The Cymerons

Eddie and the Cymerons  
Mike Lynch vocals
John Hall rhythmn
John (Pedro) Dearden lead
Terry Howard bass
Max Hardy drums
The Cymerons included  
Brian Cusick  
John 'Pedro' Dearden lead
Terry Howard bass
Max Hardy drums
Philip 'Spike' Poulson (or Parker)  
John "Griff" Bayley guitar


Some Eddie and the Cymerons concerts:

Sunday, February 17, 1963: The Twisted Wheel Club, 30 Brazennose Street, Manchester 2, Lancashire, UK

Sunday, March 31, 1963: The Twisted Wheel Club, 30 Brazennose Street, Manchester 2, Lancashire, UK

Friday, April 26, 1963: The Trinity Congregational Church Youth Fellowship, A Teenage Social, The School, UK, with The Zenons

Sunday, April 28, 1963: The Twisted Wheel Club, 30 Brazennose Street, Manchester 2, Lancashire, UK

Sunday, May 26, 1963: The Twisted Wheel Club, 30 Brazennose Street, Manchester 2, Lancashire, UK

Some Cymerons concerts:

Saturday, August 3, 1963: The Twisted Wheel Club, 30 Brazennose Street, Manchester 2, Lancashire, UK

Sunday, June 20, 1965: Mecca Dancing, The Carlton, Rochdale, Lancashire, UK

Tuesday, July 13, 1965: The Oasis Club, 45 - 47 Lloyd Street off Albert Square, Manchester 2, Lancashire, UK

Friday, November 19, 1965: The Cavern, 8 - 10 Mathew Street, Liverpool 2, Lancashire, UK, supported The Spencer Davis Group as did The Fix

John H. Warburg

"The band played lots of Everly Brothers songs. In the middle of the show, the drummer would always sing 'My Prayer' (his only vocal).

They also did a 'high kicking' routine whilst singing 'Shortnin' Bread'. "
Brian Stevenson

"The Cymerons, not so much R&B, I saw many places but mainly remember them from the old Plaza Ballroom on Oxford Rroad, their big finishing number being Elvis's "One Night With You".
Carol Chapple

Used to bunk off school to watch Swinton band THE CYMERONS rehearse at The Football pub - good group and big influence at the time.
Diccon Hubbard

I used to see them regularly at Sale Locarno, Saturday Palais Night where they would share the evening with a Big dance band each appearing twice on the double sided revolving stage - oooh the technology. I can clearly remember the high kicks and Cathy's Clown.
Martin Sievey

I remember seeing the Cymerons doing a gig at my local youth club, All Saints on Manchester Road in Wardley, I used to go out with Pedro's younger sister Ann, she took me to his house once and he played some songs on his 12-string guitar for us.

I also remember a song on Polydor, I think it was a b-side written by John called 'Everyday' I used to love that song.......happy days !

Mike Stylianou (Mike Prince)

Originally,'Eddie and the Cymerons' the original frontman and a founder member of the band was Mike Lynch.

The name Eddie was dropped by Mike quite early on and Mike fronted the band for around two years before leaving to form The Chapters.

The group played regular gigs on the Manchester scene at the Oasis Club, Twisted Wheel, Devils Cave, Amber moon, La Cave, Forty Thieves and held a longstanding residency at the notorius Roaring Twenties Club.

They also played Liverpool/s Cavern, the Iron door club and most of Liverpools venues at that time.

Max Hardy, the groups original drummer, sadly died a couple of years ago.

Mike and Pedro have held a longstanding songwriting partnership up to the present time and Mike and Terry Howard have worked together in Mike's band 'Lazy Tiger'.

Although over the past 40 odd years the band have gone their separate ways all the surviving members remain good mates and reformed recently for a one off benefit gig on behalf of Pedro. This was held at Swinton Rugby Club and was a total sell out. The guys can still rock.

Mike Lynch

I loved the Cymerons, I went to see them at all their gigs. I lost my virginity to one of them!


The Cymerons original line up was Mike Lynch (vocals), Pedro Dearden (lead guitar), John Hall (rhythym), Terry Howard (bass) and Max Hardy (drums).

The original name the group used for the first 2 years untill Mike left to form The Chapters was EDDIE AND THE CYMERONS.

This original line up was quite big on the Manchester scene playing regularly all the city's major beat clubs of the time including THE OASIS, TWISTED WHEEL, DEVILS CAVE, LA CAVE,FORTY THIEVES, SPIDERS WEB,with a friday night residency at the infamous ROARING TWENTIES CLUB and a regular fortnightly sunday night spot at the TWISTED WHEEL in 1963.

Mike reformed the original band during the mid '70s to do a series of non needle time late night sessions for Piccadilly Radio.

Mike has worked closely with Pedro over for many years as a songwriting team and Terry Howard and Mike worked together in the late '80s early '90s in Mike's band LAZY TIGER.

I'm sad to say that Max Hardy died tragically some years back.

Mike Lynch

I lived in the same road as Terry and his mum and used to watch them with my friend, Lucille. I still have a copy of 'I'll Be There' with their autographs on it.

Christine Anne Lomax

Ah yes! The "Cymmies".

Diccon has laready mentioned that we used to bunk off school to catch them rehearsing at The Footballer in Swinton. At the time their road manager was Tony Fletcher, later to become an integral part of Danny Betesh's empire Kennedy Street Ents. Tony progressed from roadie to become Andre Cassel's booker at her "Wycrest" agency.

During this time I was in The Rogues and we were handled by Tony Fletcher or, "Bo Fleck", as we called him. Tony told me that one evening Andrea Cassel and Harvey Lisburg were on a date at The Oasis and the Cymerons were topping the bill above Herman's Hermits. Andrea and Harvey had a friendly argument about women not being capable of managing a band so Harvey allowed Andrea to approach The Cymerons and in turn, he approached Herman's Hermits.

Guess he proved correct..... bit sexist though.

Mike Ammatt

The Cymerons were a terrific group.
Frequently played The Oasis on Lloyd St, Manchester. Used to go and see them regularly.
They created brilliant atmosphere and I remember Max Hardy, the drummer, always sang lead on one number, My Prayer.
Very happy memories of this group

Dave Anderton
The BeatLeague


I'll be there / Making love to another (Decca F11976) 1964
I can see you / Everyday will change (Polydor BM 56098) 1966

Making love to Another            


I can see you

Decca Promotional shot
photo courtesy: Carol Chapple

Promotion picture for Decca records



Courtesy Scooter Stu


The original line up. - photos at the original TWISTED WHEEL CLUB, Brazenose Street
circa 1962.

The original Cymerons at the Beehive, Swinton circe 1961/2 (above and below)



Pic 1. L to R. Pedro Dearden, Mike(Eddie) Lynch and John Hall.
Sad to inform Mbeat. John Hall sadly passed away in 2014.
Pic 2. Pedro and Mike with Terry Howard stood behind. Both pics 2014

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