Echoes from the Peak

Barry Hill Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Trevor Hill Lead Guitar/Vocals
Ian Warburton   Bass/Vocals
Mike Hargreaves Drums


A band I remember from the mid 60s was "Echoes From The Peak" a Derbyshire band who played regularly at the "Lowes Arms" in Bredbury.

A very popular group with good gear I recall  - Gretsch guitars, Vox and I think Binson echo unit - always enjoyable

I believe they later formed an entertainment agency.

Geoff Kershaw "Shaw"

Good to see someone has seen fit to draw our attention to this excellent group who were, more or less, resident at the ballroom at Buxton Pavillion Gardens. They were on the bill with all the top names groups of the sixties and Trevor always produced a great sound with his Strat, VOX AC30 and Baby Binson.

His brother, Barry, used a Gretsch in later years and his desire to broaden the musical horizons of the group was not approved by other members and this cause the demise of the group much respected in New Mills. 

The other group which came from this town were "The Crestas" who worked with Johnny Peters.

Members were:-

Trevor Hill      (Lead Guitar/Vocals)
Barry Hill       (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals)
Ian Warburton    (Bass Guitar/Vocals)
Mike Hargreaves  (Drums)   

Alan Jackson

Despite the suggestion of the previous poster, Trevor and Barry never started an Agency according to Jackie Hill.

Alan Jackson

I can remember one of our first gigs in the 60's was at the Lowes Arms in Bredbury and Barrie was doing a Sunday Lunchtime spot with his Gretch Tenniseean and Vox AC 30.

We were only around 16 and the line up was Ian Warhurst ,drums , Matteo Sassanelli , bass , Nev Hilton ,organ and myself on guitar and vocals.Barrie liked us and fixed us up with a gig at the Finger Post in Offerton.

We went to see The Echoes a couple of weeks before we played at the Finger Post , they were really top notch , I was blown away with Trev's salmon pink strat, Vox AC 30 and Baby Binson absolutely Brilliant ! All these years later I am playing a strat with a baby binson through a fender tremolux ...just trying to emulate Trev's sound ! Great bunch of guys....some great memories of the gigs they did at the Lowes and Finger Post.

Phil Scott

I was a personal friend of Barry and Trev who I met at the Fiveways pub in Hazel Grove. I had just started a band with Barry's cousin Graham Moon and they got us our first gig at the Tramways, Stockport.

They were to be my inspiration and still are.

Jimmy Brennan

I think my father sang with the group in the early 60's under the stage name Eddie Shane and the Echos.

I was just wondering if you had any information or photos, I knew Barry and Trevor Hill but not very well.

Daren Brooks

As the only surviving member of The Echoes From The Peak, I can tell you on the drums in the picture is Alan Marchington the original drummer. Michael Hargreaves came later and Trevor and Barrie never did start an agency When I left the band after 12 years together I formed a group called Apple Tree Lane and later went on to play with The Mike Stuart Sound. Now sadly retired from the music scene.

Ian Warburton

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Comments (13)

Topic: Echoes from the peak
Sharon Holden says...
Barrie Hill was my father. Would like to know if you have any more photos or if you could possibly email me the one on this site? Barrie and Trevor have both sadly passed away. I would love to see other pictures of them when they were younger ... Read More
25th June 2014 7:54pm
Ian Warburton Bass Guitar says...
Hi Sharon just been on the website and seen this,If you go on my website there are acouple more photos although they are not very good.we had loads of memorabelia stolen out of the vanPlus we did not have access to cameras like they have ... Read More
9th July 2014 5:07am
Laura says...
Hi I believe my father was a driver for the band, His name is Trevor Dranfield we're trying to get in touch with anybody that is still around and remembers him. Please could you possibly get in touch.
13th July 2014 10:35pm
Certainly I remember Trevor says...
Trevor used to drive jus around we used to play all over the place from Liverpool to Sheffield we used to have a good laugh together with the late Ronnie Stanton. Trevor really looked after us as we were young and sometimes got in some sticky ... Read More
11th November 2014 9:36pm
Ellis baker says...
HI Ian last time I spoke to you I had problems I enjoyed playing with you Barry and Trevor how is Hilda you remember me I worked at Ferodo had a bad leg Pat Moan told me about Barry was on holiday would have been there if not my phone number is ... Read More
21st September 2014 9:41am
Ellis Baker says...
you made one mean bacon butty when we got home from our gig
21st September 2014 10:25am
Ellis Baker says...
god bless Ian and Trevor and Barry you will always live keep it going
25th January 2015 10:40am
Mark Warburton says...
Unfortunately my dad Ian Warburton passed away peacefully on the 22/12/2014 he was the last surviving. Member of this band Iam trying to find anybody who has any copy of there music so I can hopefully play at his funeral
25th December 2014 7:19am
Graham McDonald says...
Hi Mark, so sorry to hear about you father passing away. My name is Graham McDonald, I was one of the founder members of the band Apple tree lane. You dad helped us set up the band. Your dad taught me how to play the bass guitar. Your dad played ... Read More
31st December 2014 11:04pm
Mark Warburton says...
Hi Graham thanks for your condolences with regards my dad he may be gone but nothing has ceased to amaze me with what my dad did in his younger days.. He actually taught me to play the drums also but never got round to the bass guitar are you still ... Read More
6th January 2015 6:52am
Les Morris says...
It was great to see this web-site,Trevor and Ian were in my class at St Georges primary at school and Barry was a year above me at Grammar school.Ian was a good friend until I moved to Devon in 1963 but I have always kept up with any news and played ... Read More
10th March 2015 7:38am
Alan Coverley says...
Hi Mark I'm another name from your Dads past I played Rhythm Guitar in Apple Tree Lane along side your dad & Graham McDonald so sorry to hear he's passed away, A lovely man with a great sense of humour he was at home playing bass but ... Read More
13th September 2015 1:04am
edward phillips says...
I remember Alan Marchington at the trades hall new mills when I played the piano and organ there in the late 60s. is he still with us ?
20th July 2016 4:51pm



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