Dave Blakely and the Mike Timoney Three

My next door neighbour in the early sixties was Dave Blakeley who was the singer /compere of the old Warren night club. This was before it was converted into Quaffers Night Club.

The strange thing about Quaffers was that there were no seats in the club. Everyone just stood around in a mass crowd watching, listening and dancing to the records and the Timoney 3. The group was fantastic and provided wonderful evenings for thousands of people.

The other outstanding feature was the Viking ship in the centre of the Club from which all drinks were served.

Dave Blakeley was one of the best singer/compere in the business. Great days and nights

David Gilmartin

I remember Dave Blackely ... I worked with him in & around Manchester in the late 70's.

Great guy, Good- looking, & sang very reminiscent of Jack Jones. Anyone know what became of him.??

Tony Garcia

I met Dave in Dubai when I was gigging there in the late 70's. He ran a couple of club/ restaurants in Dubai up until about three years ago. 

Nigel Miller

I remember Dave Blakely who was backed by the Mike Timoney Three. Mike played the Cordovox (an electronic accordion), and not only did they make a great sound together, Mike was a unique accomplished keyboard player in his own right. The atmosphere when they performed was something that could only be experienced and not described. I will never forget the fabulous  evenings at the Warren.

David W Hughes

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Dave Simpson
Dave, Had many good meals in Pancho Villa and good rounds of golf with you. Where in Marbella are you? I am living in Arboleas, Almeria. Regards Dave
7th January 2016 6:03pm
David Gilmartin
Hi Dave It appears that we are not going to get in contact as my e mail will not appear on Manchester Beat. Hope you are keeping well and have a good life
10th February 2016 7:33am
dave blakeley
Hi Dave, of course I remember you mate,
I have moved back to the UK after all these years and it's so great to hear from all the folks trying to get in touch. I have only just got organised with my new location and a good friend told me about Manchester Beat. I cant believe how many people still remember me....fantastisic. drop me a line on this email and we can catch up.

15th March 2016 11:40pm
David Gilmartin
Dear Dave, So nice to hear from you. It is difficult on this site as I have tried to leave my e mail address but it appears not to accept it. Pleased to hear you are back in the UK.So am I after spending 15 yeaars in Spain. Please get in touch. Dave gilmartin@hotmail.com
18th March 2016 3:47am
Roy Ashton
Hi Dave, I'm trying to email you but the address you've given is being rejected as incorrect. Can you confirm your address is davedino42@gmail.com
24th April 2016 2:39am
Sharon Burgess
Hi Dave. Your name is one I have heard many times growing up. I'd go to the Warren with my mum Ann many times when she was working for Auntie Hilda. My step dad Bruno was in the restaurant. Mum had me look years ago for any albums you may have recorded but to no avail. Can you help? Thanks, Sharon.
16th May 2016 6:31am
Dave Blakely
Hi Sharon,
Nice to hear from you.......I still talk to your aunty Hilda occasionally, is she still living in France? There were some great times at the warren C/C, it has remained one of my favourite periods in my career.
I have done several albums, which I have copies of, and would be glad to send you copies if you let me have either your email or an address where you want them delivered.
I am still singing for a living and performing with a RAT PACK TRIBUTE SHOW playing the part of DEAN MARTIN.
If you go on our website; www.theratpacklive.com you can see our show reel. Also www.thefrankanddean.com is another one you can take a look at.
Hope you and your family are all well,
16th May 2016 8:44pm
Sharon Burgess
Hi Dave. Copies of recordings would be great. My email address is shazzabecks@hotmail.com
If you could contact me there & I can sort out delivery address & stuff.
Thanks a lot
17th May 2016 12:00am
Dave Blakeley
Hi Sharon, let me have your address and I will get the recordings done for you and send them on.

best wishes,

17th May 2016 6:12pm
Sharon Burgess
Hi Dave, my address is The Cottage, Mousley Bottom, New Mills, High Peak Sk22 3ja.
Thanks a lot for this.
18th May 2016 6:27am
Peter Walkden
Anyone know the whereabouts of Paul Atherton, guitarist with the Mike Timoney Three in the late sixties early seventies. we lived next door to Paul for a number of years.
16th February 2015 8:56pm
Valerie Nicholson nee Ogden
For years my two friends and I frequented the Warren every Saturday in the early 70's. We adored Dave and loved his singing. We thought the world would end when he left! The Warren was never the same after that. Glad to hear he is still going strong.
11th February 2015 1:53am
Valerie Nicholson nee Ogden
For years my two friends and I frequented the Warren every Saturday in the early 70's. We adored Dave and loved his singing. We thought the world would end when he left! The Warren was never the same after that. Glad to hear he is still going strong.
11th February 2015 1:49am
Sheila Darcy
Dave Blakely was the manager in the Dubai Ramada Hotel bar, called "Dirty Nellies", in Early 80's. Later, he became manager/owner of "Pancho Villas" in Dubai Astoria Hotel. It was a tremendously popular Tex-Mex restaurant and club. I was in one of many UK bands who had long contracts in both those venues. He would perform sometimes with us for fun. In recent years, Dave has been in Spain, in a successful Rat Pack tribute trio. Great personality and performer.
23rd November 2014 7:26am
Roy Lewendon Lewendon
Dave is still singing and is one of the Rat

Pack performing in and around Marbella.Dave goes under the name of Dave Lee and does a tribute to Dean Martin. He is still a truly great entertainer.
15th May 2014 8:43pm
Des Tong
I worked at the Warren in the late 60s with The Chants from Liverpool. At the time it's main feature was a golf driving range. Later it was converted to a lot bigger club with the Viking ship bar.

Dave Blakeley and the Mike Timoney Trio were the resident band. Mike played a Chordovox which was an electronic accordian.
11th March 2014 8:11pm
Pat Cottrill
I remember Dave Blakely at the Warren on Friday nights, great times, even saw George Best & Tony Coleman there night before a football game . Is Dave the elder brother of Bob Blakley who starred on the Voice recently. Good luck to him.
11th March 2014 7:59pm
Dave Blakeley
Dave Blakeley is the brother of Bob Blakeley....I think he's great.....but then again I'm biased!!
17th February 2015 3:00am
Joanne Blakeley
Hi David
As you can see we share the same name, I'm just searching out family members. I'm Ron's daughter and my granddad was Jack Blakeley. I think you are my dad's cousin is that right? It's funny I remember as a little girl my dad play one of your records of you singing Joanna. My dad and aunty June did comment on Bob being on the Voice but they were unsure if he was related and if so how. so you've cleared that up Smile I'm trying to complete the Blakeley family tree at the moment so if you can email me so I can sort out dates. thanks Jo
5th April 2015 4:43pm
Dave Blakeley
Hi Joanne,
are you my cousin June's daughter?
my dad was Frank, Jack's brother.
I remember them very well as we used to go down to Salford cross lane to see them....it took all day as the bus service was very slow...2 buses to get there!
drop me a line on my private email and we can chat.

17th May 2016 6:40pm
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