The Dreamweavers


Chris Smith      Guitar
Ken Crosby    Keyboards/Vocals
Paul Bartholomew  Bass
William [Wilks] Hammond Drums

Alan Pover the groups original [showman] lead vocalist was later replaced by Ken Crosby.

Originally known as the "lnvaders" the Chorlton based group played from 1965-1967 all over the North of England doing Working Mens Clubs.

Chris Smith of The Dreamweavers
(later formed The Grit Band with Brian Marks)

The Dreamweavers 1965
(Paul Bartholomew, William Hammond, Ken Crosby, Chris Smith )

The group did however play a variety of other gigs which included three at the same venue. 

Their brand of driving R&B was popular at the TA Army Barracks at Ardwick Green, Manchester.

Firstly they played at the Officers Mess ball, then the Sergeants Mess ball and finally the Lower Ranks "brawl" where the beer flowed freely, (it was free).

The group said they were lucky to get out alive!.

The Dreamweavers manager was Les Hammand from Old Trafford.
He bought the bands stage gear, [White suits]. Very dapper.

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