Dave Blakely and the Mike Timoney Three

My next door neighbour in the early sixties was Dave Blakeley who was the singer /compere of the old Warren night club. This was before it was converted into Quaffers Night Club.

The strange thing about Quaffers was that there were no seats in the club. Everyone just stood around in a mass crowd watching, listening and dancing to the records and the Timoney 3. The group was fantastic and provided wonderful evenings for thousands of people.

The other outstanding feature was the Viking ship in the centre of the Club from which all drinks were served.

Dave Blakeley was one of the best singer/compere in the business. Great days and nights

David Gilmartin

I remember Dave Blackely ... I worked with him in & around Manchester in the late 70's.

Great guy, Good- looking, & sang very reminiscent of Jack Jones. Anyone know what became of him.??

Tony Garcia

I met Dave in Dubai when I was gigging there in the late 70's. He ran a couple of club/ restaurants in Dubai up until about three years ago. 

Nigel Miller

I remember Dave Blakely who was backed by the Mike Timoney Three. Mike played the Cordovox (an electronic accordion), and not only did they make a great sound together, Mike was a unique accomplished keyboard player in his own right. The atmosphere when they performed was something that could only be experienced and not described. I will never forget the fabulous  evenings at the Warren.

David W Hughes

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Dave Simpson
Have been trying to track you down but with no success.
Do you have a contact address or phone number?
18th May 2016 5:20pm
Paul Stevens
Hi Dave Blakeley,just heard that you are back in UK and we will be back from Oz on May 24th for a couple of months and would like to meet up for a get together?Cheers Paul http://www.craftweb.org/web/paulstevens
25th March 2016 5:37pm
Dave Blakeley
Hi Paul,
It would be great to see you again mate. My email is davedino42@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you soon.
26th March 2016 6:22pm
Paul Stevens
Agree with all the above comments re Dave Blakeley,an excellent singer who i met up with in Dubai at his super Tex/Mex restaurant and again in Spain.Always had great respect for Dave as a fellow singer!http://www.craftweb.org/web/paulstevens Wish he could be there for my farewell to Manchester show(with the best backing in clubland,Fred Shawcross duo)on Nov 29th at Borough S.C.,Station Rd.,Swinton.Regards www.paulstevensentertains.co.uk
19th September 2015 12:00am
B Carter
Hey Dave,
just doin late night browsing and up you pop! Hope all is well with you and yours, still in Spain I assume. Hope you were able to replace that 335 that got nicked. Still playing here, but not live. Thanks for sharing those gigs with me at the EGC.
Best to you,
25th July 2015 4:27pm
Dave Blakeley
Hi Guys, this is Dave Blakeley!
It was so nice to read all your lovely comments regarding myself and the Mike Timoney Trio.Thank you all.
As Shiela Said, I have been working and living in Spain and performing...still...with The RAT PACK LIVE Show for the past 8 years.We are based in Marbella area and if any of you folks want to come to Spain it would be a pleasure to meet you once again and we can chat about the great days of the Manchester scene and of course "THE WARREN" best wishes..Dave
17th February 2015 2:58am
David Gilmartin
Dear David,
Hope this finds you well and wonder if you remember me. Think of the good times in the warren with great fondness.

Keep well,

David Gilmartin
18th February 2015 7:57am
Dave Blakeley
Hi Dave,
I remember you very well...my next door neighbour in Kestrel Close.
How are you pal...still in the Police or are you now retired?
Ihave many great memories of Hawk green and I think of it with great fondness. Drop me a line when you can mate.
19th March 2015 2:29am
David Gilmartin
Dear Dave,
Fancy after all these years hearing from you. I sincerely hope that you are keeping well and have had a good life. I retired from the Police after 32 years some 23years ago. Life has been interesting but am in good place now. Would be nice to hear from you again

Deepest regards

David Gilmartin BEM
14th May 2015 1:01am
David Gilmartin
Dear Dave, I do not know if you will receive this email or not. If you do then it would be nice to hear from you at my e mail address Dave Gilmartin
9th July 2015 6:37am
Hi Dave, Happy Birthday! Where have the years gone - hearing some songs take me back to the Warren and the cabaret scene what great memories. Hope you and yours are all well. Rosalie
22nd August 2015 7:52pm
David Gilmartin
Dear Dave, Do not know if this e mail reaches you but it would be nice to hear from you after all these years.

Regards David
6th September 2015 5:27am
David Gilmartin
Dear Dave, Do not know how to contact you ?
5th October 2015 5:48am
David Gilmartin
Dear Dave, Do not know how to contact you. hope you are well

8th January 2016 3:18am
Dave Simpson
Dave, did you manage to contact Dave. I spent many years with him in Dubai. Am now living in Spain and am trying to contact him in Marbella. Do you have a contact number or address. Dave Simpson
15th March 2016 5:53am
Roy and Sheila Macey
Hi Dave,Roy and I have always wondered what had happened to you we now know you are in Marbella,we always went to the Warren on Saturday nights and enjoyed every minute,do you remember the night we all went to Hanley to see Tommy Cooper such a good night!! We also went to a club in Liverpool with you such lovely times. X
19th February 2015 6:23am
Kevin Parrott
Hi Dave,
I have a bit of home movie footage of our trip to Oslo when we did the BBC Nordring Festival, '78? Mick & I still gigging..... hope you're well.
I think also have a cassette of the show.
29th March 2015 6:21am
Dave Blakeley
Hey Kevin,
sorry it took so long for me to get round to replying to your contact....been movin house!! back in UK now and starting to look for some gigs.
I remember that show at the Nordring festival very well. in fact I was only mentioning it a few months ago as I did a Party in Marbella for some Norwegian guys. Oslo was a lovely city.....and its even more expensive now than then!!

17th May 2016 6:21pm
Dave Blakeley
hi again Kevin,
I would love a copy of that movie of the Festival show.....send me a message on my email and we can swop addresses

17th May 2016 6:25pm
Paul Stevens
Hello Dave!How are you?Off to live in Oz again on Dec 4th and doing my farewell show at Borough Social Club;Swinton on Nov 29th(with best backing in clubland,Fred Shawcross duo).Keep in touch,Paul aka http://www.craftweb.org/web/paulstevens
19th September 2015 12:06am
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