month to tell you of the goings on!  Our legacy?  Some of the finest music to have ever been created.  And finally.  If anyone asked me if I could bring something extinct back to life, what would it be?  My reply.  The 1960s.

Steve Baylis

Keith and Colin Turner came from Brinnington Stockport. John Murphy could have as well, but he was a little older, would probably 70 now.
At one stage they were all in a band called the Coasters.

Both bands played the Palace Theatre Club in Stockport quite a lot. All were very talented musicians.

Interesting that the Turner brothers got guitars as a result of Colin losing an eye in an accident. I think they got compensation. I still remember them coming to the play area in Huntingdon Crescent playing their guitars

Jim O'Neill

Both John and Keith came from Brinnington Stockport. John played with Deke Rivers and the Big Sound and Keith with Don Curtis and the Coasters

Phil Marsh





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