The Cruisers

Steve Jones Vocals
Ian Fisher Lead guitar
Gordon Wrigley Drums
Pete Walker Rhythm guitar
Ray Jones Bass


We were around from 1957 to 1960, at the Hill Stores, Oldham, on a saturday evening , after playing at the Oldham Hotel regular 4 nights a week.

Pubs shut at 10pm and we were on stage at 10-45, and had to be members of the musicians union.

You were not allowed entry to Hill Stores after 10pm, unless you had been in earlier and gone out. You got your wrist stamped with "pass out on it"

The other pub groups at that time were 'Rhythm rebels' and the 'Tony Manton set'.

We all played at the Hill Stores, and the pubs , and the Carlton in Rochdale , and the Mambo club in rochdale.

Steve Jones continued later with Sum People, with Jeff Hanlon , doing the Manchester scene. Steve continued as a stand up commedian, known as Steve Anthony, for around 25 years.

Jeff is now an agent in London.

Ray Jones then whent on to join Pete Mclaine and the Dakotas , and then with Billy J Kramer.


They also used to play regularly at The Salisbury Pub, Oldham,where Oldham bus station is these days. Their main rivals were Ven Tracy & The Diablos, who were playing across the road at the Royal Oak, Rhodes Bank, Oldham.

Ian Fisher, a very talented guitarist in his own right unfortunately died in his thirties. He also formed a group with Terry Fogarty(aka Terry Ford) on vocals, and Geoff Walker on Bass Guitar, playing at Failsworth Bike Club, The Grapes, Yorkshire Street, Oldham and many other Northern Venues.

Terry, also passed away, following an accident on the M6 motorway, this accident also claiming the life of his baby at the same time.

Ken Foley


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