Dr Jelly

Doctor Jelly (Dave ?) Trumpet/Lead Vocals/Various Guises
Colin ? Trombone/Vocals/Policeman
Jeff ? (Alias Hank Marvin) Lead Guitar/Vocals/Zoo Keeper
Don Frame Bass/Vocals/Chef
Rick Henshaw Drums/Washboard/Batman and Clown

There were also other members over time and some who became the Desperate Dance Band (Desperate Dan's Band).


The Doctor Jelly Band were a great Glossop Based comedy band and are still performing though less comedy now. 

Rick Henshaw joined the band around 1989 / 1090 as drummer and "washboardist" extodinaire. 

Doctor Jelly's act consisted of "Comedy Tick Shooting", "Amazing Levitation" "Eating Gold Fish live from a Goldfish Bowl (It was really Carrot but don't tell anyone!!) and a host of Musical funnies which had the audience in stitches. 

In the second half we played 60,s Classics and had the audience dancing on the tables and taking part. 

The Band Won Best Comedy Act in 1990 with Stockport District Concert Secretaries Association (all together oooh... Ahhhh!!) and we topped the bill at Quaffers Night Spot in Bredbury. (see attached photo of programme of acts). 

It states  "acts not in running order but we did in fact top the bill, the only problem was that most acts over ran so we had to condense our act. 

Quaffers, like The Willows Salford, had a Stage that Rose out of the floor with flashing lights and the Thunderbirds Theme Playing as it came into view...quite fantactic!!  Quaffers is now a Homebase DIY Store having been pulled down some years ago. Sadly Missed. 

You could buy Dr Jelly Condoms in the Interval...The advert was, " have a Jolly Jump with Jelly". Each one was personally signed by the band.

Rick Henshaw




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