The Dennis Langfield Orchestra
Resident at Burnley Locarno

LineUp included

Dennis Langfield
leader/clarinet/alto sax
Frankie Martin
Martin Kershaw guitarist
Albert Wood trombone/Saxes/Trumpet
Don Bailey drums
Donald Grinrod trumpet
Derek Lang piano
Vic Bagwell sax
Christine Sullivan vocals
Frank Wood baritone/alto saxes

Saturday afternoons spent at Turf Moor...home for tea.. then back to Burnley "Mecca" listening and dancing to the excellent sounds of The Dennis Langfield Orchestra was a very memorable part of my youth. Thanks in part to watching this band helped my decision to become a professional musician for the following 20 years.

Such was my interest and enjoyment that to this day I can remember most musicians in the band,even though I never met them personally.
ALBERT WOOD.....Trombone/Saxes/Trumpet (just about anything playable) DON BAILEY....DRUMS DONALD GRINROD....Trumpet VIC BAGWELL......Sax.
DEREK.....!!! Piano
CHRISTINE SULLIVAN....Female Vocalist. Her version of LONG LIVE LOVE (Sandie Shaws hit) still remains etched in my mind after all these years..Excellent.

From a cool instrumental version of Yes! we have no Bananas !!! to the pop/standard vocals of Christine and Frankie made those Saturday evenings thoroughly enjoyable and truly memorable.

D Miles, Wilmington, USA

Oh My God, memories long forgotten. We used to go to the Locarno on Sunday and Monday night. Saw some good bands there. The Dennis Langfield Orchestra, God I had forgotten about them. I worked with Christine Sullivan at Lambert Howarth slipper works. Harry Feeney [The Rocking Vickers] worked there too. 

Catherine Roberts

I remember Dennis Langfield from my time as vocalist with the Dave Egerton   band at the Princes ballroom in Bury I think Dennis formed his first band round about that time, I did a few gigs with him at the Locarno in Burnley when Frankie Martin was unavailable.Donald Grindrod the trumpeter did a lot of the arrangements at that time, Donald was also in the George Roberts band at the Carlton in Rochdale with me, and sometimes guested with the Jack Cannon band at the Palais in Bury when I was with that band.

I do remember that Dennis and some of the other guys had to travel all the way from Leeds to do the Burnley job, a long way especially in the winter, pre motorway days too, but they always got there and did a great job.

Tony Walsh

Great memories of playing with Dennis' band, I was in the line up playing Barritone/Alto sax. Seeing myself in the photos brought back many happy memories working with a bunch of great musicians.

Frank Wood





Frankie Martin

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