The Crusaders

Robert John 'Rob' Eccles  lead vocals
Rick Greenwood guitar 
John Dean guitar
A. N. Other drums

The Crusaders formed in November 1960 in Preston with a line-up of Rob Eccles on lead vocals (b. Robert John Eccles, October 1945, Preston Royal Infirmary, Deepdale, Preston, Lancashire, UK), Rick Greenwood on guitar (b. Richard Greenwood), John Dean on guitar and A. N. Other on drums. 

In January 1961 Eccles changed his name to Robb Deka. His name had originally meant to be Decca, but it was miss-spelled by a promoter who spelled it Deka and it stuck. In January 1977 Deka changed his name to Robb Shenton.

In February? 1961 Deka joined the Strangers and then Robb Deka and the All-Stars in January 1962.  

John H. Warburg

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Topic: The Crusaders
Robb Shenton says...
Thanks for the Article - but when I changed my stage name in 1977 - it was with two B's in Robb - not Rob. I joined 'The Strangers' in 1961 as lead vocalist - I didn't form 'The Strangers' - they were already a premier ... Read More
6th July 2015 5:55am
Jo Manuschka says...
robb, have four photos of bands from the sixties, any chance you could take a look and see who they might be. Facebook group Top Rank Preston 1960s and 1970's Ithis group sompeople visiting could help us out.wondered how I could post them on h
11th October 2016 10:22am

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